There is no doubt that Clarens is a premium holiday destination in South Africa not to be missed!

January 30, 2018
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If you are more than ready to get away from the madding crowd, traffic jams and the zillion other things that come from living in the city, you will find no warmer welcome than the one you receive from the award winning team at Clarens Eddies Self-Catering/B&B!

The magic begins as you cross the threshold at Clarens Eddies, inviting you into a warm atmosphere that reflects the freshness of the beauty of the valley that Clarens Eddies calls home!  The little village of Clarens can be found sparkling like a jewel against the foothills of the Maluti Mountains and the Rooiberge Mountain range in the Free State, far up in the Eastern Corner rich with a profusion of colour painted by Mother Nature.

As a premium holiday destination in South Africa, it is virtually impossible to find a place as beautiful with as many activities as you will in Clarens, it is truly a memory-making experience of a lifetime!  Clarens Eddies Self-catering/B&B is in the heart of Clarens and is very thoughtfully laid out to suit the needs of families looking for a fun and easy self-catering holiday, for couples who are taking time out to spend together in this incredibly romantic area, as well as for singles who look forward to exploring everything independently.

In fact, if you do decide to go solo, the vibrancy of the Clarens Village Square will pull you in effortlessly and before you know it you will become part of the community of restaurateurs, pub owners, artists and other locals who echo the warmth of the welcome that makes Clarens extra-special.

If you are planning on a self-catered holiday, all you need to do is bring yourself, your family or friends, loads of food (although there’s plenty to stock up on in Clarens itself) and any other gadgets and gizmos that will make Clarens Eddies feel even more like home than it already does – the TV you can leave at home though, and there is free WiFi access that is every bit as good as you’ll get in any city!

If you are a budding artist, you will find that there are local artists who are happy to share their talent, inspiration and insight into art in lessons, and if, on the opposite end of the scale, you are up for your first-ever horse ride, there is horse riding to give beginners a good start.

Pony trekking in Lesotho is also on the cards not too far from Clarens if you are sit a little easier in the saddle!

If you love music, Afriski Mountain resort will be hosting its third successful edition of the most unique music festival in Africa in August 2018, snow theme and all, which will be showcasing some of the most loved musicians from South African and Lesotho! Throw snowboarding and skiing into the mix and you have an event well worth attending, and it is only two hours away from Clarens Eddies!

There is a world within a world within a world in the beauty of this valley, and if you are ready to get the very best out of it, then you simply have to make yourself comfortable at Clarens Eddies, without a doubt!

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    Clarens Brewery is one of the country’s first Brew-Pub, Cidery and Distillery set in the foot-hills of the magnificent Maluti Mountains. Annually in February South Africa’s most loved craft beer festival returns to Clarens!!
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