Mistakes To Avoid When Booking Accommodation In Clarens South Africa

It’s easy to make mistakes when booking accommodation, especially if you don’t travel a lot. But if you aren’t careful, these mishaps could cost you money or you could have a really unpleasant experience. Below are some typical mistakes to avoid when booking accommodation in Clarens, South Africa.32

  1. Not looking at the full room descriptions

To ensure your room has everything you need, it’s crucial to do some research before making a booking. It might also be beneficial to speak to a representative of the guest house and ask him/her about the conditions of the specific room. If you want to enjoy a comfortable stay, make sure your room offers all the extras you need.

  1. Not checking the policies before making a booking

The majority of people who book accommodation never look at the deposit or cancellation policies. To avoid unpleasant surprises such as making a non-refundable booking, make sure you read the terms and conditions before pressing the “book now” button.

  1. Not making a booking far enough in advance

While there’s nothing wrong with making a last-minute booking, you can save a decent amount of money when you book in advance. Booking ahead of time will also ensure that there will be rooms available for when you need them and afford you more choices when it comes to the actual room.

  1. Not reading the testimonials of past visitors

Before booking your accommodation in Clarens, make sure you read some reviews from previous visitors. While you don’t have to take everyone’s opinion into account, it’s a great way to get an idea of the services offered. Many satisfied travellers can only mean one thing – you’re safe to make a booking.

If you are visiting Clarens in the near future, make sure you contact us for the best accommodation in town. We are sure that you will be satisfied with our quality accommodation that comes at an affordable price!

5 Reasons Why Clarens Eddies Is The Best Place To Stay When Visiting Clarens, Free State

Clarens, also known as the Jewel of the Free State, is perfectly located within short distance to a variety of attractions and fun activities. Known for its magnificent sandstone mountains and pleasant climate, it’s one of the most beautiful places in South Africa.


If you are looking for a place to stay in Clarens, look no further. Below are 5 reasons why you should book your accommodation with Clarens Eddies.

  1. Ideally situated

Eddie’s guest house is centrally located and just a few minutes walk to restaurants, art galleries and shops in the town centre. A short walk will also take you to the Clarens Village Nature reserve where you’ll find a mountain with water streams, bike and walking trails.

  1. Affordable Rates

When you start your search for places to stay in Clarens, you’ll find that Clarens Eddies offer extremely competitive rates and since they always have specials available, you can count on not paying more than you should, thus having more money left over to have fun.

  1. Various accommodation options

Eddies offer a variety of accommodation options such as self-catering and non-self-catering rooms to make any type of visitor feel right at home. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a family break, Clarens Eddies, is the best place to stay. You can expect nothing less than modern in-house facilities such as a microwave, electric kettle and bar fridge. Rooms come in various sizes offering sleep space for 2 to 16 guests.

  1. They have everything you need
  • Free wifi
  • 24 hours service available on premises
  • List of activities in Clarens
  • Flat screen TV with DSTV (select channels)
  1. Many happy visitors

“Great value for money”, “Superb Mountain view”, “Well equipped, clean and comfortable” are the type of feedback received from satisfied visitors and exactly the reason why you will be happy with the service Clarens Eddies has to offer.

Visit the contact page on their website to request a quote or speak to the owner if you need additional information.


5 Activities In Clarens You Simply Have To Add To Your Bucket List

If you’ve never been to Clarens, you surely are missing out! Centrally located 336 km from Johannesburg, 284 km from Bloemfontein, and 389 km from Durban, this little gem, also known as the Jewel of the Free State, is the perfect spot for your next weekend away. Below are some activities in Clarens to not miss out on.

Beer tasting at Clarens Brewery

Situated in the centre of town, Clarens Brewery is the perfect spot to taste delicious craft beers made from locally sourced produce. Choose from a variety of brews and grab some lunch while you’re there. You won’t regret it!

Adrenaline rush with Clarens Xtreme

If you’re looking for some serious fun, why not take on the Ash River with some white river rafting? The excursion takes about three hours from start to finish and your booking will even include drinks and transport.

Discover nature with beautiful hiking trails

Clarens is a nature lover haven with many hiking trails available to explore. There’s a hiking route available for any fitness level. For a magnificent view of the Maluti Mountains, take the Maluti view trail and watch the sunrise or sunset from a vantage point.

Explore on horseback

A visit to Bokpoort Cowboy Ranch will have you gallop in open fields, making you feel like you’re back in the Wild West. Surrounded by rock formations and towering cliffs, exploring on horseback ensures the ultimate feeling of freedom. You also have an option to book a two-day tour, allowing you to sleep under the stars while immersing yourself in your beautiful surroundings.

Visit the Golden Gate National Park

Cliff Formations, rolling slopes, hiking trails, and breathtaking scenery is what you can expect when you spend some time in the Golden Gate National Park. The fresh air and tranquillity of its natural surroundings provide an unspoiled location to unwind from the rush of day to day life.

To make your visit to Clarens even more memorable, why not book your accommodation with Clarens Eddies. Quality accommodation, friendly service, and centrally located – what more do you need?


The team at Clarens Eddies B&B makes every visit to Clarens unforgettable.

The perfect holiday destination requires the perfect accommodation, and Clarens Eddies Self Catering and B&B meets the standard all-round and on every level!  This lovely accommodation has been designed and built to cater to diverse needs, from families to couples and singles who are taking a complete break from daily routine in beautiful surroundings.

The team at Clarens Eddies is totally focussed on making guests feel completely welcome and at home, this is what they do best, which is why they have consistently won certificates of excellence from a top international and local booking website since 2014, without missing a year!

These type of certificates don’t come easy and are very much based on what guests have to say about the accommodation, service and facilities, making it obvious that Clarens Eddies is definitely a worthwhile recipient of the fantastic recommendations from clients that have made this possible.

Clarens Eddies offers beautiful self-catering units that range from units that easily fit families or groups of friends between 4 to 6 guests, and then those that are just right for singles or couples who are not keen on self-catering!

In fact, with the amazing variety of restaurants and pubs in the village of Clarens, there is no reason anyone should need to do any self-catering, there is plenty of divine food to be had in this village, and enough to suit every palate!

Anki, which is the apartment that can take a maximum of 6 guests with its 3 bedrooms, has everything in it that opens and closes just like it does at home, including a toaster, kettle, microwave, fridge and all the kitchen utensils you would need to feed the troupe!  The comfy dining room table has plenty of space for all, and the extra bathroom is a real bonus – no fighting for bathroom time here!

Important to note as well, since this is all about getting out into beautiful nature, is that all the units at Clarens Eddies have breath-taking views of either the Maluti Mountains or the Rooiberg Mountains (Red Mountains for those of us who are English!)!

June is a self-catering unit that has plenty of room for four people, offering all the bells and whistles that form part of the comfort offered by the larger unit, in addition to a fireplace, which is also available in Anki, the six sleeper!

Free toiletries, dishwashing liquid, tea, coffee, sugar and a can of doom to ward off any pesky insect trying to join you on your holiday is all ready and waiting for you in all the units, self-catering or not!  Uncapped WiFi is also part of the deal as well as satellite TV, just to make sure you can keep up with the ‘outside’ world – if you really want to!

If it’s just the two of you, or if you are on your own, there is a choice of a self-catering unit or two that have just the basics like a kettle, microwave and fridge to keep you going in between your forays into Clarens and out into the surrounding area to drink in the sheer beauty of this valley nestled so beautifully between mountain ranges that the weather varies very little throughout the year!

Ultimately, you will not find accommodation this comfortable, or a team more willing to see to all your needs than at Clarens Eddies, and this is what makes a holiday in historic, eclectic and beautiful Clarens rounded off to perfection!

On an important note, it is essential to book your accommodation at Clarens Eddies as soon as your holiday dates are set to avoid disappointment – the regulars returning each year to enjoy the hospitality at Clarens Eddies tend to get in ahead of anyone else who may be considering stealing their spot in this slice of heaven!

Stay at Clarens Eddies and go home with beautiful memories of Clarens that will last a lifetime!

The Cambridge English Dictionary defines the word ‘eclectic’ as:  ‘Methods, beliefs, ideas, etc. that are eclectic combine whatever seem the best or most useful things from many different areas or systems, rather than following a single system’, and there is no better way of describing all that Clarens has to offer holiday makers than is contained in this single word!

But, the first thing you need before you can soak up the eclectic mixture of culture, art, nature and history that makes up the whole of Clarens is great accommodation that puts everything at your feet, so that by the time you have spent a day, and perhaps part of the night, out in nature or in the village of Clarens, you will be able to retire in absolute style and comfort.

This style and comfort is readily available at Clarens Eddies, and if hygiene is high on your list for holiday accommodation, then Clarens Eddies will definitely satisfy your need for real cleanliness!  This extends to the freshness and fluffiness of towels provided, and linen that is anything but tacky; loose ends are never left undone by this team!

After your warm welcome from the team at Clarens Eddies and settling in, you will be able to start at the top of a list that includes up to thirty activities to enjoy during your stay in Clarens, a list the team is more than willing to assist you with, whether it’s to recommend an activity or to make a booking for your outing or adventure.

The staff at Clarens Eddies care very much about your comfort and are always available to make sure that you have everything you need to make your visit really special, and, when it comes to hitting the village for great food, these locals know exactly what to suggest for breakfast, lunch and supper, and will even make the booking for you!

The mild climate that adds to the magic of Clarens means that even the outdoor activities can be enjoyed all year round, whether it’s white river rafting, horse riding, quad biking, game drives or hot air ballooning, to name just a few; there is always something on the go in Clarens, and, as locals who love their corner in the Free State, the team at Clarens Eddies will make sure you get to make the most of it all.

Besides the awe-inspiring beauty of the mountain ranges, which include the stunning shades of sandstone mountains, fynbos, mountain walks that take you to on a journey to wide open vistas at the end of the walk, Clarens is also very much a world of art and photography!

Clarens is home to many local artists but also a haven for other artists who come to this beautiful village for inspiration that cannot be found elsewhere – the changing colours of sunsets that reverberate with lighting and thunder at times, or crisp, clear mornings are all just fodder to feed the talent that fills any canvas!  Art studios and curio shops all form part of the energy that makes Clarens more than just an average holiday destination!

History abounds in Clarens, it is a village that is over a hundred years old with a rich tapestry of history that still shapes the architecture and energy of this entire area, still echoing traces of the dinosaur age, bushmen’s paintings and the Anglo-Boer war, plus!

From the comfort of your accommodation at Clarens Eddies there is an eclectic, rich world to explore, and, with the help of the passionate team that will make your stay extra special, you will return home with memories that will last a lifetime!

Make sure you book the most stylish and affordable accommodation in Clarens!

Is stylish, comfortable and affordable accommodation in Clarens really possible! Absolutely! This is the whole reason that guests return year after year to Clarens Eddies Self Catering once they have fallen in love with Clarens, which is really not hard to do!

Everything about Clarens Eddies is the epitome of neat, clean and tidy, from the grounds to the various self-catering or B&B rooms and units available, and, since Clarens Eddies only takes a maximum of up to 17 guests, the personalised service guests can expect is absolute!

To the team at Clarens Eddies the comfort of each guest takes precedence over everything else, they do what they love and it is obvious in the warmth and helpfulness of their attitude, which all perfectly complements the beauty of the surroundings in Clarens.

Affordable accommodation in Clarens is a real boon to holiday makers heading for this quaint village nestled in a beautiful valley, especially when it’s that once-a-year long holiday, still, no matter how long you intend to stay in Clarens, having great accommodation at great rates is always attractive!

Besides which, your wallet is going to be challenged by all the art galleries that offer art you simply can’t go home without, or colourful handmade clothing made by the Basotho people and other locals! The artsy, vibey and bright craft markets will do the same to your wallet, and the gift shops, well, you can just imagine the temptations – throw in the famous Clarens Brewery with its fab craft beers and you’ll be done for!

Not to belabour the point too much, but, if your accommodation is comfy, stylish and affordable, going on horse rides, game drives or taking to the sky in a hot air balloon (imagine the sights from up there over this exquisite valley!) will leave you with enough to indulge in a smorgasbord of different foods at the many restaurants in Clarens village a little easier!

The hiking trails, which lead from the front door at Clarens Eddies, range from easy to a little tougher, but the walks are well worth the streams and fynbos that keep you company on the way to the top of the trail and views you will never forget!

Clarens is really a series of photographs that speak more than a thousand words in all its moods, beauty and colours, and soaking up the vastness of it all means that you are going to need a little downtime, to relax in comfort with all your needs fulfilled!

Different and tasteful décor, comfortable beds, daily servicing (oh yes, this team will even wash the dishes for you!), the fluffiest duvets and freshest linen more than match the 24 hour service which is all part of the care you can look forward to from the welcoming and friendly team at Clarens Eddies at the end of busy days.

And before you ask; yes, there is satellite TV and super-fast WiFi, all the modern conveniences a few steps away from a century-old village and the well-loved Clarens Village Square!  Everything you could possibly need is laid on at Clarens Eddies so that all you have to do is go out there and have the time of your life!

The Clarens Eddies team is always available to answer any questions you may have and to make it easy for you to organise your booking for the most stylish and affordable accommodation in Clarens!

Have you found the best accommodation in Clarens yet?

Holidays are meant to be memorable, filled with descriptions and stories to share with others at home just to make the experience come to life again with the retelling, and Clarens is just the ticket as to take home stories filled with vivid colour and fun!

Right on the doorway to a quaint village 100 years old, and in one of the most beautiful valleys in this Eastern corner of the Free State, aptly named ‘The Jewel of the Free State’, you will find the most comfortable and affordable accommodation in Clarens, at Clarens Eddies Self Catering!

Clarens Eddies is proud to have played host to thousands of guests that have come from all corners of the world and South Africa to enjoy an exquisite backdrop to a myriad of outdoor activities and adventures.

The comfort that awaits you at the end of a busy day spent exploring all that is Clarens, from the village to the surrounding areas, will form an important part of your memory of a great holiday, and the team at Clarens Eddies takes hospitality up a notch above the rest to make sure that theirs is the corner of the world you visit again!

In any event, one visit to Clarens is rarely enough! There is just too much to see and do during the span of a few days, or, if you are lucky, a few weeks, and it is virtually impossible to get to it all in one visit!

Clarens is definitely a world apart, caught between the past and the present, with architecture that dates back a hundred years and echo’s the quality and colours of beautiful sandstone mountains forming a backdrop to this village, with the tech goodies that go with our century, such as satellite TV and WiFi, bringing the present into the mix.

By the same token, Clarens Eddies has made sure that every modern convenience is on hand for guests, which includes electric blankets and heaters for chillier winter evenings and all the gadgets you would expect of a kitchen in the 21st century!

Clarens Eddies Self-catering and B&B makes its home in Clarens Village on the Main Street, which means that all the restaurants, art galleries, craft markets and curio shops are just a short walk away, and also just a hop skip and jump to lovely walks, mountain bike trails and the sparkling dam resting in the arms of the mountains surrounding it.

It is just a 3 hour drive from Johannesburg and Bloemfontein to get to Clarens, and a well-worthwhile 4 hours from Durban, making Clarens one of the most central, and magical holiday destinations in South Africa!  This close to the rich landscape of the northern corner of Lesotho makes it obvious that Clarens echoes much of the same beauty and lushness as its close neighbour, but it needs to be seen to be believed!

To follow in the footsteps of dinosaurs, drink in art, food and wine, dive into white water rafting or take a game drive to the Golden Gate Nature reserve needs only one thing to complete the picture of a perfect holiday; great accommodation!

Let the team at Clarens Eddies introduce you to the true meaning of hospitality and fantastic accommodation in Clarens; make your booking and take home memorable stories that can be passed from generation to generation and around the world!

Take a detour to paradise on holiday in Clarens with the team at Clarens Eddies!

Clarens used to be the kind of secret holiday makers kept to themselves, they had no intention of sharing the magic of this paradise with too many ‘outsiders’, but, over the years, Clarens became a magnet all on its own that could no longer be kept to itself!

The fact that Clarens has grown as exponentially as it has as a fantastic holiday destination in South Africa has in no way affected or detracted from its charm or beauty, the only difference now is that there has been more and more added to the list of things to do in and around the picturesque village of Clarens.

This is a colourful gem, not only filled with every hue that Mother Nature could put on display, but also filled with colourful locals, many of whom are artists that have found their own treasured place of inspiration.

If a smorgasbord of different cuisines is what you are after, you will definitely find enough restaurants and pubs to suite every palate lining the pavements of the Clarens Village Square!

Gifts galore are to be had, from artwork displayed in galleries to cultural gifts like cultural Basuto blankets that have been transformed into beautiful jackets, and, of course, vibrant markets that will make even the most intrepid shopper shop until they drop!

There is also the famous Clarens Brewery that is a must for craft beer lovers, and even if you are not yet converted, there is no doubt that the team at the Clarens Brewery will get to you, their passion for what they do to brew craft beers you won’t find anywhere else in the world is truly infectious!

Of course, to enjoy all of this, you need a great place to lay your head at night and relax when you take a day off from losing yourself in this village, or after enjoying an outdoor adventure (and there are plenty of those), which means that you will be more than ready for a stay at Clarens Eddies B&B/Self Catering!

Clarens Eddies offers the type of hospitality you would expect from locals who live in such a beautiful corner of the Free State, how could anyone be miserable living in such paradise, with a mild climate that doesn’t change much through the seasons?

The Clarens Eddies team will do anything and everything they can to make sure that you are comfortable and have everything you need, that everything is kept fresh, from the linen to towels and furniture, nothing tacky sneaks past Dawn, the owner, or her team!

They will also make sure that you know exactly what activities are on offer, from hiking trails to quad biking or hot air ballooning and more, and they will assist you with booking your choice of activity as well as assist you with planning breakfast, lunch and supper when you aren’t cooking at ‘home’!  They have the best insider information, and they stake their fantastic reputation on it!

Clarens Eddies is big enough to take up to 16 guests in total throughout the various units, which means it’s small enough to make sure you have around the clock, personalised attention from a team who love nothing more than to make your holiday in their corner of the world unforgettable!

Get the family together, take a romantic break or a slice of solitude all on your own, there is a corner in the sun for everyone at Clarens Eddies!

Not even the most stunning photography and art can quite capture the magic of Clarens & its ancient history!

Besides the fact that Clarens is a magnet for artists and home to many of them who display their work in various art galleries around Clarens Village, Clarens is also considered an amazing place for photographers from around the world, according to Locationscout.net, which is a network of passionate photographers and travellers around the world!

The saying that a picture is worth a thousand words has never been truer than it is when it comes to the character of Clarens Village itself and the sheer beauty of this valley nestled in the foothills of the Maluti Mountains, surrounded by some of the  highest peaks on this range.

Don’t take my word for it, check out some of the photos on the venues SA.com website, you will see for yourself that it is nothing short of breath-taking, in every sense of the word!  Talking about photography, Clarens is the perfect venue for weddings, with plenty of home-grown photographers primed to make your wedding album truly magical!

Clarens Eddies is your accommodation gateway to all of this beauty and a chock-a-clock menu of activities, eclectic markets and a little like Rome with its restaurants that line the pavements of the Clarens Village Square.

Clarens may be around 100 years old, but, it has all the modern conveniences you could possibly need in an old-world atmosphere surrounded by buildings that carry through the magnificent shades of ochre, yellow, red and orange of the age-old sandstone mountains in the region.

Golden Gate National Park is just twenty minutes away from Clarens Eddies, taking you into an adventure of wildlife that ranges from the majestic Eland to Oribi, Springbok and Zebra’s, and in this unspoilt conservation area, a variety of birdlife flourishes, crossing from Ostriches to elegant White Storks and everything winged in-between!

Take a game drive to visit Lions  who have been rescued from terrible conditions from around the world, which now number in the 90’s; seeing these majestic beasts who are the King of the animal kingdom having a second chance at life is well worth the time and an experience not easily forgotten!

The mixture of history, which dates back to the dinosaur age through to the Bushmen paintings, relics of the Anglo-Boer war and a close up look into the village life of the Basuto people is enough to keep you very busy, outside of the white river rafting, horse riding, hot air ballooning or quad biking, to name just a few of the arm’s length worth of activities waiting for you and the family to enjoy!

Leave early in the morning to spend the day skiing on the slopes at Afriski Ski Resort and come back for a lovely dinner at one of the divine restaurants before you head back to Clarens Eddies, where you can expect 24 hour service from a team passionate about your comfort!

With the mid-week specials that are always on offer, on top of the already affordable rates offered by Clarens Eddies, you can plan to stretch your stay a little longer, however, be warned, no matter how long you plan to stay, you will be back; there will always be a little more to explore and there is always such pleasure attached to the hospitality extended by the team at Clarens Eddies!

Try it for yourself, photography, art and the written word will ever quite capture the magic of Clarens!

Looking for the very best accommodation in Clarens?

A short answer would be – Clarens Eddies B&B/Self-Catering, naturally!  Clarens Eddies offers the type of holiday stay that is both welcoming and award winning for service excellence, and really, how much better than that could you want?

A warm welcome from staff who are friendly and passionate about the comfort of their guests is a given, they love where they live and share the beauty of Clarens with all their guests with open arms, opening the doors to a world completely removed from the rush and fast pace of the daily grind, even if you love what you do!

There is a whole lot of everything to do, just outside the door of Clarens Eddies, and the team will not stint on giving you directions to any activity or adventure you would be interested in!

If you are a lover of history and would like to get closer to historical sites that remain from the Anglo-Boer war, there is a museum in the town itself, giving you a full and very interesting glimpse into how Clarens came to be in the first place.

If you really want to go back to a time before the picturesque village of Clarens was born, you can explore a variety of fossils left behind by dinosaurs who were the first inhabitants of this Jewel of the Free State, or explore the rock art of Bushmen scattered throughout the area!

The rich hues of the Clarens sandstone mountains are also reflected in the architecture and homes in Clarens, carrying history into the village and into the 21st century, making this rich, cultural setting the perfect getaway, and Clarens Eddies the perfect place from which to explore it!

Moving away from the history of Clarens and into the present, the team at Clarens Eddies will fill you in on all the exciting adventures just waiting for you to enjoy! 

You can choose to get the adrenalin pumping with white water river rafting down the Ash River, which will take you over a course of about nine rapids, or take an even bigger leap and get married at any of the beautiful wedding venues dotted around Clarens – just make sure to book the family into Clarens Eddies, they’ll love you for it!

But seriously now, Clarens Eddies is just the right combination of comfort and style, with beautiful views from the private units that may just make you decide to cuddle up and watch a bit of satellite TV or stream your favourite series via the super-fast WiFi – just because you are in the middle of real history and exquisite natural beauty doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected!

When you get hungry and want to hit the Clarens Village Square to fill up for your next leg of the holiday, the staff at Clarens Eddies will arrange all your meals according to your taste, everything you could possibly want is just a short walk from the doorstep at Clarens Eddies!

There is just so much to do in Clarens, which includes quiet activities like bird watching or trout fishing, that there is just not enough space to go into it here, but, if you do a bit of research into it, or better yet, contact the team at Clarens Eddies, you will have a clear idea of what to look forward to, and they would love to hear from you!

Be careful though, you may find yourself joining many other Clarens Eddies guests who come back year after year for their special holidays, knowing that there is always still more to explore in this beautiful place resting gently at the foothills of the Maluti Mountains!

At least once in a lifetime experience the pleasure of the best accommodation in Clarens!

Those who have already made Clarens Eddies B&B/Self Catering their regular holiday home away from home, know well that Clarens is an experience to be enjoyed again and again, and that making Clarens Eddies their base for adventure and exploration has been a decision never looked back on!

The reasons are myriad, and great, from the legendary hospitality of the staff at Clarens Eddies to the absolute comfort of the perfect self-catering units which cater to families, couples and singles.

Each unit is self-contained and has everything you could possibly need to enjoy a thoroughly, stylishly clean environment while you soak up everything that Clarens and the surrounding area has to offer, for everyone of any age!

There are two smaller rooms that are just right for couples or singles wanting to get away from it all, with a  a microwave, kettle, refrigerator (to stock up for early morning or late night snacks!) and a table that seats two.

Of course, the rooms for one or two come with the usual Clarens Eddies goodies such as Satellite TV, high-speed WiFi, free toiletries in the shower, and, although Clarens has an incredibly mild climate all-year round, the team will make sure that you have an electric blanket and heating galore for chilly winter nights!

The view from all the units is beautiful, with some facing out to the Rooiberg Mountain Range, and others towards the eternally majestic Maluti Mountains, all of which come together to make Clarens a beautiful little valley of peace.

The larger units, which are perfect for families, have the same bells and whistles to make a self-catered holiday perfect, although, you will more than likely be spending most of the time out of the kitchen and in the plethora of eateries that line the Clarens Village Square!

The staff at Clarens Eddies will be more than happy to set you up and guide you to the best restaurants and pubs for a bit of hob-knobbing with the locals, and definitely direct you to the well-loved Clarens Brewery.

By now, after a hundred year history as a village, Clarens offers up to 30 different activities that will suit anyone from adrenaline junkies to keen bird watchers and fishermen, in fact, Clarens was recently voted as one of the best trout fishing areas in South Africa!

When Dawn, the owner of Clarens Eddies, is in residence, she is more than happy to take you on a guided mountain walk to enjoy the natural beauty starting right at your doorstep, but, there are so many hiking trails to choose from that if you love hiking, there is no doubt that you will have your fill of hikes that vary from the easy to the little tougher, however, the stunning vistas at the end of these walks are well worth the effort!

Clarens is also very popular for bikers and mountain bikers, as well as for those who are into bumping around the rough terrain on quad bikes, throw in a bit of white water rafting, horse riding and so much more and you will be exhausted by the time you get back to your home away from home!

The mixture of natural beauty, history that dates back to the dinosaur age and the vibrancy of Clarens village needs plenty of time to explore, which is exactly why, year after year, thousands of Clarens Eddies guests make their bookings for the next holiday before they are wished bon voyage by the warm and friendly family that makes up the team at Clarens Eddies!

Make sure you take the time to experience all that Clarens Eddies and everything surrounding this secluded accommodation at least once in a lifetime, just one call to the team will introduce you to your first taste of true down to earth hospitality! 

Oh, and by the way, not to rub it in or anything, but Clarens Eddies has won Service Excellence awards from two top booking websites again and again, one local and one international, check it out for yourself and just make that booking!

Pack up your suitcase and head for an unforgettable holiday in Clarens!

The captivating Maluti Mountain range with its shifting hues of blue and purple covered in snow for much of the year at their highest peaks are the epitome of majesty, inspiring a depth of inspiration that calls for artists and photographers from around the globe to visit Clarens and indulge in giving free reign to their creative talents, which is just one aspect of what makes Clarens unforgettable!

Another of the major attractions for lovers of the visual arts are the sandstone cliffs that also form part of the natural cradle that makes Clarens the artists haven that it is, many of whom spend a lifetime amidst the splendour of these colours, mixed in with a landscape that is home to a verdantly green landscape and natural habitat rich in fynbos.

However, Clarens is not just for artists, it is also the perfect escape from everyday life for anyone of every age group, offering such a variety of activities that there is always something to do for everyone in-between simply relaxing in beautiful natural surroundings.

If you have chosen Clarens Eddies Self-Catering as your destination in Clarens, the welcome you can expect will match everything that is rich and warm about this jewel of a valley in the eastern corner of the Free State, the staff at Clarens Eddies enjoy nothing more than to share the love they have for their own home with all who visit from all around the globe.

Clarens is a central, vibrant hub that leads to an adventure no matter which way you point your feet or car! The Golden Gate Highlands National Park, home to a variety of wildlife from Eland to Springbok and Black Wildebeest, spread out across open grasslands, is just 20km’s away from Clarens, making it an easy outing that will have you back in Clarens well in time for dinner at one of the many very different restaurants that line the Clarens Village Square catering to all tastes.

The Golden Gate boasts Bushmen paintings, which can also be found on Schaapplaats Farm, and on the other end of the scale, the historic Anglo Boer War Site, Surrender Hill, just a few minutes out of town, are just a few examples of what makes Clarens and the surrounding area a wellspring of information for any history buff!

The staff at Clarens Eddies will welcome you with a full list of everything there is to do in and around the picturesque village of Clarens, and, as self-catering accommodation, you can be sure that when you are ready to hit the ‘town’ you will have a full list of the best eateries on hand.  In fact, if you need any help with holiday plans while in Clarens, this team makes it all look effortless!

As far as comfort and having everything you could possibly need is concerned, Clarens Eddies has thought of everything, from ensuring that each self-catering unit has its own braai and garden furniture to fluffy duvets, towels, dishcloths and more, including a fireplace, DSTV and uncapped WiFi that connects you to the ‘outside’ world with ease!

Make your booking, pack up the car or head for the airport and get ready for a holiday that will make you want to stay for good!

Clarens is one of the top holiday destinations in South Africa, make sure not to miss out on it!

Clarens is a holiday destination that is within easy driving distance from Bloemfontein, Johannesburg and Durban, and well worth a trip on the N1 from Cape Town, especially if you are after one of those delightfully long holiday road trips that will take you to one of the most magical places in the Free State!

Many people think of a holiday as something that consists of sea and sand, but really, depending on where you go for the sea and sand, you may end up trapped inside, with very little to do, while the rain falls and the wind howls – or the crowds are just too much for your sanity – nothing relaxing about an atmosphere like that!

A holiday in Clarens is a break that promises beautiful weather all year round, it is a mild climate that is made all the more attractive by the guarantee of comfort awaiting you on arrival at Clarens Eddies Self-Catering, which undoubtedly offers the best holiday accommodation in Clarens, so much so that year after year guests ensure that their booking for the next visit is already made before they head home!

If you look at an aerial view of Clarens, it is easy to see why this corner of the Free State offers such a mild climate.  Nestled on the lower slopes of the Maluti Mountains at the Northern Tip of the world renowned Drakensberg Mountain range, and encompassed by the Rooiberge (Red Mountain), harsh weather conditions cannot disturb this rich, green valley!

Visiting Clarens Eddies between November and February will introduce you to summer weather that will not melt you, bringing with it cool breezes in the evening, and a few thunder storms that echo across the mountains with spectacular lightening shows awesome enough to outdo any manmade firework displays!

From June to August, winter in Clarens brings more beauty in the form of snow-capped mountains and richly coloured sunsets that are breath-taking, crisp breezes do battle with a sun that wins 99.9% of the winter battle, doing nothing more than calling for an extra jersey or two.

Cuddling up and being spoiled by the friendly team at Clarens Eddies as they ply you with extra warm blankets and heaters (not to forget about electric blankets!) definitely calls for a bit of snuggling up close to the fireplace and toasting more than just a few marshmallows!

The season really makes no difference to the awesome choice of activities that have also made Clarens the perfect holiday destination in South Africa, there is no shortage of stuff to do!  Being surrounded by mountains is an obvious invitation for keen hikers to head for trails that lead to spectacular views as far as the eye can see, and it is this same mountainous area that has made Clarens a sought after destination for mountain bikers and cyclists!

Add adventure by taking a slow cruise above Clarens in a hot air balloon, take to the river in a raft, go horse riding or head out to the Afriski Mountain Resort for a spot of skiing!

The team at Clarens Eddies will assist you to make arrangements for everything from meals in an amazing variety of restaurants and pubs, to making sure you know exactly what there is to do in and around the picturesque village of Clarens – your happy stay is what has always driven this passionately local team to exceed all expectations where it comes to your comfort delivered with a standard of service that is internationally recognised!

Clarens Eddies is big on heart but small enough to ensure personal attention that will make your stay extra-special, with room for only sixteen  guests in this sought-after self-catering accommodation on the doorstep to a world of adventure; be sure to get your booking in early!


Clarens Eddies is service excellence, comfort, hospitality and affordable rates all rolled into one!

No business can succeed without a complete commitment to service excellence, and this is something that the staff at Clarens Eddies embody to the letter and beyond! In fact, Clarens Eddies has won Certificates of Excellence Awards from leading national and international booking websites, which can leave you in no doubt that if you have chosen Clarens Eddies as your home for the duration of a holiday in Clarens, you will be in the best possible hands.

Nothing is too much effort where it comes to the hospitable and caring culture of the owner and the team at Clarens Eddies, which is has made Clarens Eddies a sought-after home base for anyone expecting nothing less than the best in self-catering accommodation in Clarens.

The best publicity any accommodation could get is that of previous guests, and, if you take the time to read through the guest comments on the Clarens Eddies website, you will be able to see exactly why many of their guests return time and again to Clarens Eddies to enjoy many activities in the beautiful valley that makes Clarens such a special holiday destination.

Clarens is as far from big city energy as smog is to crisp, fresh air in the great South African outdoors, but that does not mean that you will be left to fend for yourself when the sun goes down in Clarens, there is always someone available 24 hours a day to make sure that you have everything you need to make your stay at Clarens Eddies completely comfortable.

The interior décor is eclectic and different from one unit to the next, each of which is designed to take anywhere from 4 to 6 people in self-catering units fully stocked with everything plus the kitchen sink! This includes a microwave, fridge, kitchenware, toaster, stovetop and oven so that whoever is taking turns to cook has everything on hand, including dishwashing liquid!

There are two Clarens Eddies B&B style apartments that are perfect for couples planning a romantic getaway, minus the major kitchen goodies, great for taking advantage of the multitude of restaurants and eateries in Clarens Village Square that will keep your taste buds well occupied for breakfast, lunch and supper with ease!

These apartments do have a microwave, kettle and fridge for the mouth-watering snacks you will more than likely be hauling back from a few very special deli’s that perfectly suit the artistic energy of the Clarens Village Square.

Clarens Eddies self-catering units all have private entrances and beautiful views of the mountains surrounding Clarens, which are an absolutely breath-taking part of the Clarens experience!  Just so that you know, being in Clarens amidst such natural beauty does not mean that you have to go back to the dark ages, Clarens Eddies has made sure that you can laze around in front of the fireplace while you catch up on a bit of satellite TV or keep in touch with friends and family via free uncapped WiFi, given extra speed with two WiFi boosters!

The list of things to do in and around Clarens is huge, as in at least  30 activities that will keep everyone from 4 years old to 90 years old happy and busy! If you love art, you will be fully satiated by the art galleries in Clarens, if it’s history you are after, there is plenty to see – bushmen paintings, a Basotho traditional village to visit or relics of the Anglo-Boer war.

For lovers of the outdoors, the team at Clarens Eddies will point you in the direction of the best hiking trails, cycling routes or river rafting spots, and if you want to get more than your toes wet, there is also a lovely dam you can dive into for cooling off on hot summer days!

If you haven’t already discovered that Clarens is a holiday destination that should have a top spot on your bucket list of holiday destinations in South Africa, it’s definitely time to give the team at Clarens Eddies a call to find out more about what makes their home the most comfortable place to call yours on your next holiday!

Clarens Eddies is service excellence, comfort, hospitality and affordable rates all rolled in to one!

Adventure and spectacular scenery in crisp fresh air makes Clarens a holiday destination not to be missed!

In order to have that extra lolly to spend on a myriad of adventures, activities, gifts, divine food and so much more in Clarens, affordable accommodation is a must, however, affordable should also mean stylish, clean and comfortable, delivered with world class hospitality, and if any one establishment has got this and more down to a tee, then it is the owner and team at Clarens Eddies Self-Catering and B&B!

There is a vast difference between ‘cheap’ and ‘clean’, and Clarens Eddies is the embodiment of clean and hygienic, from the inside out! The separate units, each with a private entrance, have tiled floors that are clean enough to eat off, the linen and towels are anything but old and scruffy and the kitchen sparkles brightly enough to make the most reluctant holiday chef happy!

Clarens Eddies is also lovely on the outside, with well-kept grounds that are awash with tall different plants and trees set against the brick face building and its touches of wrought iron that surround the balconies.

All of this is the perfect foil for a beautiful valley that is perfectly protected by the Maluti Mountains it snuggles up against, the Rooiberge and the famous rich red, gold and ochre shades of sandstone cliffs that surround the area – this rich sandstone which is perfectly reflected in the buildings and homes built in Clarens Village.

Throughout the year, besides the artists who have made Clarens their home and who display their beautiful arts and crafts everywhere you look, artists and photographers from around the globe make their pilgrimage to pay homage to the breath-taking scenery in and around Clarens, indelibly recording their inspiration in print or on canvas to share across the world.

There is something magical about this very special corner in the Free State that acts as a magnet for families looking for a truly memorable holiday, one that will introduce them to a way of life that may be hard to leave, and it is, by its very beauty and eclectic energy of creativity and fun that many couples choose Clarens as an ideal spot to call home on a romantic getaway.

Making Clarens Eddies your home base from which to launch into adventure and exploration is ideal, you will be just a short walk away from the centre of quaint, picturesque Clarens Village, hiking trails that take you through wild flowers everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime, trout fishing – Clarens was recently named the top trout fishing venue in South Africa – white water rafting, horse riding, bird watching and so much more!

There is always a warm hospitality in everything the team at Clarens Eddies does to make you feel completely at home, and to make sure that you can make the most of your holiday armed with all the information you need to suit your particular interests, from history to art, in an area steeped in a complete mix of cultures that go back to the late 1800’s to early 1900’s.

The Khoisan may have been the first humans hunting and gathering in the Clarens area, however, you will be able to follow the trails of fossils left by dinosaurs that walked the region long before man came along – saying that Clarens is rich in culture and history is no exaggeration!

Make the most of your holiday in Clarens by contacting the friendly, open and welcoming team at Clarens Eddies to make sure that you are exceptionally well looked after in absolute comfort once you have unpacked your bags!

You cannot take a road trip anywhere near the Free State without visiting Clarens!

If you are planning a road trip that will go anywhere near the Free State, then you owe it to yourself to make sure you stop off in Clarens, failing that, you will have missed out on exploring the multitude of reasons this town is called the Jewel of the Free State!

Missing out on the beauty and a world of diverse activities that cater to virtually every interest, from art to history, food to cultural heritage monuments that have stood since the late 1800’s and so much more, is going to leave your trip a little less exciting and adventurous!

If you have already made your plans to head for Clarens, Clarens Eddies Self Catering Accommodation is waiting to offer you every comfort you could possibly need to refresh yourself and relax in-between your outdoor activities and exploration of the Clarens village square!

The Clarens Eddies team has won service excellence certificates from travel sites such as tripadvisor.com and booking.com, and once you have experienced their caring attitude and passion for the comfort their guests, you will understand why they get such rave reviews from previous guests.

Just taking a look at the amenities contained in each self-catering unit, including the two that are available for couples and singles not planning on cooking, you will find that every little detail has been thought of to make your stay one of sheer comfort in style, offering beautiful views of the Maluti Mountains and Red Mountains.

So, what do the affordable rates at Clarens Eddies include?  Plenty to say the least!  Safe, off-road parking, help with your holiday plans as well as a very long list of things to do in Clarens and 24 hour service available; this team really does look after you!

Then there are the towels, linen, duvet, a warm blanket and an electric blanket just in case the evening gets a little nippy up in the highlands!  Even in a place as beautiful as Clarens, you have to give a nod to technology, which is why you will find a flat screen television in your unit, featuring selected DSTV channels.

Have no fear that you will not be able to share your holiday with family and friends via internet; Clarens Eddies has uncapped Wife with 2 mean Wife boosters that give you super speed across the web!

Also included in your rates are essentials like dish-washing liquid, dishcloths, tea, coffee, sugar and powder milk for the kitchen, and in your bathroom you will find toilet paper, insect spray and toilet spray along with a small hand soap and shampoo!


There is far more than meets the eye in Clarens to make it your best holiday destination!

Yes, the spectacular beauty of the Maluti Mountains just this side of Lesotho and the rich shades of red from the Red Mountains bring an other-worldly beauty to Clarens that will not be found anywhere else in the world, but Clarens is so much more than just the jaw-dropping scenery that confronts you, there is a whole lot more just waiting for you once you’ve plonked your bags down at Clarens Eddies for your first day of exploration!

You will be given a warm welcome from the team at Clarens Eddies that will put you in a relaxed frame of mind right from the start, giving you a brand of caring that is hard to beat, they love their town passionately and it is contagious for every guest that makes Clarens Eddies their base of operations in Clarens.

The cultural aspect of Clarens is well established, it was born in 1912 and flourished into a village that is home to a long list of notable artists and the galleries you can browse through, considering the inspiration drawn from exquisite surroundings, you may need to prepare your credit card for a bit of plundering just to take a work of art home with you!

Staying on the note of art, the heritage art scene is also evident around Clarens in Bushman rock paintings estimated to be over 2000 years old, and to take a step back into the past like this you would head off to Schaapplaats, which is one of South Africa’s 12 Rock Art National Monuments.

This is where you will find a large painted cave that acts as a natural gallery displaying about 35 Busman rock paintings, representing paintings of part-animal, part-human beings that represent the mysticism of Bushman Shamans in an altered state of consciousness!

You may not think it if you have not already been there, but food is another unique draw card for Clarens, so if you decide that the kitchen at your self catering unit at Clarens Eddies can remain largely untouched, nobody will blame you, with so many interesting restaurants on your doorstep, you can definitely take time off from cooking!

…..and there’s more, take a day trip to the Golden Gate National Park, aptly named for the brilliant shades of gold cast by the sun on the sandstone cliffs, keeping an eye out for wildlife like eland, oribi, blesbok, springbok, black wildebeest and Burchell’s zebra – the birds in the park are also a draw card for bird-watchers!

There is just so much to see and experience in Clarens that you will definitely be most grateful for the tips that will come from the team at Clarens Eddies to create the perfect Clarens holiday itinerary!

Take your pick from a hundred things to do in Clarens with the help of a great team!

Clarens Eddies Self Catering Accommodation is the perfect place to call home while you explore the enchanting town of Clarens, aptly named the Jewel of the Free State.  Caught in the embrace of the beautiful Maluti Mountain Range, you can look forward to accommodation that is owned by locals who are more than happy to share their love and knowledge of the area to make sure that you never have to wonder about what to do next!

There are no automated phone systems that will keep you picking one number after another just to make your booking, you will get straight through to owner Dawn Trevelyan or another of her friendly team, in fact, Dawn takes it step further by taking guests on hikes into the stunning surroundings when she is home

The accommodation at Clarens Eddies is tasteful, comfortable and clean, offering everything you could possibly need to make your stay unforgettable, there is nothing tattered or tacky about Clarens Eddies, from the décor to the duvets!

Because there is just so much to do in and around Clarens, the team at Clarens Eddies will point you in the right direction to anything you would like to do, whether it is horse riding, river rafting, finding the best restaurants, art galleries (Clarens is a well-recognised Mecca for artists!), arts and crafts markets, you name it, this team of locals will show you the way to it.

You may need to use a diary to map out everything you hope to do during your holiday in Clarens, but it’s virtually guaranteed that you will have to book as you leave to catch up on what you may not have had time to do first time round!

Once you have stayed at Clarens Eddies, enjoyed the impeccable service and warm vibe from a team who really cares about your stay, you will join many others who make the same journey back whenever they have an opportunity to get away! 

There are good reasons for national and international booking websites to hand out Service Excellence Awards, and Clarens Eddies deserves these from tripadvisor.com and booking.com based on fantastic recommendations from previous visitors.  Make sure you check out their accommodation specials from time to time, it takes affordable to a whole new level!


Have you experienced the character and energy of Clarens yet?

Clarens is a one of a kind experience, anyone who has ever been there will tell you that it exudes a character and energy that defies logic!  The past mingles with the present in the village itself with its sandstone houses and buildings surrounded by a vibrant, arty energy.

Restaurants with names like the Purple Onion and Cinnabar give you an idea of the many different types of food and atmospheres you will find among the many stunning little restaurants and hideaways, you will find your own special place for breakfast on the pavement, lunch and dinner at yet another, but you will not run out of delicious and tempting cuisine to suit every palate

Clarens is an artist’s haven, and it won’t take you long to understand why, there is inspiration for every artist in the natural beauty that abounds the area; if you love art galleries you will be fully sated!  This is also the perfect opportunity for you to find your very own Basotho blanket-jacket among the tall weeping willow trees and conifers that create a wonderful energy of peace in this bustling little village!

Booking your accommodation in Clarens at Clarens Eddies Self Catering accommodation puts you right on the doorstep to the picturesque Clarens village square, giving you a comfortable corner you can call your own while you step out into the adventures that await you around every corner, indoors or outdoors!

With various beautiful self catering units that sleep between 7 and 2 guests, there is room aplenty for families, honeymooners and a quiet getaway for singles, whatever you want your holiday to be, the warm and welcoming team at Clarens Eddies will help you to make the most of it!

Just 4 hours from Durban, 3 hours from Bloemfontein and 3 hours from Johannesburg, if you have not yet experienced Clarens then it’s definitely time for you to catch up with the international visitors that come from around the globe to enjoy a wealth of activities and soak up the atmosphere of this beautiful corner of the Free State!


No matter how you spend your time on holiday in Clarens, do it in comfort at Clarens Eddies!

If you are looking for the perfect holiday accommodation in Clarens that welcomes you with open arms, then you must be thinking about Clarens Eddies Self Catering accommodation!  This is where you get to meet a team passionate about the comfort of their guests and who show that they really care about offering you a perfect holiday haunt.

Get away from the noise and constant rush of daily life and head out for a holiday that will clear your head in beautiful natural surroundings, tempting you outdoors with a myriad of exciting activities that will breathe new energy into your life again!

If it’s simple peace and quiet that you want, you’ll have it in the comfort of Clarens Eddies, taking a stroll through the surroundings and maybe taking a gentle hike that will take you to stunning views of the Maluti Mountains and Red Mountains. 

If a round or two of golf is what you would enjoy, the Clarens Golf Course, built on the lower slopes of Mount Horeb and surrounded by Sandstone Mountains, will more than likely make you want to stay in Clarens a little longer than planned!

Staying on the less strenuous side of the amazing range of activities available in and around Clarens, if you are a keen fisherman, you will love the fact that Clarens is known to have some of the best fishing spots in South Africa! 

Of course, Clarens would not be a prime holiday destination without a little something for the adrenaline junkies to do, in-between chilling in comfort at Clarens Eddies!  Take your pick of river rafting, skiing in the Afriski Mountain Resort, get on your cycle and find out why Clarens is definitely on the map for any cycling or motorbike enthusiasts; and that is just the tip of the iceberg for energetic holiday makers.

The important thing to remember is that no matter how you spend your holiday, do it in absolute comfort and revel in service excellence at Clarens Eddies!