You cannot take a road trip anywhere near the Free State without visiting Clarens!

If you are planning a road trip that will go anywhere near the Free State, then you owe it to yourself to make sure you stop off in Clarens, failing that, you will have missed out on exploring the multitude of reasons this town is called the Jewel of the Free State!

Missing out on the beauty and a world of diverse activities that cater to virtually every interest, from art to history, food to cultural heritage monuments that have stood since the late 1800’s and so much more, is going to leave your trip a little less exciting and adventurous!

If you have already made your plans to head for Clarens, Clarens Eddies Self Catering Accommodation is waiting to offer you every comfort you could possibly need to refresh yourself and relax in-between your outdoor activities and exploration of the Clarens village square!

The Clarens Eddies team has won service excellence certificates from travel sites such as and, and once you have experienced their caring attitude and passion for the comfort their guests, you will understand why they get such rave reviews from previous guests.

Just taking a look at the amenities contained in each self-catering unit, including the two that are available for couples and singles not planning on cooking, you will find that every little detail has been thought of to make your stay one of sheer comfort in style, offering beautiful views of the Maluti Mountains and Red Mountains.

So, what do the affordable rates at Clarens Eddies include?  Plenty to say the least!  Safe, off-road parking, help with your holiday plans as well as a very long list of things to do in Clarens and 24 hour service available; this team really does look after you!

Then there are the towels, linen, duvet, a warm blanket and an electric blanket just in case the evening gets a little nippy up in the highlands!  Even in a place as beautiful as Clarens, you have to give a nod to technology, which is why you will find a flat screen television in your unit, featuring selected DSTV channels.

Have no fear that you will not be able to share your holiday with family and friends via internet; Clarens Eddies has uncapped Wife with 2 mean Wife boosters that give you super speed across the web!

Also included in your rates are essentials like dish-washing liquid, dishcloths, tea, coffee, sugar and powder milk for the kitchen, and in your bathroom you will find toilet paper, insect spray and toilet spray along with a small hand soap and shampoo!


There is far more than meets the eye in Clarens to make it your best holiday destination!

Yes, the spectacular beauty of the Maluti Mountains just this side of Lesotho and the rich shades of red from the Red Mountains bring an other-worldly beauty to Clarens that will not be found anywhere else in the world, but Clarens is so much more than just the jaw-dropping scenery that confronts you, there is a whole lot more just waiting for you once you’ve plonked your bags down at Clarens Eddies for your first day of exploration!

You will be given a warm welcome from the team at Clarens Eddies that will put you in a relaxed frame of mind right from the start, giving you a brand of caring that is hard to beat, they love their town passionately and it is contagious for every guest that makes Clarens Eddies their base of operations in Clarens.

The cultural aspect of Clarens is well established, it was born in 1912 and flourished into a village that is home to a long list of notable artists and the galleries you can browse through, considering the inspiration drawn from exquisite surroundings, you may need to prepare your credit card for a bit of plundering just to take a work of art home with you!

Staying on the note of art, the heritage art scene is also evident around Clarens in Bushman rock paintings estimated to be over 2000 years old, and to take a step back into the past like this you would head off to Schaapplaats, which is one of South Africa’s 12 Rock Art National Monuments.

This is where you will find a large painted cave that acts as a natural gallery displaying about 35 Busman rock paintings, representing paintings of part-animal, part-human beings that represent the mysticism of Bushman Shamans in an altered state of consciousness!

You may not think it if you have not already been there, but food is another unique draw card for Clarens, so if you decide that the kitchen at your self catering unit at Clarens Eddies can remain largely untouched, nobody will blame you, with so many interesting restaurants on your doorstep, you can definitely take time off from cooking!

…..and there’s more, take a day trip to the Golden Gate National Park, aptly named for the brilliant shades of gold cast by the sun on the sandstone cliffs, keeping an eye out for wildlife like eland, oribi, blesbok, springbok, black wildebeest and Burchell’s zebra – the birds in the park are also a draw card for bird-watchers!

There is just so much to see and experience in Clarens that you will definitely be most grateful for the tips that will come from the team at Clarens Eddies to create the perfect Clarens holiday itinerary!

Take your pick from a hundred things to do in Clarens with the help of a great team!

Clarens Eddies Self Catering Accommodation is the perfect place to call home while you explore the enchanting town of Clarens, aptly named the Jewel of the Free State.  Caught in the embrace of the beautiful Maluti Mountain Range, you can look forward to accommodation that is owned by locals who are more than happy to share their love and knowledge of the area to make sure that you never have to wonder about what to do next!

There are no automated phone systems that will keep you picking one number after another just to make your booking, you will get straight through to owner Dawn Trevelyan or another of her friendly team, in fact, Dawn takes it step further by taking guests on hikes into the stunning surroundings when she is home

The accommodation at Clarens Eddies is tasteful, comfortable and clean, offering everything you could possibly need to make your stay unforgettable, there is nothing tattered or tacky about Clarens Eddies, from the décor to the duvets!

Because there is just so much to do in and around Clarens, the team at Clarens Eddies will point you in the right direction to anything you would like to do, whether it is horse riding, river rafting, finding the best restaurants, art galleries (Clarens is a well-recognised Mecca for artists!), arts and crafts markets, you name it, this team of locals will show you the way to it.

You may need to use a diary to map out everything you hope to do during your holiday in Clarens, but it’s virtually guaranteed that you will have to book as you leave to catch up on what you may not have had time to do first time round!

Once you have stayed at Clarens Eddies, enjoyed the impeccable service and warm vibe from a team who really cares about your stay, you will join many others who make the same journey back whenever they have an opportunity to get away! 

There are good reasons for national and international booking websites to hand out Service Excellence Awards, and Clarens Eddies deserves these from and based on fantastic recommendations from previous visitors.  Make sure you check out their accommodation specials from time to time, it takes affordable to a whole new level!


Have you experienced the character and energy of Clarens yet?

Clarens is a one of a kind experience, anyone who has ever been there will tell you that it exudes a character and energy that defies logic!  The past mingles with the present in the village itself with its sandstone houses and buildings surrounded by a vibrant, arty energy.

Restaurants with names like the Purple Onion and Cinnabar give you an idea of the many different types of food and atmospheres you will find among the many stunning little restaurants and hideaways, you will find your own special place for breakfast on the pavement, lunch and dinner at yet another, but you will not run out of delicious and tempting cuisine to suit every palate

Clarens is an artist’s haven, and it won’t take you long to understand why, there is inspiration for every artist in the natural beauty that abounds the area; if you love art galleries you will be fully sated!  This is also the perfect opportunity for you to find your very own Basotho blanket-jacket among the tall weeping willow trees and conifers that create a wonderful energy of peace in this bustling little village!

Booking your accommodation in Clarens at Clarens Eddies Self Catering accommodation puts you right on the doorstep to the picturesque Clarens village square, giving you a comfortable corner you can call your own while you step out into the adventures that await you around every corner, indoors or outdoors!

With various beautiful self catering units that sleep between 7 and 2 guests, there is room aplenty for families, honeymooners and a quiet getaway for singles, whatever you want your holiday to be, the warm and welcoming team at Clarens Eddies will help you to make the most of it!

Just 4 hours from Durban, 3 hours from Bloemfontein and 3 hours from Johannesburg, if you have not yet experienced Clarens then it’s definitely time for you to catch up with the international visitors that come from around the globe to enjoy a wealth of activities and soak up the atmosphere of this beautiful corner of the Free State!