Adventure and spectacular scenery in crisp fresh air makes Clarens a holiday destination not to be missed!

In order to have that extra lolly to spend on a myriad of adventures, activities, gifts, divine food and so much more in Clarens, affordable accommodation is a must, however, affordable should also mean stylish, clean and comfortable, delivered with world class hospitality, and if any one establishment has got this and more down to a tee, then it is the owner and team at Clarens Eddies Self-Catering and B&B!

There is a vast difference between ‘cheap’ and ‘clean’, and Clarens Eddies is the embodiment of clean and hygienic, from the inside out! The separate units, each with a private entrance, have tiled floors that are clean enough to eat off, the linen and towels are anything but old and scruffy and the kitchen sparkles brightly enough to make the most reluctant holiday chef happy!

Clarens Eddies is also lovely on the outside, with well-kept grounds that are awash with tall different plants and trees set against the brick face building and its touches of wrought iron that surround the balconies.

All of this is the perfect foil for a beautiful valley that is perfectly protected by the Maluti Mountains it snuggles up against, the Rooiberge and the famous rich red, gold and ochre shades of sandstone cliffs that surround the area – this rich sandstone which is perfectly reflected in the buildings and homes built in Clarens Village.

Throughout the year, besides the artists who have made Clarens their home and who display their beautiful arts and crafts everywhere you look, artists and photographers from around the globe make their pilgrimage to pay homage to the breath-taking scenery in and around Clarens, indelibly recording their inspiration in print or on canvas to share across the world.

There is something magical about this very special corner in the Free State that acts as a magnet for families looking for a truly memorable holiday, one that will introduce them to a way of life that may be hard to leave, and it is, by its very beauty and eclectic energy of creativity and fun that many couples choose Clarens as an ideal spot to call home on a romantic getaway.

Making Clarens Eddies your home base from which to launch into adventure and exploration is ideal, you will be just a short walk away from the centre of quaint, picturesque Clarens Village, hiking trails that take you through wild flowers everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime, trout fishing – Clarens was recently named the top trout fishing venue in South Africa – white water rafting, horse riding, bird watching and so much more!

There is always a warm hospitality in everything the team at Clarens Eddies does to make you feel completely at home, and to make sure that you can make the most of your holiday armed with all the information you need to suit your particular interests, from history to art, in an area steeped in a complete mix of cultures that go back to the late 1800’s to early 1900’s.

The Khoisan may have been the first humans hunting and gathering in the Clarens area, however, you will be able to follow the trails of fossils left by dinosaurs that walked the region long before man came along – saying that Clarens is rich in culture and history is no exaggeration!

Make the most of your holiday in Clarens by contacting the friendly, open and welcoming team at Clarens Eddies to make sure that you are exceptionally well looked after in absolute comfort once you have unpacked your bags!

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