Pack up your suitcase and head for an unforgettable holiday in Clarens!

The captivating Maluti Mountain range with its shifting hues of blue and purple covered in snow for much of the year at their highest peaks are the epitome of majesty, inspiring a depth of inspiration that calls for artists and photographers from around the globe to visit Clarens and indulge in giving free reign to their creative talents, which is just one aspect of what makes Clarens unforgettable!

Another of the major attractions for lovers of the visual arts are the sandstone cliffs that also form part of the natural cradle that makes Clarens the artists haven that it is, many of whom spend a lifetime amidst the splendour of these colours, mixed in with a landscape that is home to a verdantly green landscape and natural habitat rich in fynbos.

However, Clarens is not just for artists, it is also the perfect escape from everyday life for anyone of every age group, offering such a variety of activities that there is always something to do for everyone in-between simply relaxing in beautiful natural surroundings.

If you have chosen Clarens Eddies Self-Catering as your destination in Clarens, the welcome you can expect will match everything that is rich and warm about this jewel of a valley in the eastern corner of the Free State, the staff at Clarens Eddies enjoy nothing more than to share the love they have for their own home with all who visit from all around the globe.

Clarens is a central, vibrant hub that leads to an adventure no matter which way you point your feet or car! The Golden Gate Highlands National Park, home to a variety of wildlife from Eland to Springbok and Black Wildebeest, spread out across open grasslands, is just 20km’s away from Clarens, making it an easy outing that will have you back in Clarens well in time for dinner at one of the many very different restaurants that line the Clarens Village Square catering to all tastes.

The Golden Gate boasts Bushmen paintings, which can also be found on Schaapplaats Farm, and on the other end of the scale, the historic Anglo Boer War Site, Surrender Hill, just a few minutes out of town, are just a few examples of what makes Clarens and the surrounding area a wellspring of information for any history buff!

The staff at Clarens Eddies will welcome you with a full list of everything there is to do in and around the picturesque village of Clarens, and, as self-catering accommodation, you can be sure that when you are ready to hit the ‘town’ you will have a full list of the best eateries on hand.  In fact, if you need any help with holiday plans while in Clarens, this team makes it all look effortless!

As far as comfort and having everything you could possibly need is concerned, Clarens Eddies has thought of everything, from ensuring that each self-catering unit has its own braai and garden furniture to fluffy duvets, towels, dishcloths and more, including a fireplace, DSTV and uncapped WiFi that connects you to the ‘outside’ world with ease!

Make your booking, pack up the car or head for the airport and get ready for a holiday that will make you want to stay for good!

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