There is no doubt that Clarens is a premium holiday destination in South Africa not to be missed!

If you are more than ready to get away from the madding crowd, traffic jams and the zillion other things that come from living in the city, you will find no warmer welcome than the one you receive from the award winning team at Clarens Eddies Self-Catering/B&B!

The magic begins as you cross the threshold at Clarens Eddies, inviting you into a warm atmosphere that reflects the freshness of the beauty of the valley that Clarens Eddies calls home!  The little village of Clarens can be found sparkling like a jewel against the foothills of the Maluti Mountains and the Rooiberge Mountain range in the Free State, far up in the Eastern Corner rich with a profusion of colour painted by Mother Nature.

As a premium holiday destination in South Africa, it is virtually impossible to find a place as beautiful with as many activities as you will in Clarens, it is truly a memory-making experience of a lifetime!  Clarens Eddies Self-catering/B&B is in the heart of Clarens and is very thoughtfully laid out to suit the needs of families looking for a fun and easy self-catering holiday, for couples who are taking time out to spend together in this incredibly romantic area, as well as for singles who look forward to exploring everything independently.

In fact, if you do decide to go solo, the vibrancy of the Clarens Village Square will pull you in effortlessly and before you know it you will become part of the community of restaurateurs, pub owners, artists and other locals who echo the warmth of the welcome that makes Clarens extra-special.

If you are planning on a self-catered holiday, all you need to do is bring yourself, your family or friends, loads of food (although there’s plenty to stock up on in Clarens itself) and any other gadgets and gizmos that will make Clarens Eddies feel even more like home than it already does – the TV you can leave at home though, and there is free WiFi access that is every bit as good as you’ll get in any city!

If you are a budding artist, you will find that there are local artists who are happy to share their talent, inspiration and insight into art in lessons, and if, on the opposite end of the scale, you are up for your first-ever horse ride, there is horse riding to give beginners a good start.

Pony trekking in Lesotho is also on the cards not too far from Clarens if you are sit a little easier in the saddle!

If you love music, Afriski Mountain resort will be hosting its third successful edition of the most unique music festival in Africa in August 2018, snow theme and all, which will be showcasing some of the most loved musicians from South African and Lesotho! Throw snowboarding and skiing into the mix and you have an event well worth attending, and it is only two hours away from Clarens Eddies!

There is a world within a world within a world in the beauty of this valley, and if you are ready to get the very best out of it, then you simply have to make yourself comfortable at Clarens Eddies, without a doubt!

Take the many best restaurants in Clarens, add them to Clarens Eddies, & you have a dream holiday!

21 restaurants, pubs, coffee shops and delis! Hard to believe that one quaint, very picturesque village high up in Eastern Free State can fit that much food into one space that is over a hundred years old, but it’s true!

This is Clarens, a valley that first played home to dinosaurs and then the first human beings, the San hunter gatherers, commonly known as the Bushmen, followed years later by a community of farmers who wanted their own little village and named it after the last refuge of the man who negotiated the Transvaal’s independence under British sovereignty, Paul Kruger.

Twelve years after Paul Kruger became the President of the Transvaal, the Anglo-Boer war broke out, and, as the British forces moved on Pretoria, Paul Kruger was given refuge in Clarens, Switzerland, which is how we ended up with a Clarens in South Africa, named in his honour and as picturesque as the one in which he died.

There are monuments of the Anglo-Boer War that represent the history of this town in the museum, and physical remnants of the battle just outside of Clarens itself, in fact, a monument formally erected to honour ‘burghers’ murdered by the Basotho on the farm ‘Ararat’ outside of Clarens now has a place in the centre of Clarens Village Square.

Clarens may have had a pretty volatile history as sites of both the Anglo-Boer War and the Free State-Basotho War, yet out of all the upheaval was born a town that would become one of the most popular holiday destinations in South Africa for local visitors and those from around the globe.

This may have been the beginning for Clarens, but what has grown out of it all is a vibrant village with restaurants, pubs and coffee shops spilling out onto pavements in the Village Square and along the main street, and you will need a great appetite, with plenty of time, to dive into it all!

Steak, oxtail, pavlova, vegetarian, yummy roasted coffee and deli delights line up alongside traditional Portuguese cuisine, sharing space with pizzas and pastas and a whole lot more besides!  Even for the most dedicated self-caterer, the food concentrated in the restaurants in Clarens Village Square will be too much to resist, but bring your own along anyway to keep up the illusion!

The Clarens Brewery is one of the best loved spots in Clarens, the passion of the team at this brewery has a real mission; before you walk out of their door, you will have been converted and sucked into the wonderful world of craft beer and cider – and their food is every bit as good as the beer and cider they lovingly brew!

Naturally, because the team looking after you at Clarens Eddies are locals, they will do all they can to make sure you have great insider info and happily make the bookings for you, this is what staying at Clarens Eddies is all about; having a team who really do care about their guests and are available 24 hours a day to see that you have everything you need!

Whether you are ready to take to the breath-taking outdoors in Clarens, or to make exploring the many eateries calling your taste buds, the staff at Clarens Eddies will have your back…..and all the information you could possibly need for an incredible holiday!

So, what makes Clarens Eddies the best accommodation in Clarens?

If you really want to recharge your spirit and mind, whether it’s for a weekend, a week or more, Clarens is the place to go, and Clarens Eddies Self-Catering/B&B is definitely the place to stay, for many very good reasons that really will recharge all your batteries!

Here are a few (there are a whole lot more!):

The accommodation is affordable, stylish and seriously comfortable:

If there are more than just a couple of you and you have self-catering in mind, the self-catering units at Clarens Eddies have everything in them that open and shut to make self-catering a pleasure!  The beds are comfort deluxe, duvets fluffy, linen and towels top quality – and cleanliness is obvious wherever you look!  Clarens Eddies has super-low rates that make it easy for you to stay even longer than planned!

There are lots of free goodies:

These include free toiletries in bathrooms, such as toilet paper, toilet spray, hand soap and shampoo, oh, and there’s a hairdryer laid on too!  The kitchen freebies include Sunlight liquid, dishcloths, tea, coffee, sugar and powder milk so that you can sit down to a lovely cup of coffee before you set about unpacking.

WiFi is of course free at Clarens Eddies, and with two boosters, it is super-fast!

Ample heating for chilly winter evenings:

Bank on heaters in some rooms, and on crackling fire places that warm units June, Santa, and Anki on chilly winter evenings.  You will also be provided with extra blankets and electric blankets if you need an extra bit of warmth after a long day out in the beauty of Clarens. 

Of course, there are also fans for the warmer days and nights!  Clarens is a beautifully green valley so well protected that has the mildest climate you could possibly hope for, it is really an all-year-round holiday destination!

A world of adventure on your doorstep:

No kidding!  There are hiking trails that lead from just outside Clarens Eddies, the quaint village of Clarens itself is just a short walk down the road – Clarens Eddies is situated in Clarens itself!  There is no shortage of activities for all ages to enjoy in Clarens, ranging from trout fishing and bird watching to horse-riding, white water rafting, hot air ballooning, game drives in nearby Golden Gate, skiing at Afriski, just two hours from Clarens and cherry picking at Ionia Cherry Farm in season.

The horse riding is great for the little ones as there is plenty of room for beginners, and they will also thoroughly enjoy following the trail of bones and teeth left in the wake of giant dinosaurs that made this area their home centuries ago!

Arts, craft markets, curio shops and restaurants abound:

As a well-recognised artists haven, Clarens is the hub of art galleries, craft markets, curio shops, museums and restaurants that spill out onto pavements wherever you look in the Clarens Village Square, and then of course, there is the very popular Clarens Brewery with its lovingly brewed craft beers, an experience not to be missed!  Fill that wallet up, there’s plenty to take home as mementoes!

Perhaps now it will be easier to understand why Clarens is one of the top ten places to visit in South Africa!  Read what previous visitors have to say about what makes Clarens Eddies the best accommodation in Clarens and get that booking done!

When Is The Best Time To Visit Clarens?

Clarens is located in eastern Free State and has become a well-known tourist attraction in recent years. This small town is recognised for its mild climate, mountains, art and history.

While Clarens is known to have four seasons a day, it seems the majority feel that spring and autumn is the best time of year to visit. In spring you can expect a magnificent display of colourful blossoms while in autumn you will be anointed with the season’s colours – shades of oranges, browns and reds. It comes as no surprise that Clarens is a nature lover paradise and very popular with photographers and artists.

Another feature of this beautiful town has to be the mountains. In springtime, it offers an unforgettable sight of light green willows and colour full blossoms of the many fruit trees.

The weather can change swiftly from one extreme to the other during the warmer summer months. In winter it can get extremely cold and temperatures can go as low as 10 degrees below zero. You can even expect light snowfall during June and July.

In conclusion: Autumn is the best time to visit Clarens and here’s why:

Not only is it beautifully colourful outside but it seems the town comes alive with flea markets, food stalls, concerts and shows to celebrate their culture and history. Events such as the towns Lifestyle cook-off, the country market, and the surrender hill marathon is held as well as the Clarens Craft Beer Festival.

Not adding Clarens to your bucket list would be a huge mistake. This little town has so much to offer any visitor. And while you’re there, and looking for Clarens accommodation, why not book your room with Clarens Eddies. They are centrally located and offer anything and everything you might need to make your stay memorable.