Take a magical journey to Clarens for fresh air, natural beauty and loads of fun!

Considering that with the latest technology available today that can turn anyone into an awesome photographer, there is no doubt that you will be able to share beautiful memories in full colour with friends and family once you return home from a visit to Clarens, since this is the centre for art and photography in the Eastern Free State!

This village still reflects so much of the old world charm that led to the birth of one of the most sought after holiday destinations in South Africa established over a hundred years ago!

Everything is steeped in history and rich with a thousand different shades of colour, offering even the most jaded traveller a refreshing experience that will never be duplicated anywhere else in the world.

Naturally, over time, Clarens has also become a hive of activities to be indulged in by everyone of any age, but to make the most of all on offer in this corner of the Eastern Free State, you need great accommodation in Clarens.

If any B&B or Self Catering accommodation on offer in this exquisite region can meet the standards of the surroundings, Clarens Eddies takes top honours. 

You need only scroll through the independent reviews posted by visitors to know that this is one home away from home that has definitively earned its status as award-winning accommodation in Clarens, on every level!

In fact, if you haven’t done it yet, do a few Google searches for photos of Clarens and the surrounding natural beauty – it’s a place that draws you in completely and makes you long to spend some time immersed in everything that makes Clarens a magical place that equally balances the peace of nature with a multitude of exciting activities to be enjoyed by all!

Clarens is considered one of the top cycling destinations, and, on the other end of the scale, it is also one of the best areas for trout fishing.

These are the extremes on offer in Clarens that ensure everyone has something to add to an experience of a lifetime!

The warmth of the people living in Clarens (lucky, lucky ones!) is perfectly echoed in the welcome extended by the staff at Clarens Eddies B&B and Self Catering.

Owner Dawn, along with her team, have created a style of accommodation in Clarens that echoes all the eclectic, tasteful elements that make for an experience in comfort and style as you explore all the nooks and crannies you’ll find everywhere, from the picturesque village to the beautiful ochre and gold sandstone mountains!

In fact, taking a hike in the late afternoon armed with a picnic basket filled with delightful treats from one of the deli’s or restaurants in Clarens, along with a bottle of your favourite wine, will be a feast on the senses as the sun changes the colours, not only on the sandstone cliffs, but of the majestic Maluti Mountains and Rooiberge that lovingly enfold Clarens!

Whether it’s peace, fresh air and quiet that you are looking for, or an adventure filled experience that offers close on thirty exciting activities, ranging from white water rafting to skiing at the Afriski Ski Resort in Lesotho, contact Dawn and her team for the most comfortable, stylish accommodation in Clarens!

Make yourself at home at Clarens Eddies for an unforgettable stay in Clarens!

When you arrive at Clarens Eddies you will immediately know that you have chosen the very best accommodation in Clarens, a place between heaven and earth that cannot be equalled!

The warm welcome you get from the staff on arrival will be just the beginning of experiencing award-winning service from this team passionate about the comfort of their guests.

It is this attitude that has had guests returning year after year to this place of comfort, to lay their heads down in sheer luxury after a hard day of exploring the many wonders of Clarens, from the natural beauty to an exciting list of activities and the Clarens Village Square that is famous for its restaurants, gift shops and art galleries that spill out onto the sidewalk much like those in Italy, France and many other European capitals.

The buildings in Clarens are all a perfect reflection of the much-loved sandstone mountains that surround the area, retaining an aura of the old world mixed in with the new.

In order to enjoy the many delights on offer in and around Clarens, you will need a comfortable, clean and well-maintained home away from home in which to recharge your batteries, which is exactly what you can expect at Clarens Eddies!

With 24 hour service available, you can rely on the friendly staff at Clarens Eddies to supply you with all your needs, whether it is to book breakfast, lunch or supper at any of the many restaurants dotted around the Clarens Village Square or to give you other inside info to make your stay truly memorable.

If you need extra blankets, a heater or electric blanket when the evenings get a little chillier in winter, you need only ask and the team will have it with you on the double!

And how’s this for real luxury for a relaxing holiday in comfort:

You don’t need to lift a finger to make your bed, clean up anywhere, including the braai and fireplace or washing the dishes, this team takes care of it all for you. 

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that you will have fresh, fluffy clean towels every day and your bathroom and kitchen supplies will also be replenished!

All you need to bring is yourself, your loved ones, food, all your gadgets and tech goodies and leave the rest up to this team who really cares about every guest!

If you need the family at Clarens Eddies to make bookings for you at restaurants, or to arrange any plans you would like to make while you are on holiday with them, you need only ask.  As locals, you can look forward to all the inside information you could hope for from this team!

If Dawn, the owner, is at home while you visit, you can also look forward to a guided mountain walk with this special lady who knows the lay of the land in Clarens like the back of her hand.

Having a wedding in Clarens & need the best accommodation for friends & family?

Clarens is one of the most popular wedding destinations in South Africa.  The romance that oozes from the natural beauty is palpable, and, while you and your partner get primped and ready for the wedding of your dreams, your family and friends will be well looked after by the team at Clarens Eddies B&B and Self Catering accommodation.

If you have a grandpa and granny along for this momentous occasion, they are definitely going to want to be comfortable in a peaceful, private and tastefully decorated units while they await the celebrations to come.

There is no doubt that they will be joining the rest of the family to enjoy the culinary delights of over twenty different restaurants in the picturesque, vibrant village of Clarens, which is just a short walk away from Clarens Eddies, but, at least they will have the option of having a peaceful, home-made breakfast or quiet evening in the comfort of their own world!

Bird watching, golf, trout fishing and gentle hikes virtually on the doorstep of Clarens Eddies will make your wedding a romantic outing for them as well.  If the older generation is interested in wildlife, the Golden Gate National Park is just a hop skip and a jump away.

There are also game drives that can be enjoyed by the whole family while you prepare for the big day or fabulous cycling trails for the more energetic members of the family to enjoy.

Children will have their own special adventure in Clarens as they follow in the footprints of dinosaurs from an age long before humans arrived on the scene.  The dinosaur trails are in fact great for any of the family, but the excitement of seeing the fossils of dinosaurs and the tracks they have left behind in an ancient river will offer kids of any age the adventure of a lifetime!

Clarens also offers adrenalin junkies in the family a full range of activities that will keep them so busy that they might have to be dragged back in time to make it to the wedding!

Clarens is an ideal spot for horse lovers among friends and family joining you for the celebration of a lifetime.  The horse trails are stunning in this beautiful scenery, and if anyone wants to experience the stunning scenery of the Maluti Mountains on the back of a tough pony, there is nothing as breath-taking as a pony trek across the rough terrain they were born to make their home!

Young adults with a bit (or a lot) of spending money will have a ton of fun at the eclectic markets, sidewalk coffee shops and curio/gift shops that beckon to all. 

Of course, the Clarens Brewery has to be on the agenda for all!  This is where the best Kraft beers are created by a passionate, innovative team who welcome all into their world of brewing and distilling!

Make sure the whole family has the most comfortable, stylish and conveniently situated accommodation in Clarens for a wedding none will ever forget!

The fabulous accommodation specials that are always on offer at Clarens Eddies makes it a whole lot easier on your wedding budget, and the warm welcome extended by the team at this beautiful B&B will definitely have everyone coming back again and again, long after you have left on your honeymoon!


Make The Most Out Of Your Stay In Clarens By Booking Accommodation At Clarens Eddies Bed And Breakfast

So you’ve never been to Clarens. What’s in Clarens you might ask? Not only is it the best location for a weekend away, it’s also famous for being the “Jewel of the Free State”. Let me explain why Clarens is the perfect spot for a quick getaway.

It’s easily accessible

Clarens is approximately 300 km from Johannesburg and 400 km from Durban. If skiing is on your bucket list, you can drive the 126 km to Afriski resort in nearby Lesotho.

It’s a nature lover’s paradise

Biking, hiking, horse riding, hot air balloon rides, white river rafting – you name it, Clarens has got it! What’s even better is that you’ll be able to experience the unspoiled wildlife beauty of the Golden Gate National Park that’s just 17 km from Clarens.

Did anyone say Craft Beer?

Clarens brewery is situated in Clarens. If you are a beer lover, this is an activity not to be missed. The team at Clarens Brewery eat, sleep and talk brew 24/7, not because they have to but because they are passionate about it. Their love of beer encourages them to develop new products on a regular basis.

The accommodation is affordable

That is if you book your bed and breakfast with Clarens Eddies. With awards from both Tripadvisor and Booking.com, you can be sure to have a good stay at an affordable rate.

Clarens Eddies is situated walking distance from restaurants, art galleries, pubs and shops. If outdoor activities are more your forte, you will be walking distance to a mountain with water streams and mountain bike trails.

Why not spoil yourself and book accommodation at Clarens Eddies? This Clarens bed and breakfast will surely raise the bar for future travels. Visit their website to make your booking today.