Dive into a long list of activities in Clarens for an unforgettable holiday.

Clarens may be the epitome of peace and tranquillity, the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life, but this is definitely not all you can expect on holiday here.

There are so many outdoor activities to indulge in, aside from great food, art, wine and beer, that you’ll need a lot more than just a few days to make the most of everything on offer.

A weekend in Clarens is great, but all it’ll do is whet your appetite for more, which means that even before you leave, you’ll be booking a longer stay at Clarens Eddies B&B/Self Catering, with far more planned for the next visit!

Here are just a few ideas of activities you might like to add to your wish list for next time around:

Abseiling & zipline

If you don’t mind hanging mid-air on a zip line, or abseiling off a sandstone outcrop, then you’ll be quite at home adding these two!

Hot air balloon rides

You’ll have to get up with the birds if you want to grab a hot air balloon ride, since this is when the air is at its most stable.  The view of Clarens Valley is one that is breath-taking as you float across the sky, leaving you with an experience that is unforgettable and incomparable with anything else.

Quad bikes & MTB trails

If you like your 2 wheels, then you have to experience the beautiful mountain bike trails in Clarens, or stick to 4 wheels for a quad bike experience unlike any you’ve known.  The majesty of the foothills of the Maluti Mountain Range makes these trails irresistible to visitors.

Horse riding

If you’d rather settle for a quieter option, one with no engine, then horse riding is a must, provided you love these beautiful animals of course. If you’ve never sat on a horse, not to worry, there are beginner’s lessons available to introduce you to this beautiful experience.  If you do know your way around a horse, then a pony trek through the Maluti Mountains and into Lesotho is just what the doctor ordered. There are even pony rides for toddlers laid on, so no one is left out of the equation.


Yep, skiing!  Take a two hour drive to hit the slopes at Afriski Mountain Resort in the Drakensberg/Maluti Mountains, just check with the weatherman to make sure you come during the cooler months.


Cycling in Clarens is perfect for any biking enthusiast. The fresh mountain air coming off the Maluti and Red Mountain Ranges makes taking on the terrain-rich cycling routes a pleasure, with natural beauty as your ever-present companion.


For a bit of messy fun, grab your family and friends and head out to paint as many of them in as many colours as there are in a rainbow…that is if you don’t miss, in which case you’ll be the rainbow!

White river rafting

Come and enjoy a splash on the Ash. Best white water rafting in South Africa. The Ash river just outside Clarens provides year round rafting with 9 rapids, scenic vegetation and outstanding birdlife. White water rafting a great family, friends and corporate adventure from young to old (aged 6 to 106 years). Experienced guides will lead you down grade III and IV rapids in the pristine waters.


Something for all level of fitness.  Guided walks available only 10 minutes walk from Eddies guest house

If you think this is all…you’d be dead wrong!

Dawn and her staff at Clarens Eddies know their backyard very well, and they’ll be more than happy to hand over and guide you through a laundry list of other activities to add to your personal ‘to do’ list.

Let nothing get in the way of booking your stay at Clarens Eddies. If you do, you’ll be missing out on making awesome memories to last a lifetime.

Soak up a world of sandstone cliffs & architecture when you visit Clarens.

The Eastern Free State is arguably the capital of sandstone, birthplace of the first sandstone used to construct buildings that today are almost 100 years old.

The historic Union Buildings in Pretoria are a magnificent example of the quality and beauty of the sandstone taken out of the quarries around Ficksburg.

Over 100 years since it’s completion in 1913 by Sir Herbert Baker, the Union Buildings stands proud as a pure reflection in architecture of the beauty and depth to be found in the colours shading the sandstone.

In Clarens, the NG Church is one of the oldest, and still one of the most beautiful buildings in the village.

If you want to start at the very beginning of the Sandstone Route, then the sandstone formation that welcomes you to Clarens, called Titanic Rock, will be the start of a journey into cliffs of sandstone you can only view in awe.

Named Titanic Rock, this formation is as massive as the ship after which it was named, and is just a foretaste of what is yet to come as you explore the sandstone cliffs in the surrounding areas.

The rich, warm ochre, red, brown, black, grey or yellow colours in the sandstone constantly change according to where the sun is at any given time, but nothing beats early morning or sunset for capturing the sandstone cliffs in all their majesty.

Against the backdrop of the Maluti Mountains, Redberg Mountains and sandstone cliffs, the fresh green leaves in every shade on fruit trees blossoming, add yet another layer beauty of the Clarens Valley. 

As winter approaches, the autumn colours of leaves come close to echoing the colours in the surrounding sandstone.

Clarens is picturesque in a picture perfect way, but a far greater dollop of charm and majesty is to be found in its sandstone architecture, most of which is as old as the town itself.

Photographers and artists find great inspiration in the architecture, most of which has been in place since Clarens was first established 100 years ago. It’s no wonder this has become a haven for artists and photographers!

The Cape has the Wine Route, but Clarens has the Art Route!  With about 20 arts and crafts galleries lining the Art Route, it’s not surprising that Clarens is considered an art Mecca.

There is such an enormous selection and variety of art on display along this route that every taste will be satisfied, and every vehicle leaving town will be loaded with a beautiful memory of this magical village.

The crafts are as interesting and varied as the art is, so bring a healthy-sized wallet if you’re going to be buying gifts and mementos. After all, it’s not as if you’ll have to pay for being overweight on the trip home.

Hospitality in Clarens is as rich and warm as the colour to be found in the sandstone surroundings.

If you’d like to spend your holiday being looked after by a team that puts their hospitality and your comfort at the top of their list, then booking accommodation at Clarens Eddies B&B/Self Catering will fulfil your every wish.

As for the sandstone formations and architecture in and around Clarens, leave it to owner Dawn Trevelyan and her staff to point you in the right direction for the most beautiful examples of both.

Taste, touch, see & feel all that makes Clarens a valley of magic.

Before we get into all that Clarens has to offer the senses, let’s look at what you need to do to enjoy these indulgences.

A comfortable bed in clean, stylish surroundings and more is the only way to start an experience this awesome.  This is what you’ll have when you arrive to claim your home away from home at Clarens Eddies B&B and Self Catering.

The hospitality of the team at Clarens Eddies is a major part of the charm that brings visitors back year after year, and they make sure that before they pack up, their next booking is confirmed, not willing to give this prize to anyone else!

If you’re looking for a perfectly delightful romantic getaway, one in which you don’t have to do the cooking for yourselves, then you’ll love one of the three open plan rooms at Clarens Eddies, a tasteful, comfortable hideaway just for two.

Of course you’ll have the basics such as a bar fridge, electric kettle and microwave, but with the plethora of eateries in Clarens, you won’t miss a kitchen in the least, besides which, you’ll be in culinary heaven.

As for the rest of the accommodation at Clarens Eddies, you’ll find everything and more of what you could possibly need for a thoroughly enjoyable self-catered holiday, for the family or a group of friends.

Now that you know where to lay your head, here’s a birds-eye view of of a few of the things that make Clarens a world that’ll satiate your senses:

Heavenly food:

With over 20 very different eateries in Clarens, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to indulge in a different taste sensation every day during your stay.

Confectionary, oxtail, cherry pies, pizzas, ice cream, breakfasts that start the day off the right way and vegan fair, all come together to tempt the palate of every visitor to Clarens.

Restaurants and coffee shops spilling out onto pavements in the Clarens Village Square also make for the perfect setting to indulge in the best of wines, local beers and gin.


If you love art, you’ll be in heaven during your stay in Clarens. Visit galleries such as the Robert Badenhorst Gallery, The Blou Donki Gallery, The Enslin Vorster Gallery, Smudge Contemporary Art Gallery, Tina De Beer Art Gallery, Essensual Art Gallery and the Addy & Hoyle Art Gallery to soak in a visual feast.

Step into the Art and Wine Gallery to enjoy tasters of renowned South African Wines, or stock up on your favourites while you add a few pieces of local art to your bag.

Eye-catching natural beauty:

It’s impossible to convey in words the breath-taking beauty of this valley and its surrounding mountains. This is exactly why Clarens draws photographers and artists from around the world, to dip brushes into paint and to adjust lenses in an attempt to capture the sheer magnificence of all that makes Clarens simply magical.

Adrenaline-filled adventure:

You can feel the energy of adventure from the moment you are welcomed by Titanic Rock on entry to Clarens.  Hot air ballooning, horse riding, hiking trails, bike trails, 4×4 trails, white water rafting…..no doubt you get the drift by now! The list is endless, if it’s adventure you long for.

Rich tapestry of history:

100 years on, Clarens has a rich, tempestuous history that has left its mark on every nook and cranny in and around this village.  Bushmen’s paintings have place of pride on Schaapplaats Farm in the Golden Gate National Park and even dinosaurs have clearly left their mark for all to see, as has the Anglo Boer war.


The Clarens Conservancy is home to soaring eagles, and the Golden Gate Highlands National Park, just 20km’s away, is the playground for Black Wildebeest, Eland and Springbok, who peacefully share their beautiful spread with species upon species of birdlife.

Let the hospitable team at Clarens Eddies B&B and Self Catering be your hosts and your guides to a magical valley that fills all the senses far beyond sufficiency!