Are you in the market for affordable accommodation in Clarens?

Finding affordable accommodation in a village as beautiful as Clarens means that you’d have a lot more lolly to spend on the fabulous food, art and multitude of activities on hand, all of which are excellent reasons for saving on accommodation.

A lot can go wrong when you’re looking for accommodation that’ll allow you to explore with a pocketful of change, sight unseen and without recommendations.

What’s important is that you do your homework thoroughly before committing your holiday budget for the right accommodation.

What you need to check into and compare to Clarens Eddies B&B and Self Catering:


It’s important to know something about the history of the accommodation you choose.  It helps to set your mind at ease about your choice when you get a feel for the people behind the establishment, which gives you an idea about the level of commitment to consistency in every way.

Clarens Eddies was completed in 2006, which means that it’s a very well-established home away from home that’s maintained an unwavering reputation for excellence.

In fact, this awesome team has received Certificates of Excellence from top booking sites TRIPADVISOR and BOOKING.COM, all earned solely on the reviews of guests.


Take the time to explore what people have to say about their stay.  Make sure that the B&B or Self-Catering establishment has recommendations that are provided by an independent review website.

This means that neither the owner or staff have managed to garner support directly from guests, who may feel under obligation to say what the establishment wants to hear to pass on to future guests.

Read the reviews on the Clarens Eddies website, it’s worth it when you find that each recommendation is the real deal.


If the exterior and interior of the B&B and other accommodation is not kept in pristine condition, you can rest assured that everything else will be of the same standard.

Hygiene is another issue to look at in this category, especially if this is essential to you for added comfort. 

Hygiene is something you can control at home.  Towels, beds and bedding are kept clean and fresh under your own roof, which is what you should expect from the accommodation you choose in Clarens.

Dawn and her team keep everything at Clarens Eddies to the highest standard, which is part of the reason so many guests return year after year, knowing exactly what they can expect.


You want to know that the time you set aside for a holiday away from the craziness of daily life will be the ultimate in comfort. Find out more about how the owner and staff feel about your comfort in terms of a good bed and good linen.  Tacky unravelling linen and towels should alert you to the attitude that’ll be prevalent during your stay.

There’s absolutely nothing tacky about the creature comforts at Clarens Eddies!


Style and comfort belong together on holiday! If you’ve already done a bit of research into what you’d expect when booking accommodation at Clarens Eddies B&B/Self-catering, you’ll find that style is important to this team.

Every room is tastefully furnished, with a unique take on the predominance of art in the area, using the work of local artists to adorn the walls of each room and unit, as well as in the Eddies art gallery.


The views from Clarens Eddies are spectacular.  Watching thunderstorms, sunsets and sunrises at the beginning and end of each day is a wow factor that makes the accommodation extra special.


The fact that Clarens Eddies is just a short walk away from the centre of old world Clarens Village is another plus.  Why drive to enjoy over twenty restaurants, take in a plethora of art galleries, bookshops and crafts on display, when you can take a gentle stroll there?

With this exceptional quality available for the most affordable accommodation in Clarens, why look elsewhere?

Explore the Clarens Eddies website for more information, it’ll make the decision to plan your booking for an unforgettable holiday a no brainer!

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