Spend 2 nights at Clarens Eddies & get 50% discount off the 3rd night you stay

If you’re looking for affordable accommodation in Clarens, then you’ll be in the pound seats when you book at Clarens Eddies B&B/Self Catering. 

This is comfortable, affordable accommodation all year round, but with the great specials that are always on offer, extending your holiday is even easier.

How Clarens Eddies accommodation specials work:

50% off accommodation specials

For visitors who live in Johannesburg, Bloemfontein and Durban, a weekend in Clarens isn’t too far away to make it worthwhile.  From Durban it’s an easy 4 hour drive, and three hours from Johannesburg and Bloemfontein.

If visitors from every corner of the globe make sure that Clarens is on their must-see list, then we really have it easy!

Make it a three day holiday  to get the third  night stay at 50% discount.  Any which way you book your stay, you’ll get a great deal on the third night!

Keep in mind that this special does not apply to Fridays and Saturdays, but this is definitely a winner if you’d like to keep extra cash available to indulge in great food, collect a work of art from one of the many galleries or grab a few mementos from the craft markets.

Clarens Village Square alone will definitely have you hauling out a very tired wallet more than a few times, but it’ll be worth it considering the fantastic accommodation specials at Clarens Eddies!

10% off accommodation specials

You’re going to have to go a long way to find really affordable accommodation in Clarens, especially when that accommodation includes award-winning service, absolute comfort, privacy and style.

10% off for 2, 4 and 6 people comes to a really nice addition to any holiday, and Dawn, owner of Clarens Eddies, knows exactly how to structure these discounts in such a way that everyone gets to enjoy the best of Clarens at great prices.

As an example, 10% off for 6 people staying at Clarens Eddies translates to around R268 per person per night, which is a price you’d be hard pressed to beat.  2 people would only pay around R288 per person for a completely private romantic getaway in one of the most beautiful valleys in South Africa! 

A family of 4 gets to stay for around R200 each per night, making Clarens Eddies a choice that’ll be really easy on the budget, especially if everyone wants to get involved in any of the many exciting activities on offer for all ages.

The motto at Clarens Eddies is always ‘how can we help’!

The team that’ll look after you during your stay at Clarens Eddies has looked after and cared for thousands of guests since 2006, and they’re going to do the same for you, to make sure your stay is one that’ll bring you back again and again for more of the same.

Although Clarens Eddies has all you could want in terms of comfort from the 21st century and is perfectly situated a short walk from Clarens Village Square, you’ll be surrounded by an atmosphere and architecture that has stood for a hundred years.

Despite its popularity as a weekend getaway and holiday destination, Clarens will never become a noisy cosmopolitan centre, it would lose all the magic that makes it a bridge between the old and new world, besides which, the awe-inspiring natural beauty would not survive on the beaten track.

Book an unforgettable holiday or weekend with the team at Clarens Eddies to open the doorway to all that has earned Clarens the nickname of ‘Jewel of the Eastern Free State’; its well worth the trip to take advantage of such great accommodation specials.

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