Awaken the Adventurer Inside with White River Rafting in Clarens

Located in the Free State next to the gorgeous Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho, Clarens offers a majestic allure for visitors from all around the world.

The Adventure Capital that offers activities for any type of visitor, is also a preferred spot for white river rafting. It’s a place where adrenalin seekers can enjoy this activity (and many others) in one of many water streams in the area.

Located only 5 minutes away from the town centre and a mere 10 minutes away from nearby mountains and water streams, Clarens Eddies is strategically located to be extremely convenient. From single rooms to double rooms, this self-catering or B&B accommodation is equipped to host any visitor type. You can expect clean linen on a daily basis, free Wifi as well as other entertainment facilities.

When it comes to choosing your accommodation type, there are many options, Villas being the preferred option for group bookings. Our villas can host up to 16 people with surrounding villas up to 10. If you’re worried about the safety of your vehicle, don’t be. We offer secure parking behind locked gates which means you can explore the surrounding area on foot without stressing if your car will be where you left it once you return.

With Clarens Eddies being so close to where the action is, adrenaline seeking nature lovers can take advantage of it by taking part in white river rafting. You can expect Grade 3 to 4 waves on the Ash River which is fed through the Trans Caledon year round. Alles Verloren and Alles Gevonded are other popular rapids in the area, giving you even more reasons to book your weekend away in Clarens.

Experience one of the best white river rafting adventures by taking advantage of the location of Clarens Eddies. For more information or to make your booking, speak to the team today!


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