6 Reasons to book stylish, comfortable & affordable accommodation at Clarens Eddies

With Clarens Eddies B&B or Self Catering, you have the perfect starting point for a holiday that’ll leave an indelible imprint on your memory that’ll make coming back impossibly difficult to resist.

Few people that visit Clarens from the four corners of the world can resist a return visit. There’s just so much that makes this 100 year old village one of the most exciting and intriguing holiday destinations in South Africa.

With an abundance of natural beauty, wildlife, adventure activities, history and art, you’d have to visit for a year’s worth of weekends just to make it halfway through a taste of the magic that is Clarens.

But what makes award-winning Clarens Eddies a great choice for accommodation? Well here are just a few reasons for this:

The warmest welcome

There’s no doubt about it, people that live in such a beautiful valley can be no other than warm and welcoming. Sharing their love of living in Clarens comes naturally to the team at Clarens Eddies, and you’ll get dollops of it here.

Service excellence

It’s hard to beat the award winning service that has crowned Clarens Eddies with the Certificate of Excellence for 5 years running. These awards come from booking sites Tripadvisor and Booking.com, which means that the service you can expect from the staff is world class.

It’s not just about service excellence for this team. It’s also very much about how well they care for their guests, making sure that they go the extra mile to make Clarens Eddies the perfect home away from home.

Sheer comfort & best value for money

Whether you’ve booked a self-catering unit or chosen one of the rooms perfect for couples celebrating romance, you can expect nothing but the best in comfort.

There’s absolutely nothing second rate about anything laid on by this team. You won’t be sleeping on an old mattress under tacky, frayed bedding, or drying yourself with well-worn towels.

Everything has to be about freshness and hygiene if it’s to meet the standard so many guests have come to expect over the years. There’s no denying that this is true value for money accommodation in Clarens.

Unique style & art

Since Clarens is already considered the mecca of art in South Africa, it stands to reason that owner Dawn Trevelyan has made sure to add original art into the mix of decor.

There’s an element of artistry that makes the style in each room unique, breathing life into an atmosphere that pleases all the senses.

This is an open invitation to relax that cannot be denied, and when you’ve spent the whole day wandering around the village, hiking a beautiful trail or white water rafting, you’ll love that this is what you come back to and where you lay your head!

Central location

Step out of the doorway at Clarens Eddies and you’ll be in the heart of the quaint, old world Clarens Village in just a few minutes. This is a stroll that’ll lead to a plethora of restaurants, art galleries, museums, pubs and unusual gift shops that’ll have you digging deep into your wallet!

Unless you decide that a drive to Golden Gate Highlands National Park or Afriski Mountain Resort is on your must-do list, your car can stay right where it is while you venture out, safely parked at Clarens Eddies.

All the extra bells and whistles

Are you worried that there’ll be no internet in this beautiful valley tucked into the Eastern corner of the Free State? Forget it!  You’ll have uncapped WiFi with 2 boosters ready and waiting to do your bidding!

Add in a flat screen TV with selected channels, 24 hour service and assistance with all your holiday plans, as well as bookings for the best food in town, and your holiday will have all the makings of an unforgettable experience!

Actually,there’s a lot more you can expect when you decide that Clarens Eddies is just the place for you and your family, but for more of it you’ll have to contact the awesome team that makes your holiday in Clarens unforgettable!

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