Romance is in the air in Clarens

It stands to reason that if Clarens is a sought after wedding destination, it also has to be the perfect place for a romantic getaway! Romance is definitely in the air here.

Everything about Clarens speaks of romance, from the old world architecture in a cobblestone village square harking back a hundred years, to the hikes that cry out for lovers to spend their time soaking up awe-inspiring sunrises and sunsets, with a picnic basket and champagne on hand, of course.

The first place to start though, is to make sure you book your accommodation at Clarens Eddies Self-catering/B&B for the most comfortable, most private and conveniently situated accommodation close to everything a romantic couple will enjoy.

Booking is essential. This welcoming spot is in demand for romantic getaways, attracting guests from Johannesburg, Bloemfontein and Durban.  You could say it’s just around the corner – a three to four hour corner, depending, making it well worth a weekend trip.

Of course a week or two will have you settling in nicely in this home away from home, while you head to the village to indulge in great food, great company and funky little shops that’ll have you opening your wallet a lot more than you had planned!

Being an artist’s haven, the social life in Clarens, which centres on the village square, is eclectic, filled with interesting locals who each have their own colourful stories about why they live here and why they’d never think of leaving!

You may even find that once they’re through with you you’ll start looking at properties that’ll make the perfect second home! Imagine!

The restaurants and side walk cafés are a lot like an Italian piazza, flowing out onto the pavement under beautiful shade trees – made for romance.

Clarens Village Square is for strolling lovers, taking a peak in here and there, and stopping in every now and then along the way. You can spoil each other with gifts galore as you move from art gallery to art gallery and on to the interesting shops that line the village square.

If you aren’t afraid of heights, a hot air balloon glide across this beautiful valley is a must for romantics. Looking across the valley towards the majestic mountains that hold this village in their arms is an experience neither of you will forget!

This is nature at its most spectacular, designed to bring romance to life no matter what you do with your days.

The rooms at Clarens Eddies are ideal for couples who have no desire to cook during their break. There is of course the kitchen basics such as a kettle, microwave and bar fridge, after all, why would you want to waste time cooking when you have some of the best restaurants right on your doorstep!

There is a self-catering unit for couples who really want to do a bit of their own cooking of course, we wouldn’t want to deprive any potential gourmet chef from spoiling a loved one with fare that speaks of love.

The team at Clarens Eddies will also be all too happy to point you to the best eateries and make the bookings for you. They have all the inside info you could possibly need to make your romantic weekend in Clarens an unforgettable one!

Book for a romantic weekend in Clarens while you can, this little village, although still peaceful, is like a magnet to romantics from around the globe, so don’t waste a moment making sure you have a booking confirmed at Clarens Eddies to avoid disappointment!