What to do in Clarens on your next holiday

Holiday. What a magical feel-good word it is! It’s that much needed break from the hum drum frenetic life we live on a daily basis, the one thing that keeps us sane in-between, and we have to have it!

No matter what you’d like to do on your break, whether it’s for a weekend, a week or two, there’s something on the list for you to do, which bears the kind of spotlight on activities in Clarens that are highlighted below.

Important to remember though, is that you book your accommodation at Clarens Eddies for the most comfortable, most central spot from which to start the adventure.

So, back to the awesome list of activities to line up for your holiday.

For adrenaline junkies

We all know that getting the blood pumping out in nature is the best cure for stress, and Clarens offers you the best of it all, such as:

Zipline and abseiling adventures

Sailing through the air or hanging mid-air takes on a different flavour when you do it in the beauty that nature offers in Clarens, and there are adventure companies that’ll make sure you have the best experience possible while you get the blood flowing!

Quad biking

A must for anyone who loves the open air on four wheels! There are guided quad biking tours to be that’ll take you to heights and views that only this stunning valley has to offer, and the locals who’ll guide you know every kink in these mountains, so you’ll get the best of it all!

You can expect the same exhilaration on a mountain bike in this area, perfect for it!


If you love your two wheels then cruising along or speeding it up on your cycle will be the best yet, and cycling in Clarens is a must for anyone ready to imbibe the fresh air, sights and sounds along the way.

White water rafting

Let the professionals take you down the Ash River for an adrenaline rush as you tackle 9 rapids along the way. Important though, is to make sure you aren’t too distracted by the scenery and prolific bird life along the way, you might get wetter than expected!

For the more laid back

Horse riding

Even the little ones get a helping hand to clamber up onto one of these beautiful beasts, under close observation of horse whisperers in the vicinity to Clarens Eddies.  The terrain is perfect and you have a choice of two farms, one 5km and the other 12km outside Clarens, and the Golden Gate National Park that offer horse riding tours.

There’s also the adventure of going on a pony trek through the Maluti Mountains, a perfect way to drink in the rich natural beauty that abounds in the area.

Putt Putt

A bit of healthy competition on a putt putt course is a great way for the family to enjoy a fun timeout, or, to pit your swing against that of your partner in romance.

Hot air balloons

There really is nothing like getting up at the crack of dawn to float gently across this breath-taking valley, giving you a bird’s eye view of all the reasons why this stunning valley is called the Jewel of Africa. Romance is definitely in the air if you sweep your loved one up for an unforgettable experience of natural beauty.

Ready to make your booking at Clarens Eddies?

Let it be said that this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the long, long list of activities lined up, so, just to make sure you really get the idea, you will definitely find loads of things to do in Clarens.

In fact, you’ll have to keep coming back before you ever get to the end of the list, so make that booking now with the friendliest team in the village!


Start your pilgrimage to Clarens by booking the best accommodation in town

Holiday seasons and weekends make Clarens a hub of excitement that bears no resemblance to the neon lit frenzy one finds on holidays to major cities or beaches in South Africa.

We say the ‘hub of excitement’ with a completely different meaning to the pace that makes busy days in the city seem as if life is always on fast forward, without any chance of smelling the roses along the way.

We all know that living at a pace like this without rest builds up enough stress to warrant taking a step back from it all, and exploring the beauty of this village, affectionately called the Jewel of the Free State, is just the remedy.

This does not mean that you won’t have anything to do if you still have the energy to raise yourself from the inertia that the peace in this breath-taking valley encourages, because there’s plenty to do in and around this village.

For a start, if you need a comfy home away from home from which to explore places like the Golden Gate National Park, Afri Ski Resort and Mont -aux- sources, Clarens Eddies is the perfect place to lay your head in between outings.

You’ll also have the mountains of Lesotho right on your doorstep, calling you to take a perch on a donkey for an adventure in this beautiful part of the Maluti Mountains.

As far as having things to do in Clarens is concerned, you’ll be handed a list of over 30 activities to choose from, whether you want a chill experience or a high adrenaline rush.  There’s plenty for everyone, from kids to adults and grandparents.

…and let’s not forget the 20 restaurants that’ll go a long way to expanding your waist!

But what about the accommodation at Clarens Eddies?


Clarens Eddies has its own art gallery that offers a taste of what the local artists are producing, and, since Clarens is considered an art mecca, the art flows over onto the walls of the self-catering units and rooms, bringing that original touch hard to find elsewhere.


Heaven! There’ve been no corners cut where it comes to making sure that when you lay your head down after a busy day hitting restaurants, art galleries and an eclectic mixture of shops, you won’t want to get up off these comfy beds.

Self-catering Kitchens

Carefree packing is a must, if you’ve chosen to stay in one of the self-catering units! Bring the grub and other luxuries you’d like to cook up, without worrying about itty bitty things like dish cloths, dishwashing liquid or your morning coffee and tea.


Clean, clean, clean! Plus you don’t have to worry about packing your hairdryer, loo paper and air freshener, hand soap and shampoo, with a healthy dose of doom thrown in for good measure.


Nothing tacky here! Look forward to fluffy towels, fresh linen and warm blankets that show no signs of unravelling.

Entertainment & WiFi

There’s a flat screen TV waiting for you on the nights you choose to stay in, and, of course there’s high speed WiFi included, so that you can keep friends and family updated about the awesome holiday they’re missing!


Absolutely yes! We love braaing and a holiday without a braai is not a South African holiday!

There’s so much more  what Clarens Eddies offers guests, aside from the warm welcome and caring attitude you can expect from the staff, which makes this the place of escape for families and for couples looking for more than just a touch of romance.

Last, but definitely not least, mosey on over to the recommendations uploaded to booking.com by guests, and you’ll get the best idea of why Clarens Eddies is home to guests who return year after year and weekend after weekend, from South Africa and around the globe!