This is accommodation in Clarens at its best!

Recharging your mind, body and spirit doesn’t cost much more than a drop or two of petrol and the best accommodation in Clarens! Small price to pay, isn’t it?

Especially if you’re lucky enough to manage a booking at Clarens Eddies B&B and Self Catering, where affordable accommodation in Clarens is synonymous with comfort and style!

In addition to fresh air, vast open spaces and adventure around virtually every corner from your accommodation, the staff at Clarens Eddies will thoroughly spoil you, so that by the time you leave you’ll be making a booking for your next trip, just to be sure you’re not left out in the cold next time around!

Here are a few reasons that make Clarens Eddies the choice home away from home for new visitors and regulars:

The welcome

No one but the locals can welcome you as warmly as this team!  In fact they’ve been awarded a place in the Certificates of Excellence Hall of Fame for being counted among the best over the last 5 years, and they intend to stay there!

The ultimate commitment from Dawn Trevelyan and her team is to be available round the clock to make sure that your comfort takes first place at Clarens Eddies, and unfailing commitment that never wavers.

The helping hand

Although there are over 20 eateries in Clarens, trying to decide on which to try next for breakfast, lunch or supper, won’t be as easy as it will with the inside information you’ll have from this team.

They’ll also assist you with making bookings for any adventures you’d like to take on, and, because you’ve got a huge choice of them, that same inside info will be great!

The accommodation

If you’re planning a romantic weekend, there’s one self-catering unit available, if you want to cook a candlelight dinner for two, as well as two rooms that have the basics such as a fridge, microwave and kettle on hand to keep you in munchies for the duration, in-between forays into the village.

Should you be planning to bring the whole family or a group of friends along, you’ll have self-catering units to choose from to keep everyone close and comfy.

At most Clarens Eddies is able to sleep up to 16 guests, which gives everyone the privacy that should be enjoyed on a lazy holiday or weekend away.

The comfort

There’s no doubt that owner Dawn pulled out all the stops where it comes to making sure that guests are surrounded by comfort and style after a day out in nature, or on lazy days spent wandering through Clarens Village.

With the fresh air you’re going to be soaking up, you’ll need a comfy bed to sink into at the end of the day, or a couch to curl up on to watch the sun go down, and that’s precisely what you’ll have here.

Style is added to the comfort factor, with the works of local artists adorning the walls, and an eclectic style of décor that speaks volumes for the fact that nothing is repeated in any room.  Everywhere you look in any of the rooms you’ll find authenticity, setting Clarens Eddies apart from the usual overdone, replicated rooms and units elsewhere.

The cleanliness factor

The care taken in terms of cleanliness will make anyone who counts cleanliness above much else ecstatic! Everything is clean, from outside in, and it shows.

…so much left to say, but…

There simply isn’t enough space here to go into all the reasons that Clarens Eddies fits the bill for being accommodation at its best in Clarens, but, if you’re interest has been piqued, give this super team a call to make your booking today!