Stuck for things to do in Clarens on your next visit?

It can be understood that you may have trouble deciding on what to do in Clarens, especially if you only have a weekend handy for a visit to a place as chocka block as Clarens is with activities and adventures.

This is actually the kind of information the staff at Clarens Eddies Self-Catering and B&B will offer freely anyway, but perhaps you want to plan a few of these activities ahead of your arrival, which is why we’re putting this list of things to do right here, just to give you a bit of direction.

Naturally we can’t fit it all in here, there’s just so much of it, but here goes for starters:

Wall climbing

If your kids are making you climb the wall, make them climb it for a change, the real wall that is! Clarens Xtreme has a 6 or 10 meter wall that you can send them up a few times just to make a point, but you can also join them if you’re feeling the need for this kind of strain! Oh, and it’s all outdoors too!

Stunning MTB trails

In case you didn’t already know it, Clarens is mountain biking territory!  You’ll have experts on hand to guide you to the best mountain biking trails that’ll suit your idea of a great mountain biking weekend.  If you want to take the trail through the Clarens Village Conservancy it’s easy, just buy a ‘Village Conservancy hiking map’, pack your hiking boots away and climb onto those two wheels for an unforgettable ride!

Mountain hikes and walks

If Owner of Clarens Eddies, Dawn Trevelyan, is home on the range, she’ll take you on a guided mountain walk to share her intimate knowledge of the area with you, so it’ll be much more than just a walk in the fresh air.

If she’s not there, you can rely on her team to send you in all the right directions for the walks and hiking trails that lead right from your doorstep.


Remember those drivers that drive you nuts in rush hour traffic, well, here is a great way to take aim at them, without them actually being there! Don your goggles and suit to head out for all the paintball fun you, your friends and your family can handle!

Hot air ballooning

This is one adventure that’ll bring you up close and personal with the sheer beauty of the Clarens valley and the majesty of the Maluti Mountains that surround it. The team at Clarens Eddies will know exactly how to hook you up with the guys that’ll give you a lift-off like you’ve never experienced! They’ll also make sure to remind you that there’ll be a delicious breakfast in the village once you land!

Visit the Basotho Cultural Village

A visit to this traditional Basotho village will take you right back to the lifestyle lived by the South Sotho’s in the 1600’s, one that’ll take you even further back into the history of this 100 year old village, and it’s only a 45 minute drive from Clarens Eddies to go back in time.

Visit Surrender Hill

10km’s from Clarens is the Anglo-Boer War battlefield at which the Free State Boer commandos finally had to surrender to the well-armed, overwhelming forces of the British. This site is just one of the many in and around Clarens that speak of a rich history and cultural melting pot!

Visit…Lions Rock to give rescued lions the love they deserve, go cherry picking in November, follow in the footsteps of Dinosaurs, watch the history of the San (Bushmen) unfold in rock paintings, hit the Ash River for white water rafting or fly fishing…and that’s not all!

With a superb reputation for hospitality and service, you can be absolutely certain that whatever has been left out here will be on the tip of the tongue for the team at Clarens Eddies!

It’s a sure bet that whatever you do, Clarens is not just a stopover! This is a stop…and stay for as long as possible corner of the beautiful Eastern Free State! Book your accommodation at Clarens Eddies to make sure you know exactly where to go and what to do in Clarens Eddies, straight from the horse’s mouth!

If you’re short on time but in desperate need of a break, Clarens is calling!

For Capetonians, for instance, Clarens is nothing more than a wishful thought as far as weekend getaways go, but, for those living in Jo’burg, Bloem or Durban, it’s literally just around the corner!

For many people, the only way they can keep up the hectic pace of city life and all that comes with it, is to have the right weekend hideaway close to home.

Clarens is the answer, on your doorstep. Within 3 or 4 hours, depending, you’ll be welcomed at the gateway to Clarens by the imposing Titanic Rock, so named by a resident in the year the Titanic sank.

This is the sight that welcomes thousands of weekend and mid-week visitors year after year, in every season, and it’s just the beginning of the magic that awaits in Clarens.

There’s magic in the glory of the natural surroundings, in the art, the food and in the people, making this a break that could well pull you in and make you part of an interesting, eclectically inclined community, without much effort.

Even if all you want is to hibernate for the weekend you’ll have to eat, and it’s there that you’ll find yourself so charmed by the locals that the hibernation idea may be put on the back-burner, till next time, maybe.

Clarens holds something for everyone, no doubt about that, and it’s this that calls visitors back time and again, whether they arrive from overseas or from Jo’burg!

For the very young

There’s a lot of fun to be had for the smaller kids in Clarens, but we’ll just give putt putt a nod here, or perhaps a hot air balloon adventure. Add in exploring bones and teeth left by Dinosaurs and you get the idea. Simply put, they’ll have a ball, and there’ll be no complaining that they’re bored!

For the youthful

Ah, youthful energy! Well, there’s plenty room for anyone with excess energy and a love of adrenalin-fuelled excitement to go around. If you or yours are in this category, well, then you have an incredible choice of activities in Clarens!

Ziplining, 4×4 trails, abseiling, white water rafting, horse riding, MTB trails…and on and on. This keeps anyone busy enough in healthy fresh air to get back to the rat race with batteries completely recharged!

For the Golden years

Clarens is definitely a place of peace and tranquillity that anyone in their Golden years can sink their teeth into. Visiting a multitude of art galleries, restaurants, local makers of hand crafted beers, cider and gin are great starters for lazy days spent exploring Clarens Village Square.

Of course there’s also the Clarens golf and trout fishing lure on offer, or beautiful walks that take you to vistas which demand a picnic basket properly accompanied by a good bottle of wine!

For romantics

Definitely! Whether or not you only catch a glimpse of each other amid busy schedules, you’ll find romance in its fullest in Clarens. Book a room or intimate self-catering unit at Clarens Eddies and prepare for a feast of romantic outings. Perhaps a pony trek in the Maluti Moutains, a hot air balloon ride you’ll never forget over a valley more magnificent than you’ve ever seen?

Or a couples day at a Clarens spa? Fine dining or el fresco? A jaunt to Golden Gate National Park or a simple picnic at any one of the most exquisite viewpoints of the valley and surrounding mountains? This and more is all there for the taking.

What to do next?

That’s simple! Book affordable accommodation at Clarens Eddies Self-Catering and B&B, and get ready to enjoy world class service excellence in style and comfort!  Booking is essential if you want to enjoy the best of what Clarens has to offer right on your doorstep!

Here’s what to look forward to when you stay at Clarens Eddies Service that can’t be beaten!

This is one of the many things you can confidently count on when you choose to book accommodation at Clarens Eddies B&B and Self-Catering! Under the personal guidance of owner Dawn Trevelyan, this complement of staff has been awarded Certificates of Excellence for the last five years in a row, so much so that they’ve made it into the Certificates of Excellence Hall of Fame.

This takes sheer dedication and commitment to the comfort of guests visiting this stylishly comfortable accommodation in Clarens, the type of commitment that never wavers.  It’s quite simply a case of caring about every guest that makes Clarens Eddies their home away from home!

Generosity of spirit

This is another quality that money can’t buy, one that extends to ensuring that no guest is ever left to wonder about what to do in Clarens, or which of the many restaurants will offer the best experience, according to the tastes of each guest.

In short, they’ll help you with your holiday plans so that you don’t miss anything you’d like to catch on your visit.

They know every nook and cranny of this century-old village, and they are generous to a fault with insider tips.  If you need bookings done for activities or meals this is the team that’ll make sure you get exactly where you’d like to go.

It’s all about bringing the unforgettable experience that’s Clarens to vibrant life for their guests! It’s their back yard and they’ll share their love of it unreservedly.

Accommodation type

Clarens Eddies offers diversity when it comes to the accommodation. There are self-catering units that are just the right size for families, or groups of friends heading for adventure here, or, single rooms just right for couples and singles.

You’ll have everything that opens and shuts, that cleans and keeps warm, as well as the other goodies we all love on holiday, like shampoo, hand soap and loo spray, and they’ve even thoughtfully added a can of Doom for good measure…you know, just in case a pesky mozzie is attracted to you!

No room is the same at Clarens Eddies.  Each has its own unique character in terms of décor and furniture.  It’s a one-of-a-kind type of holiday accommodation!

There are three units with braai facilities, and in winter you’ll have the option of warming yourselves at the fire in three of these, and, if you don’t opt for the fireplace, you’ll have plenty of warmth with heaters and electric blankets!

Summer of course sees the fans come out, so you’re set for any weather at Clarens Eddies!

Art on your walls

Clarens is considered the art Mecca of the Free State, and with good reason, what with an art gallery round every corner! Dawn has turned Clarens Eddies into a miniature art gallery by displaying original works created by local artists in every room, but that’s not all! You’ll find your own private art gallery right there, without setting foot out of the door.

Need to know more?

No doubt you do, but to encapsulate all that makes this B&B and Self Catering accommodation really special is impossible in this little space, the suggested route to the rest is via the Clarens Eddies website.

Above all, you’ll be able to scroll through all the fabulous recommendations from previous visitors that’ll give you that extra nudge to book your next stay at Clarens Eddies without further ado!


Don’t miss out on a holiday or weekend in Clarens, South Africa – book your accommodation now!

If you’re looking for family-friendly, affordable accommodation in Clarens, then you should start at Clarens Eddies Self-Catering and B&B! This comfy accommodation is situated in a setting as quiet as you would expect of a holiday hideaway that takes you out of the noise and stress of high speed life in the city, yet close enough to the bustling village square to stretch your legs a little, and fire up your imagination!

First time visitors and long-time regulars alike, come face to face with staff that bring fresh meaning to the word hospitality, going to bat for guests in order to create comfort that continues to bring these visitors back, again and again.

This beautiful valley, nestled at the foothills of the Maluti Mountains and surrounded by the Rooiberge (Red Mountains), has imbued the team at Clarens Eddies with a warmth and welcome that is rare in other sought after holiday destinations in South Africa.

Affectionately called the Jewel of the Free State, nothing about Clarens is ordinary, not in the stunning natural surroundings, or in the architecture that harks back a hundred years.

Out of the ordinary too is the fact that in this small village there are adventure companies offering fun and excitement in such variety that choosing what to do can consume a lot of your time, unless you plan well in advance.

On the opposite end of the scale, it’s doubtful that many villages of this size can offer the simplicity of uncomplicated outdoor pleasure. The fresh air and fragrance of nature wafting on the breeze make hiking and scenic walks a must for visitors.

One of the great bonuses about the team at Clarens Eddies is that they know all about the activities that can be enjoyed here, they know the best options and will more than happily make bookings for you for any of these adventures.

Dawn Trevelyan, owner of Clarens Eddies, knows each hiking trail intimately and often takes guests on hikes and walks when she’s in residence, failing which, you’ll have the best info on hand courtesy of her team.

Beauty is celebrated in this valley in every possible way, expressed in a multitude of disciplines at the hands of local artists. There is an entire avenue dedicated to art, where strolling in and out of galleries can take the best part of your day, if you’re an art lover.

It won’t take long for you to understand what it is about Clarens and its surroundings that has created a depth of inspiration for the artists, sculptors and photographers that have made Clarens an art Mecca in South Africa, and their permanent home.

If you love food, you’ll be spoiled for choice in the Clarens Village Square, where many restaurants and coffee shops spill out onto pavements, sheltered by trees that are hundreds of years old.

Despite the fact that Clarens is a weekend and holiday destination of note, it retains its old world character and charm, so much so that it’s clear it’ll never become a commercialised, overcrowded holiday spot.

Contact Dawn and her team at Clarens Eddies to make your booking today for this popular, well-loved home away from home!