This is where you’ll find the best accommodation in Clarens!

Recharging mind, body and spirit comes free in the beauty of the Clarens valley, but when it comes to finding the best accommodation around, you’d have to start at Clarens Eddies B&B and Self-Catering!

Why would that be?

It’s affordable!

Yep, we’ve all been tightening our belts for a long time already in an economy that’s long forgotten what it’s like to be stable and healthy, so this is one of the first things we look at before booking accommodation, no matter where you’re going.

The trick is not to end up somewhere that translates ‘affordable’ into cheap in every sense of the word, but to find accommodation that has class and comfort that lines up with the budget.

This is exactly what owner Dawn Trevelyan and her team are able to offer guests looking for the best in affordable accommodation in Clarens!

It’s stylish and comfortable

Style is pretty useless without comfort, whether you’re talking fashion or accommodation! You want to sink into a good mattress, cover yourself with a light-as-air duvet and step out of the shower into a fluffy clean towel, and at Clarens Eddies you can be sure of this and so much more!

It’s organised self-catering

Leave the hairdryer and dishwashing liquid at home! This team has got this and so much else completely under control, all in an effort to make sure you have the best of everything under their roof!

You’ll have everything that opens and shuts in the kitchen to make self-catering a cinch. Your coffee, sugar, powder milk and tea will be replenished daily, and you won’t even have to drag your own dishcloths along with you.

The bathroom features all the goodies you deserve to have on hand, such as loo paper, hand soap, loo spray, hand soap and shampoo, and, if you’ve decided to take it really easy in-between, you’re welcome to add a daily clean of your unit to your tab!

It’s warm in winter and cool in summer!

If you’re feeling chilly in winter, the team at Clarens Eddies will make sure that you have an electric blanket and a heater to keep you warm, that’s if you haven’t chosen to stay in one of the units that has a fireplace! Book early to make that fireplace yours!

In summer you’ll have fans to keep you cool if it gets a little too warm for you. Of course you can spend as much time as you like swimming, just ask for directions to Kloof Dam in the Clarens Village Nature Reserve, and dive into its fresh, clear and clean water!

It’s about having the inside track on everything in Clarens!

Having locals on your side in the form of the staff looking after your every need is a real bonus when it comes to wanting to make sure you’ll be heading in the right direction, whether it’s for breakfast, lunch and supper, finding the best hiking trails, booking the morning in a hot air balloon, or planning the best white water rafting experience.

With over 20 restaurants and coffee shops, along with over 30 things to do in Clarens, you’ll need all the help you can get to make sure that every moment you spend here really counts!

Of course there’s a lot more to Clarens Eddies than there’s space for here, but to get the full experience of all that’s on offer from Dawn and her team, go right ahead and make that booking today!


Head out to Clarens for a week of hiking & 4×4 adventure

If you’re lucky enough to have a week to spare and you love hiking or 4×4 trails that are out of this world, then Clarens is the place for you! If all you have is a weekend, get ready for one that’ll get the oxygen pumping and lift your spirits enough to tackle anything the city has to throw at you on your return.

4×4 trails in Clarens offer terrains that vary between easy sandstone and rocky travails that can include loads of sand, with a river crossing and the mud it promises thrown in for good measure, which brings all the elements together that any 4×4 enthusiast could hope for.

The real cherry on top is that you’ll be straining those four wheels in a valley that offers stunning scenery, running the length and breadth of this valley that nestles at the foothills of the Maluti Mountains in the Eastern Free State.

A peek at a few 4×4 trails in and around Clarens

Old Mill Drift Trail

With a length of 28.6km, Old Mill Drift is definitely not for the faint-hearted. You’ll head up to 2.183m above sea level over a rocky, gravel road, and, according to the 4×4 fundis, you’ll definitely be better off with a vehicle that has good ground clearance and a low range.

If you like steep and rough, you’ll love the Old Mill Drift trail!

2 Bergwoning Trails

Just 15km from Clarens you’ll find 2 4×4 trails bordering on the Golden Gate Highlands National Park, one of which is geared towards a family outing on a self-drive trail that’s not too rough and that only takes around 2 hours.

The other is for those made of sterner stuff. If you’re looking for an adventure trail that comes with a guide, you can look forward to anything from 4 to 7 hours’ worth of rocky areas interspersed with river crossings. More than enough to work up a good appetite for the awesome variety of restaurants in Clarens!

There are more trails than these, so this is just a sneak peek! Remember to ask about the different grading levels for the trail you want to explore, as well as to make sure you know which will be the right vehicle, 4×4 or 4×2, to make the most of the trail you settle on.

If you’re bringing the family along and not all are up for 4×4 adventure in the muck and slush, there’s so much else to do in Clarens that anyone left behind won’t begrudge you your time out on the trails. Definitely a fine recipe for keeping yourself in the pound seats with everyone else!

For anyone not joining you on the trail, point them towards the awesome staff at Clarens Eddies and this team will reveal a list of things to do that’ll keep everyone happy, irrespective of age.

A peek at a few Hiking Trails in Clarens

If you’re staying at Clarens Eddies B&B and Self-Catering accommodation, you’ll have the hiking experience of owner Dawn Trevelyan on hand to point you in the right direction for a hike that suits your level of fitness.

Head for the Maluti Viewpoint Trail if you’re after a breath-taking sunset looking out over the majestic mountains that surround Clarens.  This is an easy thirty minute walk.

The Scilla Walking Trail is so named after the beautiful blue Scilla flowers that bloom across the sandstone cliffs from late September to November, leading you to stunning views of the surrounding mountains yet again.  The scenery is really something to write home about, no matter where you turn in and around the Clarens Valley!

This walk is a wee bit tougher and longer than the Maluti Viewpoint Trail, taking closer to an hour to complete.

Make sure you take a picnic basket along with you, the fresh mountain air is enough to whet the least of appetites!

There are far more than these two walks and hiking trails in and around Clarens, however, you’d have to visit, hiking boots in hand, to be able to make an informed choice about the path to take!

Where to stay?

At Clarens Eddies, naturally! Everything you want to do starts at your doorstep at Clarens Eddies, up to and including taking a comfy stroll into Clarens Village Square, which holds its own very special store of treasures, from food to art to curios!

Contact Dawn and her team to make your booking for a holiday to be had in stylish comfort at affordable prices! The award winning service you can look forward to makes getting back to your digs at the end of a busy day out on the trails, on foot or in a vehicle, sheer heaven on earth!

Clarens – where dinosaurs and Sandstone Mountains reign supreme!

Clarens is the gem that nestles beautifully in a tapestry of history that speaks of dinosaurs that roamed the Eastern Free State 200 million years ago, along 50 million year-old Sandstone Mountains that reflect in their different levels and layers of colour the rich depth of their history.

This is but the backdrop to this exquisite valley tenderly nestled at the foothills of the Maluti Mountains. There is a lot more to the history that has made Clarens a unique experience for any holiday maker looking to make the most out of a trip to the Eastern Free State.

You’ll find that the sandstone from these mountains feature prominently in the architecture of this picturesque village, ever reminding visitors of its history that goes back over a 100 years.

The Dinosaurs and spectacular Sandstone Mountains are not all that make Clarens unique, but to find out everything about this village that makes it so demands at least one visit in a lifetime, no matter how far away you live!

Sunsets are made truly spectacular when thunder and lightning dance along the Maluti and Rooiberge (Red Mountains) mountain ranges in the distance, and, as with any ‘dorp’ far from the city lights, you can almost reach out and touch the stars in this magical valley.

Aside from the fact that thousands of 4×4 and cycling enthusiasts make yearly pilgrimage hear, Clarens is home to spectacular horse riding, and there’s plenty to be had, whether it’s for the kids, or for adults heading out for a pony trek in the Maluti Mountains.

Head for the Golden Gate Highlands National park for a guided horseback game viewing experience of wildlife and hundreds of species of birds. You can do the same at Schaapplaats Farm, where you’ll catch glimpses of Eland, mountain wildebeest, zebra and springbok from the saddle.

There is clear evidence of the lives Bushmen led in this beautiful area, left behind in their paintings, historical sites of bloody battles that raged between the British and the Boer settlers, and those that were waged between the Boer farmers and the Basotho.

Despite a history rife with bloodshed, Clarens is a rich tapestry of everything that speaks of peace and tranquillity, with art living in close quarters to food from virtually every corner of the world.

It’s almost impossible to leave Clarens without a keepsake found in a curio shop, craft market or art gallery, which makes it a good idea to bring a little extra in your wallet for more than just the smorgasbord of activities to be enjoyed in this corner of the Eastern Free State!

As far as accommodation in Clarens goes, the most central you can get is at Clarens Eddies! Despite the comfort and style you’ll be staying in, Clarens Eddies offers affordable accommodation that has been designed and built to suit diverse needs, from those wanting an affordable family holiday to couples looking for a romantic getaway.

Clarens Eddies B&B and Self-Catering accommodation has everything and more than you could possibly need on holiday in this magnificent valley, irrespective of whether you decide to feed the horde yourself on holiday, or to free yourself from the stove and indulge in all that’s on offer at the many local eateries on your doorstep.

Despite the fact that you’ll be surrounded by history, ancient and more recent, you’ll have free WiFi access (super-fast!) and for entertainment after a hard day out in the fresh air, a flat screen TV to lull you to sleep if the sound of crickets and birds saying goodnight are a little to loud for you!

Book your stay in Clarens today by calling the friendly team at Clarens Eddies for an unforgettable holiday!

Choose Clarens Eddies as your springboard to a world of fun & adventure

Anything you do on holiday is made so much better by the knowledge that your home away from home for the duration is everything you could have hoped for in terms of comfort, style and affordability.

Unfortunately some of us have experienced the let-down of being drawn into booking accommodation based solely on a good sales pitch and pretty pictures, all of which turns out to be a far cry from what was promised.

This is not going to happen to you when you choose Clarens Eddies B&B and Self-Catering accommodation in Clarens!

The team on hand to welcome you has been awarded Certificates of Excellence from TripAdvisor and for five years running, and they’re well on their way to a 2020 Certificate, keeping them firmly in the Hall of Fame as far as Certificates of Excellence go!

This is a consistency that’s rare in the hospitality sector, and this is one team that consistently keeps their eye on the ball, not just for the prestige, but for the knowledge that their guests receive the very best they have to offer.

There is so much to explore in Clarens that the inside info this team has at the tip of their fingers is of real value for any guest choosing Clarens Eddies as their springboard to a world of fun and adventure in this village that hugs the eastern corner of the Free State.

While Clarens is a fantastic draw for visitors from nearby Jo’burg, Bloem and Durban, it’s also pretty high on the list of places to visit passed on by previous visitors to new adventurers planning a holiday in South Africa.

Safety and security is great in this quaint village. Not that there’s no crime, but the level of it is minimal and doesn’t require any of the real warnings that come with travel to South Africa and many other major holiday destinations around the world, which makes for serious relaxation.

Standards are very high at Clarens Eddies, whether it’s concerning how beautifully the exterior and interior of the guest house is maintained, or the high standards of hygiene wherever you look.  If you’re fussy about cleanliness you’ll find yourself in good company here.

A long history and breath-taking scenery has made this Jewel of the Free State a haven for artists, with enough art galleries lining the Village Square to satisfy the tastes of all art lovers.

You definitely can’t come to Clarens without a camera! It’d be sacrilege not to take images of this stunning valley back home to share with friends and family who’ve not yet had the privilege of visiting this beautiful corner of the world!

Nothing beats having somewhere comfy and stylish to lay your head when you’ve been out exploring in the fresh air, even if it’s only to head out to enjoy a craft beer at the Clarens Brewery or divine meal at any of the 20 or more restaurants that dot the Village Square!

Making sure that every guest has everything necessary to turn Clarens Eddies into the accommodation of choice as the springboard to a world of fun and adventure in Clarens is what it’s all about for owner Dawn and her team, and they do it exceptionally well!

There are great accommodation specials that are up for grabs on a regular basis, so, if you want to spend a little more time in Clarens than your accommodation budget allows for, keep a look out for Clarens Eddies accommodation specials!