Choose Clarens Eddies as your springboard to a world of fun & adventure

Anything you do on holiday is made so much better by the knowledge that your home away from home for the duration is everything you could have hoped for in terms of comfort, style and affordability.

Unfortunately some of us have experienced the let-down of being drawn into booking accommodation based solely on a good sales pitch and pretty pictures, all of which turns out to be a far cry from what was promised.

This is not going to happen to you when you choose Clarens Eddies B&B and Self-Catering accommodation in Clarens!

The team on hand to welcome you has been awarded Certificates of Excellence from TripAdvisor and for five years running, and they’re well on their way to a 2020 Certificate, keeping them firmly in the Hall of Fame as far as Certificates of Excellence go!

This is a consistency that’s rare in the hospitality sector, and this is one team that consistently keeps their eye on the ball, not just for the prestige, but for the knowledge that their guests receive the very best they have to offer.

There is so much to explore in Clarens that the inside info this team has at the tip of their fingers is of real value for any guest choosing Clarens Eddies as their springboard to a world of fun and adventure in this village that hugs the eastern corner of the Free State.

While Clarens is a fantastic draw for visitors from nearby Jo’burg, Bloem and Durban, it’s also pretty high on the list of places to visit passed on by previous visitors to new adventurers planning a holiday in South Africa.

Safety and security is great in this quaint village. Not that there’s no crime, but the level of it is minimal and doesn’t require any of the real warnings that come with travel to South Africa and many other major holiday destinations around the world, which makes for serious relaxation.

Standards are very high at Clarens Eddies, whether it’s concerning how beautifully the exterior and interior of the guest house is maintained, or the high standards of hygiene wherever you look.  If you’re fussy about cleanliness you’ll find yourself in good company here.

A long history and breath-taking scenery has made this Jewel of the Free State a haven for artists, with enough art galleries lining the Village Square to satisfy the tastes of all art lovers.

You definitely can’t come to Clarens without a camera! It’d be sacrilege not to take images of this stunning valley back home to share with friends and family who’ve not yet had the privilege of visiting this beautiful corner of the world!

Nothing beats having somewhere comfy and stylish to lay your head when you’ve been out exploring in the fresh air, even if it’s only to head out to enjoy a craft beer at the Clarens Brewery or divine meal at any of the 20 or more restaurants that dot the Village Square!

Making sure that every guest has everything necessary to turn Clarens Eddies into the accommodation of choice as the springboard to a world of fun and adventure in Clarens is what it’s all about for owner Dawn and her team, and they do it exceptionally well!

There are great accommodation specials that are up for grabs on a regular basis, so, if you want to spend a little more time in Clarens than your accommodation budget allows for, keep a look out for Clarens Eddies accommodation specials!