Head out to Clarens for a week of hiking & 4×4 adventure

If you’re lucky enough to have a week to spare and you love hiking or 4×4 trails that are out of this world, then Clarens is the place for you! If all you have is a weekend, get ready for one that’ll get the oxygen pumping and lift your spirits enough to tackle anything the city has to throw at you on your return.

4×4 trails in Clarens offer terrains that vary between easy sandstone and rocky travails that can include loads of sand, with a river crossing and the mud it promises thrown in for good measure, which brings all the elements together that any 4×4 enthusiast could hope for.

The real cherry on top is that you’ll be straining those four wheels in a valley that offers stunning scenery, running the length and breadth of this valley that nestles at the foothills of the Maluti Mountains in the Eastern Free State.

A peek at a few 4×4 trails in and around Clarens

Old Mill Drift Trail

With a length of 28.6km, Old Mill Drift is definitely not for the faint-hearted. You’ll head up to 2.183m above sea level over a rocky, gravel road, and, according to the 4×4 fundis, you’ll definitely be better off with a vehicle that has good ground clearance and a low range.

If you like steep and rough, you’ll love the Old Mill Drift trail!

2 Bergwoning Trails

Just 15km from Clarens you’ll find 2 4×4 trails bordering on the Golden Gate Highlands National Park, one of which is geared towards a family outing on a self-drive trail that’s not too rough and that only takes around 2 hours.

The other is for those made of sterner stuff. If you’re looking for an adventure trail that comes with a guide, you can look forward to anything from 4 to 7 hours’ worth of rocky areas interspersed with river crossings. More than enough to work up a good appetite for the awesome variety of restaurants in Clarens!

There are more trails than these, so this is just a sneak peek! Remember to ask about the different grading levels for the trail you want to explore, as well as to make sure you know which will be the right vehicle, 4×4 or 4×2, to make the most of the trail you settle on.

If you’re bringing the family along and not all are up for 4×4 adventure in the muck and slush, there’s so much else to do in Clarens that anyone left behind won’t begrudge you your time out on the trails. Definitely a fine recipe for keeping yourself in the pound seats with everyone else!

For anyone not joining you on the trail, point them towards the awesome staff at Clarens Eddies and this team will reveal a list of things to do that’ll keep everyone happy, irrespective of age.

A peek at a few Hiking Trails in Clarens

If you’re staying at Clarens Eddies B&B and Self-Catering accommodation, you’ll have the hiking experience of owner Dawn Trevelyan on hand to point you in the right direction for a hike that suits your level of fitness.

Head for the Maluti Viewpoint Trail if you’re after a breath-taking sunset looking out over the majestic mountains that surround Clarens.  This is an easy thirty minute walk.

The Scilla Walking Trail is so named after the beautiful blue Scilla flowers that bloom across the sandstone cliffs from late September to November, leading you to stunning views of the surrounding mountains yet again.  The scenery is really something to write home about, no matter where you turn in and around the Clarens Valley!

This walk is a wee bit tougher and longer than the Maluti Viewpoint Trail, taking closer to an hour to complete.

Make sure you take a picnic basket along with you, the fresh mountain air is enough to whet the least of appetites!

There are far more than these two walks and hiking trails in and around Clarens, however, you’d have to visit, hiking boots in hand, to be able to make an informed choice about the path to take!

Where to stay?

At Clarens Eddies, naturally! Everything you want to do starts at your doorstep at Clarens Eddies, up to and including taking a comfy stroll into Clarens Village Square, which holds its own very special store of treasures, from food to art to curios!

Contact Dawn and her team to make your booking for a holiday to be had in stylish comfort at affordable prices! The award winning service you can look forward to makes getting back to your digs at the end of a busy day out on the trails, on foot or in a vehicle, sheer heaven on earth!