Clarens – where history, art & breath-taking beauty live in perfect harmony

Behind the façade of a quaint village filled with an eclectic mixture of people and cultures, set against the foothills of the Maluti Mountains, as well as the surrounding Rooiberge with a myriad of colors that change in these sandstone mountains as the sun moves, lies a history that’s over 100 years old in Clarens.

The Maluti Mountains have stood for millennia in the highlands of Lesotho, and these mountains, as they extend up to 100km into eastern Free State, are also part of the well-known, well-loved Drakensberg Mountain Range.

The vibrantly beautiful valley that became home to Clarens has created a holiday destination that’ll take your breath away, no matter how many times you explore the valley and the village, which is precisely why so many people return again and again, to drink in the inexpressible magic created between these majestic mountains.

The story behind the birth of Clarens Village in the Free State

Around 1640, the Dutch East India Company allowed the burghers (which refers to an Afrikaans citizen of a Boer Republic) to gain their release from previously established contracts with the VOC, and to grant them each 200 acres for each household in the then known Boer Republic.

With the growth of the community of burghers in the area, two farms were divided and sold to a company that wanted to establish a village in the area to serve the community, which led to the establishment of Clarens in 1912.

The name of the village was a tribute to President Paul Kruger due to his influence over the area, before he left to spend the rest of his life in voluntary exile in the town of Clarens in Switzerland.

The oldest animal inhabitants of this region

The very oldest inhabitants of this region were not human, they were the massive prehistoric, gargantuan dinosaurs, and, today you are able to follow in their footsteps on the Dinosaur trail to explore bones and teeth that still lie exposed to us today.

Cultural history

Long before the first Europeans appeared in the eastern Free State, the hunter gatherer clans of the Bushman people roamed these valleys and mountains in complete freedom. However, when the first Dutch settlers arrived in the early 1800’s and war broke out between them and the Basotho nation the first time in 1858, the San People/Bushman, a peace loving people who lived in pure harmony within their clans and with nature, chose to leave the area. 

All that is left of them are the stories told in some of the most beautiful Bushman rock art in and around Clarens. This rock art is indicative of the spirituality that existed in this culture, which would obviously never tolerate or be able to live alongside violence.

Three Wars; the British, Boer and Basotho

Between 1858 and 1868, war dominated the area around Clarens. First it was among the Basotho and other African tribes, and then it was war between the Basotho and Boer, and finally, the Anglo-Boer war.

The evidence of these wars is to be seen at various historical sites in and around Clarens, so, if you’re a history buff, you’ll be fully sated after a visit to Clarens!

Peace finally reigned over the Clarens valley

After the final Anglo-Boer War, peace descended on this beautiful valley, which today is affectionately called The Jewel of the Free State, a peace perfectly befitting all that is extraordinary about Clarens.

There’s more to Clarens than history…

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Talking guides, owner Dawn Trevelyan is a very keen hiker who knows every hiking trail there is in and around Clarens, and, when she’s in residence, she will gladly take you on hikes.

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Affectionately called The Jewel of the Free State, Clarens beckons thousands of visitors from everywhere in South Africa and from overseas, many of whom return again and again because one visit to Clarens is never enough!

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They’ll assist you with restaurant bookings and bookings for activities you’d like to try, which is essential, considering that there are over 30 activities to do in Clarens and over 20 restaurants, bistros, coffee shops and deli’s to choose from!

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Technology and the mod cons 

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Award Winning Clarens Accommodation

You will be in for award winning service and accommodation when you choose to stay at Clarens Eddies. To prove this, both and have awarded Certificates of Excellence Hall of Fame every year since 2015.

These certificates are issued based solely on independent online reviews from guests, and though 2020 was a washout for the world in general due to lockdowns brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, had it been a year in which we weren’t under lockdown, there can be no doubt that it would have been another year these certificates would have been granted Clarens Eddies!

Consistency is the focus for the team at Clarens Eddies, which is why they’re an award winning team!

Where did it all start?

Knowing how it all started also gives you an introduction to everything that makes Clarens Eddies Guest House and Self Catering well-loved by guests that return year after year to make it their home away from home.

To say that a ton of love and care went into building and establishing Clarens Eddies would be an understatement! Owner Dawn Trevelyan began building in 1999, and, only once she was satisfied that this would be exceptional accommodation, did she finally open the doors to guests in 2006.

Great care has gone into making Clarens Eddies more than just a place to lay your head; it’s also very much about the personal touch that goes into making it everything that over-priced accommodation with no personality can’t give to visitors.

The upkeep of the property is perfect!

Dawn and her team work hard at maintaining both interior and exterior of this property, yet again giving the absolute assurance that this is a place worthy of calling home while you have fun on holiday.

Even before stringent hygiene standards were introduced due to COVID-19, Clarens Eddies had a phenomenal reputation for the state of hygiene that has always been of the highest standard.

Naturally, in the face of the pandemic, Dawn and her team have instituted industry standards in order to make sure that your welfare and health is their top priority, as always.

Everything about Clarens Eddies is fresh! From the bedding to towels, including the kitchen towels, which is certainly a confidence booster for South Africans desperately in need of a break somewhere they will feel truly safe and cared for.

A sterling reputation that has never wavered

Anytime you’re going to book accommodation, it’s best to check out what guests have to say about it, and, it’s no different with Clarens Eddies! You are welcome to browse the independent reviews of previous guests (and those that keep coming back!) here, no doubt you will find that this caring team and awesome accommodation is the real McCoy!

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Comfort is a given when you choose to stay at Clarens Eddies, as is style. Artwork from local artists adorn the walls in the various rooms and units, and, if you want the convenience of being able to take a stroll to the picturesque Clarens Village Square, well, you won’t have far to go at all!

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