Save money by booking the most affordable accommodation in Clarens, Free State!

Clarens, in the eastern corner of the Free State, is one holiday destination that has so much in store for you to do that it’s essential to find affordable accommodation that’ll leave you with a goodly amount of spending money on hand.

The reason for wanting to save on accommodation in Clarens is that there is just so much in terms of activities to enjoy, food to feast on, art to drink in and buy, as well as some of the finest wines and craft beer to be had.

No one leaves Clarens without loading up on some of any of the above, which is why booking affordable accommodation at Clarens Eddies Self Catering or Bed and Breakfast, is your best move, especially if you’d like a world of adventure starting right at your doorstep!

Clarens Eddies B&B or Self Catering is a smallish, very private place to call home while you explore all that this 100 year old village has to offer, so let’s look at a little more about Clarens Eddies that’ll give you a better idea of what to look forward to!

Award Winning Clarens Accommodation

You will be in for award winning service and accommodation when you choose to stay at Clarens Eddies. To prove this, both and have awarded Certificates of Excellence Hall of Fame every year since 2015.

These certificates are issued based solely on independent online reviews from guests, and though 2020 was a washout for the world in general due to lockdowns brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, had it been a year in which we weren’t under lockdown, there can be no doubt that it would have been another year these certificates would have been granted Clarens Eddies!

Consistency is the focus for the team at Clarens Eddies, which is why they’re an award winning team!

Where did it all start?

Knowing how it all started also gives you an introduction to everything that makes Clarens Eddies Guest House and Self Catering well-loved by guests that return year after year to make it their home away from home.

To say that a ton of love and care went into building and establishing Clarens Eddies would be an understatement! Owner Dawn Trevelyan began building in 1999, and, only once she was satisfied that this would be exceptional accommodation, did she finally open the doors to guests in 2006.

Great care has gone into making Clarens Eddies more than just a place to lay your head; it’s also very much about the personal touch that goes into making it everything that over-priced accommodation with no personality can’t give to visitors.

The upkeep of the property is perfect!

Dawn and her team work hard at maintaining both interior and exterior of this property, yet again giving the absolute assurance that this is a place worthy of calling home while you have fun on holiday.

Even before stringent hygiene standards were introduced due to COVID-19, Clarens Eddies had a phenomenal reputation for the state of hygiene that has always been of the highest standard.

Naturally, in the face of the pandemic, Dawn and her team have instituted industry standards in order to make sure that your welfare and health is their top priority, as always.

Everything about Clarens Eddies is fresh! From the bedding to towels, including the kitchen towels, which is certainly a confidence booster for South Africans desperately in need of a break somewhere they will feel truly safe and cared for.

A sterling reputation that has never wavered

Anytime you’re going to book accommodation, it’s best to check out what guests have to say about it, and, it’s no different with Clarens Eddies! You are welcome to browse the independent reviews of previous guests (and those that keep coming back!) here, no doubt you will find that this caring team and awesome accommodation is the real McCoy!

Comfort, style and convenience rolled into one!

Comfort is a given when you choose to stay at Clarens Eddies, as is style. Artwork from local artists adorn the walls in the various rooms and units, and, if you want the convenience of being able to take a stroll to the picturesque Clarens Village Square, well, you won’t have far to go at all!

What are you waiting for?

All you need to do now is to contact Dawn and her team to book affordable accommodation in Clarens today!  Make sure that when you’re turn to escape the city and daily life comes around, you’ll know that your accommodation is booked, and that no one can steal it from under your nose, just because it’s so popular!