Are you looking for guest houses in Clarens?

If you’re looking for accommodation in Clarens, whether a guest house or fully contained self catering units, you’re in the right place here, at Clarens Eddies Guest House or Bed and Breakfast!

Park and walk

Clarens Eddies is situated in the heart of Clarens, and, if you’ve never been to the village of Clarens in the Free State, then you’re in for the treat of a lifetime when you choose to stay with this team in Clarens!

The fact that Clarens Eddies is situated a very short distance away from the historical Village of Clarens and its Town Square, which means you can park your car and amble into the village to indulge in everything you can imagine may be interesting and fun for you on your weekend breakaway or extended holiday.

Restaurants, art galleries, gift shops and more!

The town of Clarens is truly an experience that’ll touch all your senses, and, if you’re looking for a holiday with a difference, this is the place to be, especially if you choose to stay at this guest house just a short distance from over 20 restaurants, more art galleries than you can visit in just one day, and, you will find that everything to do in and around Clarens starts right from your doorstep at Clarens Eddies.

Breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains

Not only will you be comfortably settled in the best accommodation in Clarens, you’ll also have stunning views of the surrounding mountains right outside your windows.

Watching occasional thunder storms and stunning lighting shows on display across the majestic Maluti Mountains and Rooiberg Mountain Range will no doubt take your breath away.

The Free State, especially the Eastern corner of it where Clarens is nestled at the foothills of these stunning mountain ranges and the constantly shifting colours of sandstone mountains, is known as the Jewel of the Eastern Free State, which could not be a more apt description of the magic and the seasonal changes that bring colours to life in nature that are hard, if not impossible, to capture on a canvass.

Choose award-winning accommodation!

The most important point to look out for if you’re looking at Clarens guest houses or self catering is whether or not it is an award-winning guest house, and, if you take a look at the awards for service excellence dished out to the team at Clarens Eddies year after year, you’ll find that you’ll have chosen the best in Clarens accommodation!

Clarens Eddies has been awarded Certificates of Excellence Hall of Fame from 2015 to 2021.

Visit Golden Gate Highlands National Park

Should you decide to venture further than the stunning mountain walks that lead from your front door to investigate and soak up the animal life at the Golden Gate Highlands National Park, you’ll be looking at a distance of less than half an hour from Clarens, a short trip well worth making.

At Golden Gate National Park you’ll find a variety of wildlife such as the Oryx, Eland, Springbok, Black Wildebeest and Red Wildebeest, as well as various other species of buck such as Oribi and Mountain Reed Buck.

The Basotho Cultural Village is also to be found in the National Park, and, if you’re after even more cultural history than the village, there’s the Cathedral Cave and Brandwag Buttress to visit as well, which is all part of the magic of the Eastern Free State located a short distance from Clarens itself.

If you’re looking for an even more spectacular view of Clarens, you will find a hot air balloon waiting to carry you across this exquisite valley for an experience never to be forgotten, and, yet again, it’s all just a short distance from Clarens Eddies!

Enjoy being treated like royalty!

From the moment you check in you’ll know that you, the guest, are considered royalty to the staff at Clarens Eddies, and, it’s a sure bet that when you check out, you’ll be making your next booking! They will make sure you know all you need to about everything worth exploring and enjoying located in Clarens and surrounding areas.

Should you be lucky enough to live in Johannesburg, Durban or Bloemfontein, you’ll find that you’re only about a 4 hour drive from Clarens, all of which are on main routes that take you to this picturesque valley and village…no excuses not to spend anywhere from a weekend up to a week or two in this magical corner in South Africa.

Choosing and booking the best Clarens accommodation is easy through the team at Clarens Eddies. They’re the epitome of friendliness and hospitality, whether on the phone or via email.

Enjoy affordable, tasteful and comfortable accommodation in the village of Clarens!

It needs to be said that due to its popularity in terms of places to stay in Clarens, it’ll be essential for you to check on tariffs per night for specific dates and seasons (since there is always a special on with this team!) and availability of accommodation, whether you’re bringing the whole family or just 2 adults!

Clarens Eddies has room for 16 guests in separate units or rooms, some of which take a single guest, 4, 2 and 6 guests across these rooms and self catering units, and because it is so centrally situated in Clarens it’s essential to book as well in advance as life allows you to!

Free wifi and entertainment on hand!

If it’s a self catering holiday you’re planning, you’ll find all you need to make catering easy on you, and, you’ll have free wifi and a TV on hand to keep you entertained when you do decide to chill a bit in your comfy home away from home at Clarens Eddies.

Covid 19 hospitality rules apply strictly!

On a last note in terms of Covid 19, you can rest assured that, over and above the sterling reputation Clarens Eddies has always had for exceptional hygiene standards, all precautions are taken to ensure the safety of the guest and to keep Covid 19 at bay, as all hospitality facilities are expected to do.

If you’re looking for a place to rest your head that’ll feel like home in Clarens, make your booking now to plan an unforgettable holiday in a valley and village you’ll never grow tired of! Should you wish to view all the units and rooms at Clarens Eddies, you’ll find it all right here at your fingertips!