Best Self Catering Accommodation in Clarens?

If you’re looking for the most beautiful place to visit on holiday in South Africa, then Clarens, Free State, is the gem for you! However, there is a secret attached to making sure you book into the right self catering accommodation in Clarens, to make your holiday a truly memorable one.

So, how do you find the best self catering accommodation in Clarens? Well, in the first place, you need to do a little research into the accommodation available in Clarens, since this is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Eastern corner of the Free State.

There are a plethora of choices you will be facing, however, narrowing down your options about where to stay has been made easier by the top booking sites, both internationally and locally, which is always a good way to narrow down your choices.

Best self catering accommodation in Clarens?

Make sure that once you begin your search for the best self catering accommodation in Clarens, you’ll have Clarens Eddies Self Catering or B&B at the top of your list!

Why? Well, Clarens Eddies is an award-winning self-catering establishment, for a start. Because the Traveller Review Awards 2020 and 2021 have been collated independently by and Tripadvisor, you can take their word for the rave reviews guests have posted on these websites about their accommodation at Clarens Eddies!

As the Tripadvisor and Traveller’s Choice Award Winner 2020/2021, Clarens Eddies Self Catering is counted among the top 10% of hotels worldwide! This is no mean feat to have achieved during the shutdowns amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which is a sure indication that when you choose to stay at Clarens Eddies, you’ll be staying in the best accommodation in Clarens!

Service excellence beyond the norm!

In addition to the 2020 and 2021 Travellers Choice Awards earned by Clarens Eddies for the comfort, style and affordability of this superb self-catering accommodation, owner Dawn Trevelyan and her dedicated team have also received Tripadvisor and Certificates of Excellence Hall of Fame for five years in a row!

The staff at Clarens Eddies Self Catering really do care about your stay, and, they do all they can to make sure that you’re comfortable, whether you need an electric blanket to keep you warm on cooler evenings, more wood to cuddle around your fireplace or, fans to keep you cool when the going gets a little hot!

24-hour service is a given with this awesome team, and they go beyond the call of duty to help you with bookings for activities or for meals at any of the many eateries in Clarens Village.

There is an incredibly long list of social activities available in Clarens, and you’ll have the best insider information from the team at Clarens Eddies, before you venture out the door of your home away from home.

Self Catering accommodation at its best!

Whether you’re bringing the whole family, a group of friends, heading out on a solo or romantic breakaway, Clarens Eddies provides everything you could possibly need with the modern in-house facilities provided by this team committed to excellence!

Clarens Eddies sleeps a total of 16 guests, spread out among 3 self catering units fully stocked with everything you need for the best self catering holiday ever!

Three self catering units sleep 2, 4 and 6 people, and, of course there are two rooms for 2 guests who may not want to take the self catering route, making sure that you’ll find everything you need for your particular holiday dreams in the Jewel of the Free State!

If you’ve had to work while everyone else was on holiday and need a break, contact the friendly team of locals at Clarens Eddies Self Catering with your booking, to get the best of everything that’ll make yours a magical stay!

Clarens Self Catering Accommodation Specials

If you’re looking for the best Clarens self-catering accommodation specials, then Clarens Eddies Self Catering or B&B is just the place for you to start!

Everyone at Clarens Eddies is fully aware of the virtually decimated economy that has hit hard for most of us since 2020, and, as a result of this, owner Dawn Trevelyan, has made sure that guests can enjoy great accommodation specials for much-needed holidays and weekend breakaways!

Affordable accommodation rates at Clarens Eddies is a given, however, with a few of the specials that are always up for grabs, this team has made it even easier for the most cash-strapped families, singles and couples to enjoy getting away from the daily grind.

Clarens self catering accommodation specials

While this team offers the best Clarens Accommodation Specials in Clarens, Free State, South Africa, it must be noted here that you won’t be getting anything ‘cheap’ out of these awesome specials.

The standards are high at Clarens Eddies, which means that you get comfort, style and class thrown into the bargain with great accommodation specials.

The Certificates of Excellence Awards received by Clarens Eddies consecutively over the past five years from Tripadvisor and, speaks volumes for what you can expect from this stylish accommodation, and the team that’ll look after all your needs during your stay.

Taking into account that Clarens Eddies is considered as being in the top 10% of hotels worldwide, according to the 2020 and 2021 Travellers Choice Awards, it’s hard not to see the true value of great accommodation specials to stay in this centrally located accommodation.

Whether you’re out exploring, tackling adrenalin sports, golfing or eating at some of the best restaurants south of the Equator, virtually everything starts with a hop skip and a jump away from your doorstep at Clarens Eddies!

A brief look at Clarens self catering accommodation specials:

  • Clarens Eddies self catering accommodation specials

There is a 10% accommodation discount on the self catering units Anki, June, Ada, Ann and Santa.  This discount applies to Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, which is really great for extending a weekend or taking a delightful mid-week break!

Anki sleeps 4 to 6 people, June sleeps 2 to 4 people, while Ada and Ann sleeps 2 people.

Please note that these discounts don’t apply for high season periods such as school holidays or long weekends, but, you’ll still be getting the most affordable Clarens accommodation rates from this caring team, any time of the year!

Sleep 2 nights & receive 50% discount on the 3rd night!

This is yet another awesome accommodation special in Clarens that is available for Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, giving you the opportunity to spoil yourself, your family and your friends with an extended weekend or well-earned mid-week break!

Terms and conditions naturally apply to these specials, but if you’d like to know more about these specials, please feel free to contact the friendly team at Clarens Eddies. They’ll be more than happy to make your holiday more than just a pipedream!

Clarens Eddies self catering 10% accommodation special!

How can you refuse a whole 10% discount when it comes to getting your family or friends out of the rat race! These are accommodation specials in Clarens that you’ll find hard to beat, and, you can be certain that with owner Dawn Trevelyan at the helm, you’ll get much more than you may have bargained for anyway!

Please note that the terms and conditions on this accommodation special also apply.

Make the most of Clarens self catering accommodation specials by contacting the awesome team at Clarens Eddies to make your booking today!


Popular self catering accommodation in Clarens – Free State – South Africa

Popular self catering accommodation in Clarens – Free State – South Africa

If you’re looking for the most popular self catering accommodation in Clarens – Free State – South Africa, then this is where you belong! Clarens has become a sought-after holiday destination for visitors from overseas who choose the roads less travelled, and is also a regular weekend hideout for visitors from Johannesburg, Bloemfontein and Durban!

Luckily for these local visitors it takes an average of around 4 hours to get to Clarens, but, if you consider that visitors from around the globe go to the lengths they do to travel to Clarens and make Clarens Eddies their destination, it’s well worth making sure your bookings are done on time! 

…and…the self catering accommodation they return to regularly, is Clarens Eddies Self Catering or B&B! Clarens Eddies offers award-winning self catering accommodation, year after year, without skipping a beat, and in the face of one of the worst times in our history for the tourism industry.

There are many self catering options in Clarens, however, what may look great on the outside and in the brochure, doesn’t necessarily translate to the reality of what you find when you book in!

Popular self catering accommodation in Clarens – Free State – South Africa

Why is Clarens Eddies loved as a popular self catering accommodation?

Well, there are more than just a few reasons that make this stylish self catering accommodation the number one choice for the best home away from home!

  • Affordable self catering accommodation with dollops of style!

No doubt about it, juxtapose the artwork in your self catering unit against the stunning views of the Maluti Mountains and Red Mountain Range, and the balance between comfort and eclectic style is perfect!

  • Extreme comfort

Owner of Clarens Eddies, Dawn Trevelyan, is a stickler for keeping everything from your bed to bedding and towels in tip top condition. 

You’ll find nothing tacky, unravelling or well past being thrown out for new! The comfort of your bed and clean sheets will be very welcome at the end of a day exploring the extensive list of things to do in Clarens, of this you can be certain!

  • Décor that makes you feel right at home

If you’re a lover of art and things eclectic, you’ll love Clarens Eddies. Your self catering accommodation here is filled with the stunning work of local artists, including a few painted by Dawn herself…which is where the unique ideas for décor were born out of a creative mind!

There’s nothing repetitive about the décor and style in these self catering units, which come with views that’ll take your breath away.

  • Exceptional standards of hygiene!

If you are one of us who are somewhat OCD about cleanliness and hygiene when you’re away from home, you’ll be totally at home with the level of cleanliness and hygiene at Clarens Eddies!

Last, but not least!

If you’d like to be looked after by a staff that really cares about your comfort and ensuring you have a memorable stay with them, you’re looking at being in the hands of an award-winning team for service excellence!

Book your stay at the most popular self catering accommodation in Clarens, Free State…it’s a decision you’ll never regret! Just mosey on over to the awesome reviews from visitors…if nothing else does it for you, these will!


Recommended accommodation in Clarens (self catering)

Clarens, known as the Jewel of the Free State, is the one destination that should top any South African and international holiday bucket list. In fact, one visit to Clarens is seldom enough, since there’s so much to do and explore in this beautiful valley, nestled between the Maluti Mountains and Rooiberge Mountains (Red Mountains).

If you’ve made Clarens your next holiday off the beaten track, then you’ll want to know as much as you can about the most recommended accommodation in Clarens (self-catering), to ensure the best stay ever.

Recommendations are the best way to go, especially if they’re independent recommendations that can be found on top accommodation and travel websites, which is why we’ll start right here with some of the best, from guests that have stayed at Clarens Eddies Self Catering or B&B!

Recommended accommodation in Clarens (self catering)

From Germany – Exceptional…our host, (that would be Dawn Trevelyan), upgraded us, so we had the biggest space (basically a house) to our convenience! The view from the balcony, (well enough space to sit with a group and braai) is stunning. Thank you!

From SA – Great value for money, great location and just all round YAY!

The owner was lovely, and the rooms were comfy and just perfect for an overnight stay!

From SA – Awesome! Our host Dawn was very hands-on and took us on a beautiful hike and showed us around. Cares about her guests. There was absolutely nothing to dislike!

From SA – Affordable accommodation! Dawn was a wonderful hostess. Before we arrived she called and advised our room had been upgraded to one with a view which was amazing (at no extra cost!). Our apartment was clean, neat, warm and cosy. All the necessities were provided. We’ll definitely be back soon!

…and there’s a lot more where this comes from, in fact, here’s a chart that gives a clear indication of just how much guests love Clarens Eddies!

These are 100% guest experiences available for everyone to see!

Ask and you will receive!

If there’s anything extra that you may need during your stay, the team at Clarens Eddies will be more than happy to assist, even if it means a little salt and pepper, an electric blanket or a fan, depending on the time of year!

If you’d like help negotiating the over 30 things to do in Clarens, no one can give you better information, or make your bookings like Dawn and her team will. 

Their major concern is that you are well looked after during your stay, and to have you return again and again, as so many of their guests do!

With over 20 very different restaurants, pubs, coffee shops and delis awaiting your visit, you can rely on the team at Clarens Eddies to make sure you experience the best of these, according to your culinary favourites!

Everyone needs a break from the stove, even if you’ve chosen self catering accommodation, and you’ll be in for a real treat in Clarens!

Clarens Eddies is in a great location that makes access to shops and restaurants easy, just a short walk from your front door and a world of magic opens up for you!

Book your stay at Clarens Eddies today, to make sure you take advantage of fantastic accommodation rates and world-class service, rolled into one awesome home away from home!