Clarens Drakensberg Accommodation

Clarens Drakensberg Accommodation

Nestled in the foothills of the Maluti Mountains you’ll find a magical village called Clarens, a village that still shows visible signs of both an ancient and not-so-ancient history, which has become a sought-after holiday destination in the Free State, South Africa.

The Maluti Mountains, sometimes called ‘Maloti’ Mountains, forms part of the majestic Drakensberg Mountain Range, the highest mountain range in Southern Africa.

This mountain range stretches from Southwest to Northeast for 1,000 kilometres, creating a dramatic backdrop against which Clarens shines like a gem.

In fact, Clarens is called The Jewel of the Free State in part because of the beauty of this awe-inspiring mountain range, with its changes in colour across the full spectrum of blues, pinks and moody purple. 

Juxtaposed against this is the Rooiberg Mountain Range, with its beautiful sandstone cliffs that jut across this landscape, shifting through shades of orange, red, gold, yellow and ochre as the sun moves across the sky.

If being close to places like Lesotho and the Golden Gate National Park fit your ideal for a holiday, then you’ll be looking for Clarens Drakensberg Accommodation!

Clarens Drakensberg accommodation

A real bonus is to find accommodation in Clarens that’ll allow you a view of these beautiful mountains, where you can indulge in the beauty of lightning dancing across their majesty when storms are gathering, or drinking in sunrises and sunsets you never see in the city.

This is what you can expect from Clarens Eddies Self Catering or Bed and Breakfast accommodation. You’ll have a world of stunning beauty to explore right on your doorstep, whether you head for a hiking trail or take a gentle walk into the village.

You won’t have to go too far to take on the challenge of pony trekking through the Lesotho Mountains, skiing at Afriski or drinking in the scenery that takes your breath away at every turn.

You also don’t have to drive too far to enjoy wildlife at its best in the Golden Gate Highlands National Park, or to journey into the history of the San Bushmen via their prolific rock paintings in the area.

Your stay at Clarens Eddies will provide you with a really comfortable place to rest your head after a day of exploring the town or the surrounding areas, a place to kick back and relax in stylish surroundings.

If you prefer to leave hiking trails, cycling, trout fishing, white river rafting, horse riding and the rest to others, the caring staff at Clarens Eddies will direct you to the best spas in town, restaurants, pubs, gift shops and art galleries, where you can explore a completely different world to your heart’s content.

Feeling the call of wild and beautiful vistas that surround Clarens? If so, book comfortable, modern and stylish accommodation at Clarens Eddies today, without hesitation.

You’ll find everything you need, and more, at this well-loved self catering guest house. Help with holiday plans, restaurant bookings and 24/7 service excellence comes free of charge when you choose to stay at Clarens Eddies!


Clarens Budget Accommodation  

There’s a huge amount of accommodation to choose from when it comes to staying in Clarens, however, finding Clarens budget accommodation requires a little more research than usual.

Having so many choices is only natural when you take into account that Clarens is affectionately known as the Jewel of the Free State, a gem that has become a choice holiday destination for visitors from Johannesburg, Durban and Bloemfontein.

Clarens also draws its fair share of international visitors who want to enjoy a holiday with a difference, somewhat off the beaten track.

Nestled at the foothills of the Maluti Mountains, with the Red Mountains, known as the Rooiberg Mountain Range, dominating an area famous for the best sandstone in South Africa, Clarens is a unique experience that includes something for everyone.

Whether you love breath-taking vistas that seem to go on forever, a rich history, architecture that dates back over 100 years, food, culture and art or adrenalin-inducing activities, Clarens rises to the occasion.

But, to enjoy the rich tapestry that makes this special valley such an attraction, you need somewhere affordable to stay.

Clarens budget accommodation

We can all feel how tight our belts have become, due to an economy struggling under the strain of the Coronavirus epidemic and its nasty impact on livelihoods, which has left us feeling somewhat ginger about splurging on a holiday.

The ultimate is to find accommodation in Clarens which is a good combination of comfortable, clean and modern, which could be tricky unless you hit the jackpot by booking into Clarens Eddies Self Catering or B&B!

You can get cheap and tacky if you’re not careful, or you could end up with affordable accommodation that offers rare comfort when you choose to stay at Clarens Eddies.

Clarens Eddies offers a combination of self catering units for individuals, couples, families and groups of friends, as well as having two comfortably put-together rooms for 2, designed for those who aren’t too keen on being tied to the stove while on holiday, but who want more than just a bed!

Clarens Eddies accommodation specials

Aside from the fact that Clarens Eddies has earned a great reputation for affordable accommodation rates in general, they always have accommodation specials running, which are just the ticket for budget-conscious visitors!

These Clarens accommodation specials include a fantastic 10% discount offer, which look like this once the discount is applied:

2 people will pay from R 576 per night

4 people will pay from R 828 per night 

6 people will pay from R 1 611 per night

Considering that you’ll be staying with a team that has received Certificates of Excellence Awards from Tripadvisor and year after year since 2015, this is accommodation that offers so much more than affordable rates.

In addition to this, Clarens Eddies has also been awarded Travellers’ Choice Awards for 2020 and 2021 from the two booking sites, all of which are based on recommendations from those who have enjoyed the comfort and hospitality you can look forward to at Clarens Eddies.

Contact this friendly team today to find out more about how they can meet your requirements for Clarens budget accommodation, and then supersede it with awesome service!


Clarens Accommodation Cottages

If this is the first time you’re planning on a holiday in Clarens, Free State, you’re going to find that there’s enough accommodation of every kind in this village to leave you somewhat flustered for choice.

Self catering accommodation is at the top of the list when it comes to the most popular accommodation choices for holidays in 2022 in South Africa, which would put Clarens accommodation cottages at the top of your list.

In a village that’s over 100 years old and valley as beautiful as the one that’s home to Clarens, there’s so much to explore and drink in that one definitely needs to keep a little of the holiday budget for spending.

Affordable self catering accommodation is a sure bet financially-speaking, if you want to make the most of a holiday or weekend in Clarens. You also save on the food bill by cooking the majority of your meals in your self catering home away from home.

Keep in mind though that there’s a huge variety of eateries in Clarens, which will definitely make you want to leave the kitchen sink behind now and then, and this is where the cash you save on accommodation comes in very handy!

Clarens accommodation cottages

With private entrances and no shared facilities, you’ll find the accommodation at Clarens Eddies Self Catering or B&B right up your alley, combining value for money with real comfort to meet your budget.

Designed to offer a variety of visitors the right accommodation for their stay, all the accommodation here has a name, which is how we’ll approach what you can look forward to.

Anki This delightful self catering accommodation offers the perfect space you need for a maximum of 6 guests. Three bedrooms and two bathrooms, one en-suite with a shower and the other private with a bath, ensure a comfortable stay for all.

A fully equipped modern kitchen awaits your culinary skills, while added touches like a fireplace and electric blankets will keep you warm on chilly nights in winter. All the self catering accommodation at Clarens Eddies offers the same level of comfort, along with the extra touches.

June Book this self catering accommodation for a family or group of 4, and enjoy the comfort of two bedrooms with a private bathroom that, as a consistent standard throughout, offers free toiletries like toilet paper, insect spray, small hand soap and shampoo…along with the convenience of a hairdryer.

Santa This is cosy self catering accommodation for 2, the perfect accommodation for couples who want to enjoy a private, romantic getaway!  All the creature comforts offered in June and Anki are present here for individuals or couples, including the usual Satellite TV along with free WiFi access.

Ada & Ann These two comfortable rooms are the ideal setting for couples who have no inclination to cook while on holiday, although they each have a kettle, microwave and bar fridge. The team at Clarens Eddies has also made sure you can enjoy a snack or takeout at home by including cutlery and crockery in these rooms.

Contact the welcoming team at Clarens Eddies to find out more about this award-winning Clarens accommodation, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that the accommodation rates will meet your budget very nicely.


Clarens Accommodation Contact Details

If you’d like to add a truly special holiday destination to your wish list, somewhat off the beaten track, then Clarens belongs there! 

This village is situated in a beautiful valley, set against a backdrop of the majestic Maluti Mountains and Rooiberg Mountains (Red Mountains), which is the perfect setting for anyone wanting a break from the city.

Speaking of getting out of the city, if you live in Johannesburg, Bloemfontein or Durban you’re only between 3.5 and 4.5 hours from Clarens, which is exactly what has made this historic town an ideal weekend getaway for those who live this close.

Most people that have visited Clarens will tell you that a weekend isn’t nearly enough, not if you want to dive into a long list of things to do in and around this town, making it one of those places that draw you back time and time again.

Affordable accommodation is a must, especially if you want to have extra cash in your pocket to spend, which makes having the right Clarens accommodation contact details right in front of you very handy.

Clarens accommodation contact details

This is where we introduce you to award-winning Clarens Eddies Self Catering or B&B, a home away from home that offers a high standard of comfort, style and cleanliness.

Clarens Eddies is well-known for offering awesome value for money, combined with the dedication of caring staff who believe in the fundamentals of service excellence.

You’re welcome to click here to request a quote for accommodation at Clarens Eddies, or to contact owner Dawn Trevelyan and her team as follows:

Mobile: +27 83 262 4005

Clarens Eddies self catering guest house is situated centrally on the Main Street of Clarens; you’ll find a street map here that shows you where you’ll be staying, which, as you’ll see, means that you’re only a few minutes’ walk from the hub of this 100-year-old town!

Accommodation on offer from Clarens Eddies self catering/B&B

Whether you’re heading to Clarens for a romantic getaway or dragging the whole family with you, you’ll find a mixture of accommodation available to suit everyone’s needs at Clarens Eddies.

There are 3 fully-equipped self catering units on offer, which sleep 6, 4 and 2, as well as 2 rooms that aren’t equipped for self-catering, which are perfect for singles or couples.

Although not equipped for self catering, these two rooms do have a bar fridge, microwave and kettle on hand. With over 20 restaurants, bistros and shops a short walk away, you’ll have everything you need to enjoy snacks or meals in the comfort of your room, so you won’t go hungry!

Ready to book Clarens accommodation?

If you’ve been lured to Clarens by it’s awesome natural beauty, many activities, art galleries and historical monuments, and you’re ready to book comfortable, stylish accommodation, contact the team at Clarens Eddies without wasting a moment!

This is where a warm welcome awaits, with staff who really care about your comfort and will do all they can to make sure that you simply have to come back again.

Clarens Accommodation and Activities

With a plethora of places to stay in this beautiful corner of the Free State, you’ll need to plan Clarens accommodation and activities well, especially if you want to make the most of the time you have to delve in the best that Clarens has on offer.

Fair warning though; if you come to Clarens for just a day or two, you’ll find that it won’t be enough to explore and enjoy the half of everything that makes this the top holiday destination for many who live just a few hours’ drive away.

This goes mostly for guests out of Johannesburg, Durban and Bloemfontein, all of whom need only travel for between 3 to 4 hours at most to take a break in this beautiful valley at the foot of the Maluti Mountains, especially if they love something a little off the beaten track.

Clarens is over a century old and still offers much that reflects its history, whether it’s in the sandstone architecture that proliferates or historical sites, all of which take you back to a time when things weren’t quite as peaceful as they are today.

This is a town that has something to offer every one of every age, from the outdoors that offers stunning natural beauty, to indoors art galleries reflecting the work of local artists inspired by all that makes Clarens the top choice for many bucket lists.

Clarens accommodation and activities

If you want to get the most out of all the activities offering fun and excitement or peace and tranquility, you need accommodation that offers you the perfect combination of affordability, style, cleanliness and absolute comfort, which is exactly what you can expect at Clarens Eddies Self Catering/Guest house!

With three self catering units that sleep 6, 4 and 2 guests in rare comfort, along with 2 units for singles or couples who aren’t that keen on cooking while on a break, you’ll find the ideal accommodation to suit your needs at centrally-located Clarens Eddies.

June, Santa and Anki are the names of the self catering units at Clarens Eddies, with each offering a modern, fully-equipped kitchen in a mostly open-plan setting that comes complete with a lounge, dining table and everything else you could possibly need for a memorable holiday.

Although not designed for self catering, units Ada and Ann for two do include a microwave, bar fridge and kettle, as well as a private bathroom. All the bathrooms at Clarens Eddies are supplied with free toiletries, with cutlery, crockery, dish cloths and dishwashing liquid awaiting your arrival in the kitchen.

Exploring Clarens and making the most of over 30 things to do demands a comfortable, clean home away from home, where you can relax after any day out, and you can rely on the caring staff at Clarens Eddies to make sure you have everything you could possibly need to make this a reality.

Whether it’s to explore the fossils left by dinosaurs in the area, taking a hot air balloon ride, picking cherries at the Ficksburg Cherry Festival, enjoying a pony trek in the foothills of the Maluti Mountains in nearby Lesotho or getting together for a game drive through the Golden Gate National Park, there’ll be enough to do and explore to keep everyone happy on a holiday in Clarens!

Book Clarens accommodation at Clarens Eddies today to make sure you enjoy comfort and value for money, as well as being given the best inside information on a list of 30 things to do for an unforgettable holiday.



Clarens Accommodation [Bookings]


If you’re looking for the right place to begin with Clarens accommodation bookings, then Clarens Eddies Self Catering or Bed and Breakfast will be a choice place to start.

This lovely self catering accommodation or bed and breakfast is where peace, privacy, comfort and value for money meet right on the doorstep of Clarens village. It’ll only take you a few minutes to stroll into the center of this interesting town that’ll captivate you with its diversity of people and places to visit.

Opened in 2006 by owner Dawn Trevelyan, Clarens Eddies offers modern in-house facilities with a fresh, eclectic mix of art and style that invites you to make this beautifully-kept accommodation your home away from home.

If you’d like to have a little extra in your pocket to spend on all there is to do in Clarens, then the affordable rates for this award-winning accommodation will be very attractive to you, your family and friends.

Shopping is hard to avoid with all the art galleries, restaurants, craft and curio shops combined with over 30 activities to choose from, which makes the affordable accommodation at Clarens Eddies right up your alley in a tough economy.

Clarens accommodation bookings

With three self catering units and 2 units that are rooms only, which is for those less-inclined to cook on holiday, Clarens Eddies is able to offer self catering accommodation or bed and breakfast accommodation to suit every type of guest, whether you’re bringing a group, the family or planning on a romantic getaway for two.

Clarens Eddies self catering accommodation

The self catering at Clarens Eddies is designed for comfort, with everything that opens and shuts to make cooking a pleasure, along with dining table and chairs at which to enjoy mealtimes together.

You’ll find coffee, tea, sugar and powder milk available in the kitchen, along with kitchen cloths and dishwashing liquid to make your life a little easier in this comfy home away from home.

Getting together in the seating area of these units is made very inviting with a fireplace on hand for chillier evenings, and a big screen TV awaits you for movie night with satellite channels available.

When doing your Clarens accommodation bookings with Dawn and her staff, you’re welcome to discuss whether you’d like a King size bed or two single beds in the main bedrooms of the units that sleep 6, 4 and 2; they’ll make sure that everyone enjoys the sleep they deserve, brought on by crisp fresh air!

Make sure you check out all that’s on offer in these three self catering units online here!

Clarens Eddies Bed and Breakfast accommodation

The two rooms for singles or couples, namely Ann and Ada, are both perfect for those who won’t be doing any cooking on their break, although these private ground floor units are both equipped with a microwave for warming snacks, an electric kettle and bar fridge.

You’ll have the option here of choosing whether you want two single beds or a King size bed in the bedroom here as well, and you’ll also have free toiletries on offer in the private bathroom contained in this unit with views of the Red Mountain Range.

The staff at Clarens Eddies will be more than happy to arrange breakfasts for you at nearby restaurants, since most of these are within walking distance of your front door!

Make your Clarens accommodation bookings at Clarens Eddies to enjoy stylish, comfortable and affordable accommodation close to all there is to do in this beautiful valley, known as the Jewel of the Free State!

While you’re chatting to the team, remember to ask them about the awesome accommodation specials that are always available at Clarens Eddies!


Clarens Accommodation Self Catering Chalets


Taking to the road to enjoy a timeout from the hectic pace of daily life, leads many to search for Clarens accommodation self catering chalets to call home in Clarens, for many very different reasons.

Many visit Clarens to enjoy the outdoors, especially with the scenery that is absolutely breathtaking. As a mountainous area, Clarens calls mountain biking, hiking and 4×4 enthusiasts to make the most of winding and exciting trails.

With Lesotho just a short drive away, visiting Afri-ski for a day out on the slopes, or taking up the challenge of a pony trek through the foothills of the Maluti Mountains, offers a range of escapes that are inviting to many holiday makers who choose to stay in this village.

Although Clarens has become a hub for creative entrepreneurs and artists, drawing more and more visitors every year, the landscape and many of the buildings have remained the same as they were over a hundred years ago.

Tranquility and peace is still ever-present in this village, no matter how many people visit, and there is more than enough to do in Clarens to satisfy everyone, no matter how young or old.

Clarens accommodation self catering chalets

You’ll find self catering accommodation at its best at Clarens Eddies Self Catering or Bed and Breakfast, with safe parking that gives you the opportunity to take an easy stroll into the village, without having to move your car if you don’t want to.

Booking accommodation early is essential if you’d like to stay at Clarens Eddies, especially when you consider that it’s a favourite weekend getaway for those living in Johannesburg, Durban and Bloemfontein.

There is room for a total of 16 guests at this affordable accommodation in central Clarens, with 3 private self-catering units sleeping 6, 4 and 2 very comfortably.

Depending on which accommodation you choose, you’ll have a lovely view of either the Maluti Mountains or the Red Mountain Range (known as the Rooiberge), along with a fireplace inside and braai facilities outside to ramp up enjoyment for all.

The kitchens are all modern and fully-equipped with a fridge, microwave, oven, stove, with enough seating in each unit to make sure everyone can enjoy their meals in comfort.

For booking purposes, Anki, which is the unit that sleeps 6, has two bathrooms, one of which has a shower and toilet, while the other has a bath, shower and separate toilet, and, as with all the bathrooms at Clarens Eddies, you can look forward to the welcome of free toiletries.

June sleeps 4 guests, offering two bedrooms and a private bathroom that consists of a shower and toilet. 

Santa is an open-plan self catering unit designed with the absolute comfort of singles or couples in mind, a private haven for the perfect romantic getaway.

Book your stay at Clarens Eddies today!

All you need to do, to make sure that everyone coming on holiday with you is absolutely comfortable during their stay, is to call the caring team at Clarens Eddies.

Owner Dawn Trevelyan and her award-winning staff, will bend over backwards to make sure you have everything you need to enjoy an unforgettable stay with them, and you can also rely on them to assist you with planning your holiday, to make the most of your time in this beautiful corner of the Free State!


Clarens Best Accommodation


On the lookout for Clarens best accommodation and bowled over by the amount of places to stay in this magical village? Then what you need is insider information on highly-rated Clarens Eddies Self Catering or Bed and Breakfast accommodation!

All you have to do is have a look at some of the Google ratings to know that Clarens Eddies is a real gem when it comes to great accommodation in the Jewel of the Free State, as Clarens is affectionately known! 

Here’s what a few recent visitors had to say about their stay with owner Dawn Trevelyan and her staff:

“Dawn is a fantastic lady to make a person’s stay memorable. Fantastic place to stay it’s lovely and cosy, is always nice and clean, comfortable bed, warm blankets, fire place just love it here. Great views, clean and tidy, friendly people. Well worth a repeat stay.”

“Enjoyed our stay very much! Super clean and comfy! So central…short walk to town centre. Very friendly owner and staff. Safe and secure parking. Best stay we’ve had in a long time! Thank you Eddies!”

“Perfectly central! We had a most pleasant stay at this B&B. Very well located, the rooms were huge with all amenities & excellent wifi. Charming hosts & very helpful with all our requests. This is definitely going to be our preferred venue in Clarens when we visit. Many thanks for a wonderful visit.”

We’ve left out the names of these guests out of respect for their privacy, but if you comb through any ratings or reviews for Clarens Eddies on the web, you’ll find more of the same without too much trouble.

Clarens best accommodation

With a very warm and welcoming team, Clarens Eddies really does have much to boast about in terms of excellence on every level. and Tripadvisor are two booking sites that have been unstinting in giving this team credit where it’s definitely due.

Clarens Eddies has received a Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame accolade from these sites every year since 2015, in addition to which they’ve also been chosen as a 2020 and 2021 Travellers Choice Award Winner, putting them in the top 10% of hotels worldwide!

This is lofty praise indeed, especially in a small village that has such a choice of places to stay, which makes it easier to feel confident about booking accommodation with Dawn and her team.

Everything plus or minus the kitchen sink!

Whether you’re looking for self-catering accommodation or bed and breakfast accommodation, you’ll find that Clarens Eddies is designed to welcome every type of visitor, whether you’re single or coming as a large family.

Kitchens in the self-catering units are fully equipped for a fantastic holiday that includes rustling up meals for anything from two to six people. There are three self-catering units with mountain views, a fireplace and a braai on offer here, along with Satellite TV in the lounge and great, free WiFi access.

The two units that aren’t rigged out for self-catering are designed with welcoming comfort in mind, especially for singles or couples taking time away from the hectic pace of city life.

These rooms for 2 do have kitchen utensils, bar fridge, microwave and electric kettle on hand to make warming up snacks an absolute pleasure, but with over 20 restaurants, coffee shops and pubs to choose from, you’ll be having a great time eating out in the village!

Book your stay at Clarens Eddies today to make sure you don’t miss out on the best value for money accommodation in Clarens; this team will be very happy to help you with arranging a memorable holiday in this peaceful, fun and exciting valley at the foothills of the Maluti Mountains!


Clarens Accommodation for Couples

If you’re looking for Clarens accommodation for couples as you plan your next romantic breakaway, then Clarens Eddies Self Catering or Bed and Breakfast will be ideal for you.

Clarens is romance personified, with leisure activities that range from the extreme to those that entice you to breathe deeply in crisp, fresh air surrounded by natural beauty that’ll mesmerize you everywhere you look.

If you love exploring art galleries, you’ll find every form of art represented in Clarens, which is considered the art Mecca of South Africa; you’ll also find that there is a lot of art on display at Clarens Eddies, since owner Dawn Trevelyan is a keen artist herself.

With over 20 restaurants, bistros and coffee shops spilling out onto the pavements in Clarens Village Square, you’ll be able to romance your partner while you enjoy the culinary skills of local chefs for breakfast, lunch and supper.

If you’re more inclined towards leisurely walks or hikes, you’ll find more hiking trails in Clarens than you could possibly get to in one visit! It’s worth taking a picnic basket with on these hikes for a romantic rendezvous overlooking breathtaking vistas, dominated by sandstone mountains that change color as the sun moves across the sky.

Clarens accommodation for couples

Clarens Eddies offers the ideal escape for couples, with one self catering unit designed to give you all the comfort of home available, along with a room for two that invites you to leave the kitchen sink behind on your holiday.

The self catering unit for couples is called Ana, a delightful space with views of the Maluti Mountains that offers a room, a private bathroom with shower and a fully equipped kitchen. 

The kitchen is stocked with dishcloths, Sunlight dishwashing liquid, crockery and cutlery, while the bathroom is stocked with free toiletries such as a small hand soap, shampoo, toilet paper and a hairdryer for your convenience, along with fresh towels.

On chilly evenings you’ll thoroughly enjoy relaxing around the fireplace to enjoy your favorite program on Satellite TV, or catch up with friends and family via free WiFi with two WiFi boosters.

If you’re planning on a winter weekend in Clarens, you’ll be happy to know that the team at Clarens Eddies will make sure you’re kept warm with extra blankets and electric blankets, for good measure!

A room for two at Clarens Eddies

Should you wish to make the most of your romantic breakaway, without having to cook, then you’ll find that Clarens Eddies has the perfect room for two to make your home away from home.

The award-winning team at Clarens Eddies will be more than happy to arrange breakfast for you at any of the many nearby restaurants, and they’ll also assist you with any other bookings you’d like to make, whether for meals or for any of the over 30 things to do in Clarens.

A microwave, bar fridge, kettle and kitchenware make it easy for you to indulge in takeaway meals you can enjoy at your dining table for two. This room, with a private entrance and views of the Red Mountains, is designed to make you feel completely at home while you make the most of your special time together.

Contact the friendly team at Clarens Eddies to find out more about their stylish, affordable accommodation for couples; whether you choose bed and breakfast or self catering, you’ll still be winners all the way!


Clarens Accommodation for 8

Although generally considered as being off the beaten track, there are few places as beautiful as Clarens in the Free State, making it one of those holiday destinations in South Africa that belong on any bucket list, especially if you enjoy a huge variety of things to do on holiday, indoors and outdoors.

Being just a few hours’ drive from Johannesburg, Bloemfontein and Durban, Clarens is the ideal weekend getaway for those blessed to live this close to the Jewel of the Free State, as Clarens is affectionately known.

With mid-week accommodation specials on offer, Clarens Eddies Self Catering or Bed and Breakfast always serves up stylish, clean and comfortable accommodation, making it just the place to call home when you’re looking for affordable Clarens accommodation for 8.

Going on holiday in a very tight economy is something most people have to plan for carefully, with costs that just keep rising throughout the world due to the conflict in Europe, making affordable accommodation a top priority.

Holidays are more of a luxury than ever before, especially with the impact that the Coronavirus pandemic has had on society in general, but the last thing you want is to spend a well-earned holiday in cheap accommodation that is a far cry from comfortable, or clean, for that matter.

Clarens accommodation for 8

Because Clarens Eddies Self Catering was built to cater to a variety of guests, you’ll find there’s plenty of room for a group of 8 people, and if you have a large family that includes young adults or grandparents, they’ll be quite comfortable in the units available here.

There are 3 self catering units available at Clarens Eddies, with the Anki unit ideal for sleeping 6, while grandparents or couples can be comfortably ensconced in June, which is a unit that sleeps 2.

Alternatively, family and friends can be accommodated in Anki and June, while everyone takes turns getting everyone together for meals. You can be certain that the awesome team at Clarens Eddies will go out of their way to make sure that you’ll enjoy the same rare comfort that hundreds of visitors have already enjoyed here.

It’s well-worth exploring the glowing recommendations from guests that have stayed at Clarens Eddies, and it’ll certainly give you the confidence to make a booking based on how these many visitors have enjoyed being looked after by this caring team, in stylish accommodation.

Clarens Eddies is centrally located and within walking distance of Clarens village and town square, which means you have a home away from home in a quiet but convenient setting, especially for getting out and about to enjoy the many restaurants, gift and curio shops, along with art galleries that dominate the town.

Each of the three self catering units has lovely mountain views, with a private entrance and braai facility with outdoor furniture, perfect for gathering young and old together in comfort.

The kitchens are all fully-equipped, from oven, stove and microwave, right down to utensils, dishcloths and dishwashing liquid, as well as coffee, tea, sugar and powder milk on offer to wash away the road trip when you arrive.

Fresh towels in the bathrooms are accompanied by free toiletries and a hairdryer, while clean linen, extra blankets and fluffy duvets welcome you to a good night’s sleep after a day outdoors and exploring!

Book stylish, comfortable and affordable Clarens accommodation for 8 or more at Clarens Eddies today and get ready to wrap yourself, friends and family in the warm welcome and care of a team that will do all they can to make your stay unforgettable!

With enough room for only a maximum of 16 guests, getting your booking in early is always a good idea when it comes to staying at popular Clarens Eddies Self Catering accommodation. 


Clarens Accommodation for 6

Finally, planning on making it to Clarens to find out what all the fuss is about? Coming back, yet again, to bring the family or a group of friends to share the experience with you? If this is the case, you’ll more than likely be looking for Clarens accommodation for 6 or more, which is exactly what you’ll find at Clarens Eddies Self Catering or Bed and Breakfast!

This accommodation is everything you could possibly hope for in terms of comfort, style and cleanliness, and you can look forward to being well looked after by a team that has won service excellence awards from and Tripadvisor every year since 2015.

In addition to this, through the very toughest of times for the tourism industry, when shut downs due to the Coronavirus pandemic closed the doors on holidays, this team was still awarded Travellers’ Choice Awards in 2020 and 2021.

This should give you a pretty good idea of what a treat it will be to stay at Clarens Eddies, based on independent reviews from guests that have loved making this their base from which to explore all that makes Clarens the Jewel of the Free State!

Clarens accommodation for 6

The self catering unit for 6 at Clarens Eddies is spacious and comfortable, with 3 stylish bedrooms. You’ll have the option of having either a King size or two single beds in the two main rooms, while the third offers two single bunk beds.

Two bathrooms with free toiletries ensure that no one will have to fight for time in either the bath or shower, which is always a pleasure when on holiday. 

The open-plan kitchen, dining room and lounge invites everyone to gather around, with a fireplace adding that extra touch of magic to the togetherness.

With lovely views of the Maluti Mountains, you’ll find everything you need in the modern, well-equipped kitchen to feed the horde three times a day, right down to dishcloths and Sunlight dishwashing liquid!

Of course, if you find that this is too much hard work for a holiday in this magical valley, there are 20 or more restaurants to choose from, just a short walk from your doorstep and into Clarens Village!

There’s also the lovely option of adding a daily clean to your bill, which means your dishes will be washed, the fireplace and unit cleaned, your bed made and the braai cleaned, ready for you to sit back and relax at the end of your day!

Gathering around the braai, enjoying family and friends is all part of the Clarens Eddies experience; and you don’t have to share the braai facilities either, this is your private holiday haven designed to make you feel completely at home.

Clarens Eddies offers true value for money in an economy that has seen many belts tightened more than a few notches, always bringing you affordable accommodation, with regular accommodation specials up for grabs.

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime in Clarens by contacting Clarens Eddies today. You’ll find that you have all the help you need to plan an unforgettable holiday in this beautiful corner of the Free State with this team looking after you.

Clarens Accommodation for Two

Clarens is idyllic for a break from the hectic pace of daily life, whether it’s for a family, friends or couples, and if you’re looking for Clarens accommodation for two, whether as friends or for a romantic getaway, then Clarens Eddies Self Catering or Bed and Breakfast will suit you right down to the ground!

This is where comfort, style, service excellence and value for money meet perfectly to make holidays and weekends away more affordable for all, whether for self catering or bed and breakfast.

Clarens is over 100 years old, a beautiful valley nestled at the foot of the Maluti Mountains and surrounded by the Red Mountain range with its ever shifting colours reflected back from sandstone, a place where architecture, archaeology, history and art meet in a corner of the Free State known as The Jewel of the Free State.

Many of the homes and buildings in Clarens still reflect styles used a century ago, built with beautiful sandstone such as was used to build many very old buildings in South Africa. In fact, this is an area well known for its production of quality sandstone to this day.

As for archaeology, you’ll be able to explore everything from the dinosaur fossil trail to taking in beautiful Bushmen cave paintings in an area rich with signs of those who made this valley their home, centuries before the first settlers arrived.

If you’re into history, you’ll find this area steeped in a past that included the battle for independence that resulted in the Anglo-Boer war, as well as those fought by the Basotho. The Basotho cultural village isn’t far from Clarens Eddies and is also well-worth a visit for something completely set apart from our hurried lifestyle today.

Clarens is well-known as the art Mecca of South Africa, a stunning valley that has enticed many artists and photographers to call this home, which simply adds to the eclectic way of life that makes Clarens a magnet for international and local visitors looking for a holiday with a difference.

Clarens accommodation for 2

Not only can you look forward to value for money when you choose to stay at Clarens Eddies, you’ll also be located in a quiet but central position that invites you to take an easy, short walk into the centre of Clarens Village.

Every adventure starts from your doorstep at Clarens Eddies and with an award-winning team on your side, you’ll have all the information you could possibly need about what to do in Clarens. The staff will be more than happy to guide you to the best experience of all, from hiking trails to mountain bike trails, white water rafting to horse riding, golf to Putt Putt, game drives in the Golden Gate Highlands National Park and more!

You’ll have the choice of self catering accommodation for two or a room for two, depending on what you have planned for your holiday. 

The room for 2 at Clarens Eddies has a private bathroom, and, just in case you want to indulge in takeaways and snacks from the many restaurants in Clarens, the kitchen has a microwave, bar fridge, electric kettle and kitchenware.

The self catering accommodation for 2 at Clarens Eddies is ready for rustling up delicious meals, equipped with an oven, stove and microwave, along with cutlery and crockery, which can be enjoyed at your table for two or around the fireplace.

You’re welcome to let the team know whether you’d like a King size bed or two single beds, in both the room and in the self catering unit, just to make sure that everyone is absolutely comfortable.

If a welcoming home away from home appeals to you, make sure you contact Clarens Eddies to book stylish and affordable Clarens accommodation for 2, or to find out more about how this friendly team can accommodate you on your next holiday!

Where to Stay in Clarens Free State

Not to overwhelm you but, there are over 200 places to stay in Clarens, so, when you start asking about where to stay in Clarens Free State, you’re going to be in for quite a mind-boggling experience, to say the least.

Of course, if you have a good idea about where to start and what to look for in terms of where to stay in Clarens, it makes it a whole lot easier, bearing in mind the criteria you’re looking at for the perfect accommodation to suit your holiday dream.

Most of us simply don’t have the budget for extravagantly over-priced accommodation, most of which don’t offer much more than a pretty brochure and promises you can’t be sure of until you’ve paid the piper!

This is not to knock many of the great five star establishments in Clarens, it’s merely to state a fact that applies to accommodation advertising worldwide.

One could well equate the difference between the advertising and reality with the movie The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, a classic comedy that shows the complete contrast between accommodation expectations and experience!

This is however, not what you’ll get when you book accommodation at Clarens Eddies Self Catering and B&B, a special corner that is well loved as one of the best places to stay in Clarens!

Where to stay in Clarens Free State

If having great mountain views, a bird’s eye view of the most spectacular sunsets, sunrises, magical thunderstorms that light up the majestic Maluti Mountains like no man made fireworks could do, is a good start to your holiday dreams, then Clarens Eddies is for you!

Add in mystical full moon views, ever-changing colours as the sun moves over the sandstone mountains and if this appeals to your sense of a real break from the city, you simply have to add this real home away from home to the top of your Clarens accommodation list.

Comfort, award-winning service & affordable accommodation rates!

Comfort, style, hygiene, award-winning service and affordable accommodation are words that are synonymous with Clarens Eddies, and if any team in the hospitality industry deserves it, its owner Dawn Trevelyan and her staff, without a doubt.

Clarens Eddies is central to a world of adventure, bursting at the seams with both extreme and relaxed activities, art, great food, history, romance and so much more, making it the ideal place to stay if you’re determined to get the most out of your stay in Clarens!

The magic that makes Clarens Eddies the place to stay in Clarens Free State!

Aside from the fact that you’re close enough to walk to the many restaurants, pubs, art galleries (galore!), the most eclectic bookshop, gift shops and outdoor markets on offer in the village itself, Clarens Eddies is also just a short drive away from places like the Golden Gate National Park, Afriski Mountain Resort and Lesotho.

But…what also makes Clarens Eddies a place of magic, is a combination of truly world-class service, stylish décor, art on virtually every wall, comfort in every sense winter or summer, genuine care from staff who want your holiday to be perfect, help with your holiday plans and so much more than you could imagine, all at really great rates.

To find out more about all that’s on offer at Clarens Eddies, please feel free to contact this awesome team, just to get your first taste of what it will mean to stay at Clarens Eddies on your next holiday or weekend away!

Why not check out these independent testimonials before you even make that call! By the time you’ve done this, you’ll be raring to go to book your best stay in Clarens Free State!  

Clarens Accommodation Prices

2022 doesn’t seem to have brought much by way of financial relief for most South Africans, despite the fact that many businesses are getting back on their feet. This makes the planning of holidays as much of a challenge as it’s been since March 2020, when COVID-19 hit hard.

However, as one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in South Africa, Clarens accommodation prices are still well within the price range for the average person desperate for a longish break from the stress of daily life, or just a weekend breakaway.

You don’t have to pay five star prices to have the best accommodation in Clarens at all, you need only find the best in comfort, service and style at affordable prices to make visiting Clarens a dream that’s within reach of your budget.

Because of its popularity, beauty and sheer diversity of natural beauty, art, activities and cuisine, you’ll find so much in terms of available accommodation in Clarens that it can be quite a daunting prospect to choose the right spot for your well-earned break.

Clarens accommodation prices

We’re going to make it easy for you to choose the very best affordable accommodation in Clarens that comes with a huge dollop and more of world-class service, at prices the most average South African can afford.

This is to introduce the perfect accommodation for you, your family or romantic partner, starting and ending at Clarens Eddies Self Catering and B&B, centrally located close to the hub of Clarens village and so much more.

If you’re looking for real value for money in terms of accommodation in Clarens, then you cannot afford to miss out on the accommodation rates and specials at Clarens Eddies.

How does Clarens Eddies offer great accommodation prices?

Well, to answer this, we’d have to go back a bit in time to the birth of Clarens Eddies Self Catering and B&B, along with the vision, passion and real care that owner Dawn Trevelyan poured into the building and completion of Clarens Eddies from day one.

It took over six years before Dawn was satisfied that what had been designed and built to welcome guests from around the world and in South Africa, would live up to her high standards as a world traveler herself.

In 2006, Clarens Eddies welcomed the first of thousands of guests, most of whom would become regulars, year in and year out, in every season, and Dawn, her team and guests have never looked back.

It’s this special attention to detail and the absolute comfort of guests that lies beneath the fact that Dawn is fully aware of the economic circumstances ordinary people find themselves in today, allowing her and her team to go to bat to offer the best accommodation in Clarens for less than the rest can offer.

Requesting a quote & grabbing Clarens Eddies accommodation specials!

Here’s a very brief look at Clarens Eddies accommodation specials, just to get you excited about planning a breakaway you can afford! These are really exciting for those who live just over 4 hours away from Clarens, such as Johannesburg, Durban and Bloemfontein!

If the timing of the specials don’t work for you, simply contact the team at Clarens Eddies to request a quote that’ll still knock your socks off!

  • 10% discount on self catering units June, Ada, Anki, Ann and Santa!

Extend a weekend or sink into a midweek break with this discount that applies to Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays! 

Makes that break much easier, doesn’t it?

  • Sleep 2 nights & stay a 3rd night at 50% discount!

What a pleasure to think that you can spend three nights in this scenic valley and pay only half price for the 3rd night! 

Because Clarens Eddies is so popular on weekends as well, this special is also limited to Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

…and there’s more! Just mosey on over to the link above to study these specials, or, contact Dawn and her team to discuss accommodation prices. You’ll be astounded by the phenomenal hospitality and care you’ll enjoy when you chat to this friendly team.

A last, little word for a really big accommodation deal!

For all these amazing accommodation prices on offer from Clarens Eddies, you should know you’ll be looked after by a team that has won service excellence awards one after another for many years now, despite the worst of times for the tourism industry in the last few years!

Don’t miss out on the holiday and breakaway of a lifetime in Clarens, book this well-loved, stylish, comfortable and clean accommodation today to make sure you enjoy a memorable holiday, one that’ll shore you up for your next foray back into the rat race!


Clarens Accommodation for Groups

If there’s one thing that’s really great about looking for Clarens accommodation for groups, it’s that you couldn’t possibly have chosen a better holiday destination that’ll keep everyone in any group entirely happy on this particular holiday!

There’s just so much to see and do in Clarens for every age group and every interest that, if you’re the one organizing a group holiday in Clarens, you’ll earn brownie points beyond the norm for getting things just right!

Clarens Eddies Self Catering and B&B is ideal for any group of up to 16 people, from toddlers to grandparents, as well as for any group of friends getting together for a wedding, or to tackle some of the awesome things to do in Clarens as a group.

Clarens accommodation for groups

One of the greatest things about staying at Clarens Eddies as a group is that you won’t all be stuck in one massive unit! You’ll be able to spread everyone around as they prefer, which again simply makes everyone happy and comfortable.

Another real bonus is the awesome accommodation rates and specials that can be made the most of as a group, making it so easy on the budget to get the most out of this beautiful village and valley, in every possible way.

Before we look at how you can spread the family or group around in comfort at Clarens Eddies, we’ll introduce you to the self catering units and rooms available for all:

3 fully-equipped, open plan self catering units, perfect for 6, 4 or 2, as well as two rooms perfectly suited for couples who want to be with the group but have a bit of privacy in-between get-togethers are on offer for your comfort.

These 2 rooms also have a microwave, kettle and bar fridge just right for keeping the snacks going, as well as a table and chairs for 2 to sit in comfort.

Looking at Anki, which is the self catering unit that sleeps 6 guests, here’s an example of what can be done in terms of beds in the 3 bedrooms; in bedrooms 1 and 2 you have the option of having 2 single beds or 1 King size bed, making it easy on everyone all-round.

The large family group!

As you can see from the superb layout and planning owner Dawn Trevelyan designed to suit every type of guest, it’s easy to settle everyone in with ease. 

If you’re including gran and grandpa, they’ll surely appreciate one of the double rooms available, as will a newly married or a romantic couple.

The kids will be more than comfortable and safe at Clarens Eddies, and, for the teenagers who’d fall apart without high speed WiFi or TV, not to worry, it’s all there for them, free of charge!

The group of friends/team building

Whether you and a group of friends have chosen to visit Clarens, or you’ve planned a team building experience to enjoy cycling, hiking, abseiling, fishing, horse riding, a hot air balloon adventure or any of the 30 things to do in Clarens, you’ll find the accommodation at Clarens Eddies Self Catering and B&B absolutely perfect for all!

Cooking & braaing for the group!

If you’re worried about whether you’ll be able to have group braai’s, well, the 3 self catering units all have braai facilities and outdoor furniture to accommodate everyone!  

The team at Clarens Eddies will be more than happy to assist you with the logistics of getting everyone well-fed around the braai…just make sure you don’t get left with cleaning up behind them all once they’re full and sleepy!

Talking about cleaning, if you’d like to avoid having to clean your units, you’re welcome to add the awesome cleaning service from the team at Clarens Eddies to your bill. This will leave you entirely free to soak up all that’s on offer in and around Clarens, in the leisurely fashion you deserve!

Bathrooms aplenty!

There are bathrooms aplenty spread across the self catering units and rooms at Clarens Eddies, just to make sure that there are no unnecessary traffic jams at shower and bath time!

Talking about which, you won’t need to pack hairdryers or insect spray, toilet paper or toilet spray, and, you’ll also have a small soap and shampoo on hand when you book in, gratis!

All the modern conveniences & then some!

Aside from the usual electrical appliances necessary for awesome cook-ups, you won’t need to pack essentials like dishcloths and dishwashing liquid, and you’ll also have a welcome stash of coffee, tea, sugar and powder milk awaiting your arrival, which will be refilled daily.

Book your group holiday or team building at Clarens Eddies today!

Not only will you be cashing in on fantastic accommodation rates, sheer comfort and style, you’ll also be looked after by an award-winning team ready to assist you in planning the best group holiday adventure you could possibly hope for.

Contact Clarens Eddies today to find out more about how to make this the very best Clarens accommodation for groups, but do it quickly, there are many who make Clarens Eddies their regular go-to getaway, so don’t miss out!

Last but not least at all, here’s a stamp of approval to get you excited about getting everyone together for a holiday or weekend getaway in Clarens, in case they need further convincing!

Best Places to Stay in Clarens

If you’re looking for the best places to stay in Clarens, then you’re going to find that you’ll have everything you need and so much more, when you choose to stay at one of the very best places to stay at Clarens Eddies Self Catering and B&B!

Why bother with the rest when you get it all at this centrally located, peaceful and well-kept haven you can call home on holiday in Clarens?

Clarens is one of the most spectacular places in the North-Eastern corner of the Free State, considered so beautiful that it is known as the Jewel of the Free State, which is not in any way or form an exaggeration.

Ask anyone you know that has had the opportunity to get away to this really special corner of the Free State and they’ll give it to you the same way, and, if you speak to anyone that has stayed at Clarens Eddies, the story they’ll tell you will be just as glowing.

Best places to stay in Clarens

There are a multitude of really great reasons that qualify Clarens Eddies as one of the very best places to stay in Clarens, so much so that it’s hard to stay on point, without waxing lyrical about all that this private, peaceful and stylish accommodation has to offer.

The best one can do is to pick out the major reasons behind the long-term success Clarens Eddies has enjoyed since owner Dawn Trevelyan welcomed her first guests back in 2006, just to give an overview of the ingredients to this success.

Start with glowing reviews!

The glowing reviews from guests that have stayed at Clarens Eddies (and those that keep coming back!) are, on their own, more than enough reason to make your booking today!

These are not reviews or recommendations forced out of guests on departure by the phenomenal team at Clarens Eddies, they’re independent online reviews you’ll find right here; a great place to start getting familiar with all that’s so special about this accommodation and the people who’ll care for you.

…then move on to service excellence awards!

Tripadvisor & awards:

Since 2015, Tripadvisor and have been unstinting in awarding Clarens Eddies their Certificates of Excellence Hall of Fame year after year, with no end in sight when it comes to the unwavering dedication to service excellence you can expect from Dawn and her team, whenever you stay with them.

Further awards;

2020 Travellers’ Choice Review Award – this has garnered a phenomenal 9.5 rating from guests worldwide.

2021 Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice Award Winner – this award has put Clarens Eddies in the top 10% of hotels worldwide, at one of the worst times in our history for the tourism industry!

…and then there’s the stylish, comfy, clean & affordable accommodation!

Clarens Eddies can take up to a maximum of 16 guests in their 3 self-catering units and 2 rooms, making it a cosy and private escape from the world like no other.

You’ll find everything you could possibly need at Clarens Eddies in terms of the best self-catering holiday in Clarens, and, if you aren’t up for cooking, the two rooms are perfect for singles or romantic couples who want more time to relax and explore the uniqueness of Clarens in every sense.

Book today at one of the best places to stay in Clarens by contacting the friendly and welcoming team at Clarens Eddies!


Which Self Catering Accommodation in Clarens Are Good for Couples?

Looking for which self catering accommodation in Clarens are good for couples? If so, then Clarens Eddies Self Catering or B&B is the perfect escape for a romantic weekend or holiday.

Clarens, in the Eastern corner of the Free State, is the capital of romance in South Africa, that’s if you’re not looking for a big city and would prefer breathtaking scenery, peace and serenity, mixed in with a bit of action, if you enjoy the adrenalin rush of white water rafting and much, much more!

If all you want to do is get away from the madding crowd, refresh mind, spirit, body and romance, then you’ll find everything you need in this beautiful village, situated at the foot of the Maluti Mountains, surrounded by the Rooiberge (Red Mountains).

Couples who love the outdoors can walk for miles along any of the many hiking trails that lead from your doorstep at Clarens Eddies, accompanied by a picnic basket, ready to soak up awe-inspiring vistas.

Perhaps all the two of you want to put your feet up and do absolutely nothing, then making the self catering accommodation at Clarens Eddies your home for the duration of your stay is the easiest thing to do.

Which self catering accommodation in Clarens are good for couples?

Let’s start with a very basic list of what is included in the affordable self catering accommodation rates at Clarens Eddies to start with! You’ll have all the help you may need with planning the perfect holiday in Clarens from the staff, which includes 24-hour service on the premises.

If you choose to visit Clarens in winter, look forward to cosy evenings around the fireplace, cuddle into a King size bed warmed by an electric blanket, and, if it’s hot, say the word and you’ll have a fan immediately to cool you down.

Your en-suite bathroom with a shower comes complete with free toiletries like a small shampoo and hand soap, along with toilet paper and toilet spray, capped with a can of Doom, just in case a stray mozzie irritates you!

Don’t bother packing dishwashing liquid or dishcloths, this team provides it for you, with tea, coffee, sugar and powder milk just waiting to refresh you on your arrival…oh, and you can leave your hairdryer at home too!

Privacy is a given at Clarens Eddies, as is the service excellence you can look forward to from this team, which’ll include the full list of romantic things to do in Clarens, like taking an early morning trip in a hot air balloon across this stunning valley.

Should you be in for a little slouching around, you can enjoy the flat screen TV that offers selected DSTV channels, or, watch your favorite series via a laptop with the uncapped Wi-Fi (great speed with 2 Wi-Fi boosters).

The outside tables and chairs are perfect if you’d like to enjoy a braai, all in total privacy of course; perfect self catering accommodation in Clarens for couples!

Book your romantic weekend for 2 at Clarens Eddies today!

Clarens Eddies is very popular, with good reason, (including the fact that TripAdvisor rated them in the top 10% of hotels worldwide in 2021!), it’s also not a big commercial spot, which means that if you’re headed to Clarens on your next romantic getaway, now’s the time to call the team and book!


Self Catering Clarens Free State Accommodation

If you search for self-catering Clarens Free State accommodation on any search engine, you’re going to be inundated with choices, however, this is where we make it easier for you, by introducing you to Clarens Eddies Self Catering or B&B!

Most average South Africans have had to tighten their financial belts to the last notch in a tough economy, making holidays an even greater stretch, but holidays are necessary to keep afloat in a world gone crazy!

The owner of Clarens Eddies, Dawn Trevelyan, is well aware of the need for affordable holidays in a sought-after destination like Clarens, which is why you’ll find the perfect combination of affordable accommodation rates along with style and comfort at this lovely self-catering accommodation.

This is why Clarens Eddies is the ideal choice for any family, group of friends, singles or couples invested in taking that much-needed break, whether it’s a weekend escape or the real break that comes from a week or two in beautiful surroundings!

Naturally, we’re allowed to feel a little envy for overseas visitors who love Clarens as much as our locals do, because their dollars and Euros stretch a lot further than our budgets do, however, we won’t let that interfere with our holiday plans in Clarens for 2022!

Self-catering Clarens Free State Accommodation

If you’re looking for safe, clean, comfortable, and stylish accommodation in Clarens, you’d be hard-pressed to find better than what’s on offer at Clarens Eddies!

In an age when hygiene and cleanliness have become a dominating factor in all our lives, courtesy of COVID-19, you can rest assured that the standards of hygiene and cleanliness maintained at Clarens Eddies are of the same world-class standard as their service is.

World-class service excellence

Speaking of world-class service, it inspires confidence in guests to know that Clarens Eddies, and the real care that is shown by the staff for the welfare of their guests, has earned this team more than just high praise from both a local and international booking site.

Both TripAdvisor and have loaded Clarens Eddies with Certificates of Excellence Hall of Fame for 5 years in a row.

On top of this, despite the tremendous blow suffered by the tourism industry in the past two years, this team is also Travelers’ Choice Award Winner 2020, as well as the TripAdvisor 2021 Travelers’ Choice Award Winner 2021.

When you know that these awards are all a result of independent reviews from travelers, it instills a sense of confidence when it comes to choosing the best self-catering accommodation in Clarens, Free State!

Everything you need for a great self catering holiday in Clarens!

Pots, pans, cutlery, crockery, dishcloths, dishwashing liquid, you name it, you’ll have it all at your fingertips! Of course, there’s everything you need to rustle up great meals in the oven, on the stove, or in the microwave!

Look forward to comfy beds and fresh duvets, fluffy towels, and a few of the toiletry necessities awaiting you, on the house, of course!

With three diverse self catering units that house 6, 4, or 2, along with two rooms for 2 guests with no inclination to cook on holiday, you’ll have everything you need to kick back and relax, that is, in-between meals.

Contact the team at Clarens Eddies today to find out more about what’s in store for you, when you book your accommodation at this awesome self catering accommodation in Clarens!


Self Catering Accommodation in and Around Clarens

Let’s face it, there are times when the idea of eating, sleeping and cooking anywhere but in your own home can become a desperate need to break with routine and the usual surroundings, which is where the perfect self catering accommodation in and around Clarens can become more than just a pipedream!

Yes, a stove is a stove is a stove and a bed is a bed is a bed, but, transport that all into the stunning valley that’s home to Clarens village, and everything has a completely fresh feel about it, including the beautifully crisp air.

Despite the fact that Clarens has become one of the most popular holiday destinations in South Africa, it’s still a haven of peace for most of us who live in or close to the city, where the sounds of birds replace that of constant noise pollution, and breathtaking sunsets or sunrises replace the daily grind of ‘just getting through the day’!

This 100-year-old village retains echoes of it’s very busy past, written in the architecture of sandstone buildings, in the bones of prehistoric dinosaurs and Bushmen cave paintings, as well as in the historical sites and monuments that proclaim the Anglo-Boer wars fought in this peaceful valley.

Self catering accommodation in and around Clarens

If you’re planning to visit the Jewel of the Free State, as Clarens is affectionately known, then you’d be doing yourself the greatest favour by choosing to stay at Clarens Eddies Self Catering or B&B!

This gem you’ll feel right at home in is beautifully kept, with a stylish and eclectic flavour that is given expression in the décor and artwork, making this a place of comfort and relaxation, no matter how many meals you cook!

Centrally located, meaning it’s just a short walk to Clarens Town Square, Clarens Eddies is still a haven of peace and quiet. Each self catering unit, along with 2 separate rooms for those not looking for self catering accommodation, offers views of the majestic Maluti Mountains standing as a sentinel for this valley.

Book today for affordable accommodation in and around Clarens!

You’ll find everything you need to enjoy rustling up meals, relaxing around the fireplace, watching satellite TV or making use of the free superfast Wi-Fi when you book self catering accommodation at Clarens Eddies!

With accommodation specials virtually always on offer at Clarens Eddies, it would be a crying shame to miss out on the opportunity of joining hundreds of other visitors who keep coming back to this special home away from home!

If you live in Johannesburg, Durban or Bloemfontein, you have absolutely no excuse for missing out on enjoying the magic of Clarens. It’s just a little over 4 hours’ drive from all three cities, which means that you can make it for a memorable weekend…or two or three?

The award-winning service you can look forward to from the staff at Clarens Eddies is completely free though, as is the hospitality you can expect, as this team works their own brand of magic to help you with holiday plans.

You’ll need all the help you can get, with more than 30 very different things to do in Clarens, and, when you’re tired of cooking, you’re going to appreciate the help of this team to send you to the best of over 20 eateries in Clarens too!

Book your accommodation at Clarens Eddies today, get your bags packed and head for an unforgettable holiday in Clarens, Free State!


Clarens Accommodation Self Catering House

If you love the idea of having the whole house to yourself on holiday, then Clarens Eddies offers the whole caboodle when it comes to the phrase; Clarens accommodation self catering house!

Whether you need a bigger house or a smaller one, you’ll have all the privacy you need, to feel as if you really do have the whole place to yourself, with the added pleasure of being looked after by a team that really cares.

Clarens Eddies is designed to meet a diverse range of guests, from couples looking for a romantic escape to Clarens to families getting together for a well-earned holiday, in an atmosphere that will truly make you feel right at home.

If your idea of a real break from the craziness of the city means an escape into absolutely beautiful natural surroundings, ringed by majestic mountain ranges and more crisp, fresh air than you’re used to, then Clarens is the perfect fit for you and your loved ones.

Clarens accommodation self catering house

We’ll take a brief look at the 3 self catering houses at Clarens Eddies, just to give you a taste of what you can look forward to, when you choose this centrally-located self catering accommodation in Clarens.

Anki is your own private haven, with room for six to sleep in three bedrooms, and a choice of 2 single beds or 1 King size bed in bedrooms 1 and 2. Bedroom 3 consists of 2 single bunk beds. 

The open-plan kitchen, dining room and lounge area is spacious enough for everyone to laze about in comfort, watching satellite TV or hanging out around the fireplace.

With 2 bathrooms in this home away from home, there’ll be no queuing for family and friends! The beautiful views of the Maluti Mountains and original artwork on the walls, produced by local artists, completes this lovely corner, if you choose to make it yours!

June gives you room enough for 4 to sleep, a fireplace to relax around and a private bathroom, giving everyone all the privacy they’d like. The kitchen has everything in it that you could possibly need for a fantastic self catering break from everyday routine!

With free toiletries, including a hairdryer on hand, comfy dining room table, 2 bedrooms made cozy with electric blankets for the cooler evenings, there’s no doubt the four of you will be right at home as you gaze out over the majestic Maluti Mountains.

If it’s just the two of you out for a romantic getaway to Clarens, then Santa will be the perfect spot to call home for the duration of your visit! 

Santa comes complete with a fireplace, fully-equipped kitchen, a private bathroom with shower and the usual free toiletries you can look forward to at Clarens Eddies.

With heating and electric blankets for the cooler nights in winter, this is as cosy and romantic as it gets, in fact, were it not for the fact that there are over 30 things to do in Clarens for everyone, along with over 20 eateries almost on your doorstep, you wouldn’t ever set foot out the door!

With 24-hour service on hand, along with breathtaking views of the occasional thunderstorms that put on stunning lightening shows across the Maluti Mountains, you may decide to simply stay put…leave the outdoorsy stuff for next time, because there will be a next time.

No one comes to Clarens just once, if they can help it!

Each house, or unit, has a private entrance, which means you won’t be bumping into your neighbours in your PJ’s, in fact, even the braai facilities on offer in some of the units are totally private.

Ready to book self catering accommodation in Clarens?

If the answer is yes, contact the friendly, award-winning team at Clarens Eddies to get your booking in, before anyone else can make your home away from home theirs!